Game Building Characters

Tosha as an Ottarian (an Otter Person) Looks like I remember Mary Ellen Skawinski as a kid.

Friday, August 31, 2012. Hot and Muggy earlier in Arnprior (it’s 8:49 pm now)

Working on the game today, I got the Seamless Links (between areas) right. I also messed with one of the builder characters, (Tosha above) Shrunk her down to Ottarian size ((Ottarians, according to the mythology of the game, evolved from intelligent Otters.)) She’s more modest than some, and like the caption says, she looks like my friend’s daughter Mary Ellen as a kid (but she must have dyed her hair for this photo op… wink).

And, showing my step daughter (the University of Western Ontario Nursing Student) what I’ve done lately I explained how portals will be a big part of the world etc, and went and grabbed a vortex that will later be a portal. After just a little bit of tweaking the vortex’s colours I came up with this:

Volffe who looks more like a half elf than his last incarnation… standing by the vortex.

(Volffe was accidently erased when I clicked on a character generator link and when I tried to escape without saving the ‘oops’ character, Poor Volffe was oopsed into a snar looking character so I went back, grabbed a bard and messed with the standard bard character that popped up, made racial (Human –> moved part of the way to –> Elf) changes as well as clothing colourization etc. This guy looks better that the old Volffe did. Maybe too cute, but he is supposed to be a Bard….


Too Close To Home

Sunday, August 19, 2012. (Bill Clinton’s Birthday?)

—A downsized young investigative reporter takes a job as a camera person/script supervisor on a low budget horror movie about a low budget crew filming a vampire movie in an area where the real vampires were not amused and were picking off the actors and crew members one at a time.

—The reporter begins to see parallels between the ‘fictional vampires’ and a powerful small town family who may be using a corrupt police force to help them get away with murder, killing off anybody who questions their authority. By the end of the movie the reporter begins to put larger puzzle pieces together and wonders if a larger conspiracy is at work, using ‘rogue military groups’ and ‘secret technology’ to create ‘local legends’ of hauntings etc. with the ultimate goal of total mind control.

——Also, last night, had a dream in which a wooden box was important. At one point the box was the size of a ‘coffee table’ picture book. Later on it was the size of a coffee table and I stood on it to fly up through the clouds toward outer space.


More Weird Dreams

Saturday, August 18, 2012. (Today Might be a friend from the post office in Stratford’s Birthday.) 22˚C / 62˚F @ 7:34 pm somewhere in the real world.

—Keep reaching for the ‘golden ring’, Keep intending to meditate or dream solutions to real world problems.

—Still keeping track of dreams and they’re getting stranger.

—Friday, the 17th: After intense praying / concentrating, & a bit of yoga to relax my body while reaching for the sky, imploring God, Jesus, Gurus, Ascended Masters, Guides, Angels, Arch Angels, Entirely Positive Beings Aligned with the Light, Love, Understanding…. to guide my meditation and/or dreams into directions that bring me solutions to personal and universal crises that are plaguing my family, friends, and fellow humans … I felt like I was taking off and flying up through the sky as I was falling asleep (had a couple false starts, realized I was falling asleep, and that realization woke me up…) I blacked out, fell asleep, did not maintain awareness during the transition… —It felt like another dimension, looked just like this one, I was talking with a woman who was amazingly cute, had large brown eyes and wavy, dark brown hair. She turned her head and revealed that part of her head that I couldn’t see at first, was missing, the edges of her face were torn and the back of her head and neck on what would have been her right side had been blown away, or disintegrated. She was not a bloody mess. I woke up enough to realize I’d been dreaming and then settled back into a lucid episode where I knew I was dreaming, (later lost the “I know I’m dreaming-” awareness) And found the woman again. At first she seemed to be puzzled over the fact that her revealing herself as having been killed hadn’t scared me off. She became affectionate, flirtatious, and more than a bit of a tease. ( she was lying with her head on my lap, dressed in a sweater knit top that didn’t cover her entire rib cage (belly button showing) and short short jeans. She unzipped her shorts and brought my hand to her belly, began to slide it under her shorts, then said ‘no’ and sat up. She held my arms around her, kept control of my hands (her back against me, kept my hands away from her breasts and made sure they couldn’t stray toward her ‘ more private parts’) I got the distinct impression that I was ‘communicating’ with someone who had been murdered, possibly by a sexual predator. She hadn’t actually said anything to me. As i was waking up again, I wondered how dreaming something like this could possibly help me discover the solution to anybody’s problems on earth in real earth time. I didn’t recognize her, but I didn’t feel it strange that she would want to cuddle with me- I wondered if she was somebody I knew and loved in a previous life. Maybe I was helping her get over the fact that she’d been murdered, & get over the brutality of that murder?

—Saturday, August 18th:  Again, fell asleep reaching for God, intending to receive guidance: “Krash Kadittle” (On the game development front….) I was talking to people in their basement bar about progress in developing my game world. I told them about a character named “Krash” who was a human race car driver. When I told them that the game software insisted I give him a last name at level 5 they turned their backs on me and walked away, apparently unimpressed. As I was waking up I was aware of a character who wants me to call him “Moe”. This character was watching me from the sky (a face barely visible in the sky) to see what I say about him. He wants to know what I say about him before he steps forward to tell me anything more. (He was not a feline character, though I have created a feline buccaneer looking character named Moe while building areas in the game that I really am building on line.)



-11:58 pm Thursday, August 16, 2012.

———We’ve been anxious a lot lately. the love of my life has been worried about her bills and finances and the fact that her job is driving her nuts.

———We’ve been putting out the intention that our dreams would connect with angelic forces, Arch Angel Michael, guardian angels, pure light beings, God (HimSelf or HerSelf) and help us discover solutions to our predicaments.

———We have received some really amazing results. Some baffling, some amusing, some feeling like they weren’t delivered by purely selfless beings delivering messages from God.

———And I think I better start documenting them as soon after waking up as I can.

———Thursday Evening, August 16, 2012: (Place, upstairs in bed) (Length of sleep: 4 hours???)(Dream: I felt like I was transported to a future, or possibly a parallel dimension. I woke up a couple times and relaxed back into the dream. People have become almost immortal. When they approach death they can have replacement parts cloned, or they can have realistic bionic limbs to replace their damaged ones.

—The story line centred around someone who became acquainted with a healthy young man who liked camping and took people on guided camping trips. The older guy (who looked like someone in his thirties) went looking for his guide and found his mother who seemed to be strangely terrified about any questions about her son. The man stumbled on the guide later, but he looked sick. And shortly after finding the guide he tried to talk to him and the guide just vanished.

—So the guy started a serious search for the guide. He was blocked by nasty law enforcement officials. Thinking he had an old time conspiracy on his hands, the guy pressed on and finally found the guide again. The guide told him he had contracted “Lillith’s Disease” and told the man to back off and not look any deeper.

—People in this time line defeat death by uploading all their memories etc into a memory chip and having a clone body created, memory chip inserted and report to be the same person, same soul, with all previous memories intact. The person doing the investigation here had never gone that route. He had managed to revitalize his brain with a special diet, he’d had 3rd or 4th generation bionic limbs that felt and looked like normal biological limbs. His trunk and inner organs had all been finely tuned and were working fine.

—He accidentally met a time traveler. The time traveler was also researching this guide. After considerable arm twisting, the time traveler showed the investigator something like a video recording (which could  record any actual occurrence anywhere in time) The time traveler showed the investigator an interview between the young guide and a nasty representative of a dark group that considered itself above the law and arranged ‘accidents’ and injected people with one of the few deadly diseases that still existed in this world at that time. (Injected or infected these people while they slept so no one ever knew how they got the diseases.) One of them had given the guide this “Lillith’s Disease” (I never learned anything about symptoms or anything other than the name and the fact that it was deadly.) And the guide had lived. The bad guys wanted to know how the guide lived, what caused his immunity. He was also immune to most of their ‘tricks’ and could teleport himself out of their custody. The bad guy who interviewed him in this video recording was posing as an underground resistance person and promised to help the guy avoid falling into the hands of the bad guys. He gave the guide a device that was imbedded under his skin and whenever the guide tapped it, he would alert the ‘good guys’ who would come to his aid. ((His ability to teleport was becoming less and less available to him.)) But- the guide became convinced that when he contacted the ‘good guys’ they teleported him out of danger and somehow activated the teleportation skills he was losing.

—In the interview he had told the undercover bad guy that he’d come down with this disease after eating some chicken salad. The bad guys kept managing to get samples of the guide’s blood and were able to track the disease’s progress. Remission and resurgence of the disease hit the guide at odd times with no reasonable causes that anyone could discover. The bad guys kept trying to find out what it was in the guide’s blood that fought the disease.

—The time traveler told the invesigator that all traces of both the guide and the disease had vanished and the bad guys had one by one come down with the diseases they were giving people and died (painfully in most cases). And the time traveler was trying to discover what had happened and was getting nowhere.

—The investigator, stunned, fell into a trance, saw the guide and two angelic beings reach out from a cloud of light and take his hand. He watched the world he knew move away quickly as if he was travelling up and away and saw the time traveler turn around and say, “Oh, now where the hell did you go?”

———I woke up.


How many Mondays can we have in a week?

Hold your head up….

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012. 15˚C/60˚F(?) @ 6:23 am. 🙂

-Garbage day here just outside of Ottawa.

Cathi and I had the time and opportunity to sit down and loose a bunch of beard the other day.


Jim Shorn dot jpg

And this is what the web cam thinks I looked like with my beard shortened. (and coloured). (Cameras lie all the time) (they can be effected in subtle ways- even without photoshop) (this was not photoshopped).

Thinking of creative names for ‘real’ places. Like, the king of Snobovia called the new world “Exilia” but told the people he wanted to send there the new world was “Prosperia” and then some rebels broke off and formed the country “Riff-Raffia” while the Riff Raffians won a war and called themselves the Usations.  ~~~eh, something like that.

But King Numbess III (named Dumbass III by his ‘loving subjects’….) had the secret map in a secret room where he played with himself gleefully while relishing the idea that he had sent everybody who was better looking and more intelligent than himself to Exilia. oh gaaaa- there’s more to it than that, but inventing stories like this gets me through the night.



Cat Help

Cat Help (I have Proof)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012.  Rain forecast this evening. Not as hot as the last few days.

Moe (the Orange Menace?) didn’t think I was paying him enough attention today, I guess, but the web cam caught him in the act. (above)



Drought Relief

Web Cam Rain Storm
Rain Storm (Web Cam) 3:30 pm (ish) August 05, 2012.

Sunday Afternoon. August 5, 2012. 31˚C / 88˚F At the airport in Ottawa (where it probably isn’t raining yet)

But anyway. After ‘they’ promised rain almost every day for the past couple weeks. We finally got some. (We did get some about a week ago Monday, I think.)

And the cat’s complaining. (of course)