“Earth Angels”?

Stormy Sky
“Stormy Sky”

Sunday, July 31st, 2016 — 21°C / 69°F — Fairly comfortable and sunny @ 9:30 am in Atlantic Canada — I think today is a friend I used to work with – Brenda B.’s – Birthday 🙂 — 

— I dreamed my friend, Richard, and I were taking turns driving our friends around near the beaches in towns in Southern Connecticut where I grew up. I’m not sure which one of us was driving when we stopped to give a ride to a friend of his, a woman with dark hair and chocolate brown eyes. I don’t think he ever told me her name.

— Richard was complaining about something that was driving him crazy where he worked and wasn’t having a good day.

— I felt that there was something about this woman that was magical, almost angelic – I turned to her and felt a kind of warm – relaxing – almost ticklishly good feeling rolling around and through me.

— I thought, “Wow-” and ‘heard’ her thinking, “Wow – you’re sensitive – ” she smiled back.

— We began a telepathic conversation.

— “Richard has no idea what a blessing you are -”

— “No, and don’t you dare tell him, either – it’s bad enough I have to put up with his angry thoughts about anything and everything, I couldn’t stand the idea that he might think I have some magical power to wrinkle my nose and make his life perfect, or anyway, force things to be the way he thinks they should be -”

— I nodded, felt really good, felt even better the longer she was riding around with us.

— Then she turned to me, looked a little more serious than she had before, “I’m being encouraged to act as your guide through something that will happen soon -”

— I shuddered. She looked like she felt every weird thought that was zooming through my mind. Was something really catastrophic going to happen? Was I going to have some kind of personal crisis?

— She looked like she was beginning to think I was going to be a bit of responsibility that she wasn’t sure she wanted to accept.

— I sat back, thought, “I’m not really good at taking advice.  But I think this is going to be okay – maybe you’re here to answer questions and possibly suggest things, like – what kind of attitude I could try to adopt and what kind of things I might be able to do to try to change negative thoughts and feelings and reactions and thoughts into something more positive? Like you could be a really good example, but I’m the only one who can walk my path through the sands of this world -”

— She grinned, almost laughed, “Okay – This isn’t going to be as bad as I thought it might be – I like the way you think – This might even be fun. -”

= = = = =

— Here it is a couple days later. I’m wondering if she is a real guardian angel who let me know she was here and let me know what her job is and I’m thinking that if this is true – that would be something to look forward to.

~~~~~ Jim