Tuesday, October 28, 2014 = Weird dream about bank accounts.

Good Morning?

I dreamed I had a bank account with $12.20 left in it. I went to check on a deposit that was supposed to have gone in and found a negative balance instead. I sent a message to the bank, asking them what happened to my deposit and why was I showing a negative balance?

I got a message back, after I’d spent a lot of time and energy going through statements, bills, invoices and all that ugly financial bull chips.

The message from the bank was, The deposit was never made, they discovered that they had charged me for a returned check that hadn’t been mine, hadn’t had anything to do with any account I was associated with and they gave me back my $12.20 cents.

I told them I had been assured that the money which was supposed to be deposited had gone to my account, and I had the details of this transaction and sent that documentation to the bank.

The bank got back to me on this, said they couldn’t honestly trace that deposit until they did a complete audit of everything that came in the day that deposit must have gone into the wrong account, somewhere, and it might take them a month to complete their audit.

I asked them if they would be crediting my account with interest back to the date that deposit should have been in my account.

The bank manager said, no, that is not their policy.

I woke up and uncomfortably went over the details of that dream for a while, then switched to lying there, working out details as to how I would start and where I would go with my NaNoWriMo Novel, beginning this coming Saturday.