Angel Protecting Vampires?

Thursday, January 28th, 2016 -( -6˚C /+21˚F @ 11:04 am )-

I got up to use the washroom last night around 2 am and when I came back to bed Jassper had sprawled across my side so I shrugged and wandered into the living room, slept in the chair.

= = = = =

Dream: Two Cute and unusually innocent teenage girls who have been abused by family members (Not related, similar backgrounds) are being watched over by a shape shifting angel. The angel shifts into a teenaged boy who gets himself in trouble for defending the girls. The girls don’t find him particularly cute, but welcome his friendship. *Popular girls, egged on by *Popular guys, begin bullying the two girls.

The bullied guy walks the bullied girls home most afternoons after school and finds out-of-the-way safe routes to avoid the accelerating bullying.

“Cute” older boys begin paying attention to the girls and stick up for them versus the bullies, and become oddly agitated when the girls have a soft spot for the bullied guy. The girls avoid the bullied guy, but pass notes to him telling him that they still want to be his friends- and later pass notes that the older boys are beginning to worry them, they like the attention, but the older boys are encouraging them to bully younger kids and thrilling them with crazy fast rides in cars and ‘making out’ that both makes them feel wanted and scares them.

A rapist corners one of the girls and knocks her down and begins ripping her clothes off. The older boys fly in, grow fangs and butcher the rapist, drink his blood. They try to hypnotize the girls, tell them they will forget what they’ve seen, but feel more and more attracted to them and want to make out more, and go farther with them each time.

But the girls see their ex-protector, the bullied guy, and while they’re sleeping, remember through dreams the vampire teeth, the butchering and the hypnotizing and the post hypnotic suggestions. They also see the older guys/vampires hypnotizing innocent men and projecting blood lust into their minds and suggesting they might like to rape the two girls. They recognize the first guy, but haven’t seen the second guy.

Next day before school they both mention that they had weird dreams, but the older guys come along, and they nervously allow themselves to be separated as they walk off with their ‘boyfriends’.

After school, the girl who was nearly raped accepts a ride home with her ‘boyfriend’ but the other guy tells his ‘girlfriend’ that he has to go somewhere and do something, kisses her and smiles, waves and runs off.

The girl, walking home past boys and girls who used to bully her, sees fear and anxiety in their eyes. She gets home all right, then has to go to the library for something and can’t get in touch with her friend, so she tries to go alone.

On the way she sees someone she thinks is the bullied guy and tries to catch up to him to walk with him to the library, but before she can catch up he turns a corner and disappears.

She then sees the second hypnotized rapist and recognizes him and runs. She bumps into the bullied guy who steps around her and stares right at the rapist, who at first tries to attack him, knock him out-of-the-way to get at the girl, then becomes confused, disoriented and looks around like he can’t remember how he got there or what he’s doing. He smiles at the bullied guy, waves, turns around, shudders, shrugs and walks away.

The girl who saw this whole sequence of events shudders, hugs the bullied guy and asks what that was all about. He smiles and downplays it- says the other guy must have been upset about something, but forgot what he was upset about. The girl tells the bullied guy about her dream and recognizing the guy, and asks him to stay with her on the way to the library, and as a matter of fact, stay with her until she is safely home.

He shrugs and says, sure. They’re quiet in the library, she gets the books she needed for a school assignment, and on the way home, tells him she feels safe with him and as a matter of fact, she feels better right now than she can remember feeling in a long time.

He shrugs and smiles.

Before they get her home, the girl sees through the darkened windows of a fast car, sees the other girl looking like she’s been hypnotized, sees the two older guys riding with her, sees the guys agitated and snarling about something. The girl perceiving this feels dizzy and somehow is able to see the guys tell their chauffeur where to go, they find the guy who was supposed to rape her and see them scare the poop out of him, re-hypnotize him and send him back out to do it again. They then glam the dreamwalking other girl, who has bite marks on her neck, into getting out of the car and walking with them.

The rapist, charging at the girl and the bullied guy with the older guys and the other girl behind him almost gets them, the bullied guy touches her shoulder, pushes her around the corner and they hide.

The rapist runs around the corner, looks right at them, but can’t see them.

The two older guys and the sleepwalking girl come around the corner, look worried, look right at the invisible bullied guy who has his hand over the invisible girl’s mouth and can’t see them. Then one of the older guys snorts and turns to the sleepwalking girl and, “Oh what the fuck, kill that guy, tear him apart-”

The sleepwalking girl snarls, bares her teeth, which are not vampire teeth (at least not yet) And charges after the hypnotized ‘rapist’.

The rapist runs back around the corner and the sleepwalker chases after him. The older two guys grin at each other and say, “I don’t want to miss this-” Hurry around the corner and find the sleepwalking girl standing there, dazed, totally confused, looking around, growling, but the ‘rapist’ guy is nowhere in sight.

They run around and scour the area but can’t find the ‘rapist’ or the other girl and the bullied guy.

The older guys shrug, look slightly confused, but shrug, smile at each other, say, “oh what the hell, let’s go fuck her eyes out-” and look into the sleepwalking girl’s eyes, say, “You really want to come with us-”

She smiles in her sleep and nods and follows them back into their car. When the car is gone the bullied guy appears with both the other girl and the ‘rapist’, with his hands covering both their mouths- He looks up into the sky, sees two glowing orbs appear and fly down, land near the girl and the failed rapist. The orbs flash and become two young adults, a woman walks the girl home and a guy walks the ‘rapist’ away in the other direction. The bullied guy flashes, becomes an orb, fades into the darkening evening sky and zooms after the car with the two older guys and the sleepwalking girl.

The car drives into a posh neighborhood, stops at a gate that opens itself, drives inside, along a driveway and stop at a garage good to a very expensive looking house. The garage door opens, the car drives in.

The guys get out and smile at the girl, who still looks like she’s sleepwalking, reach for her hands and she comes with them.

They walk her deeper into the garage, through a door and down a flight of spooky stairs, through a thick stone door and into a room where a totally freakin evil lookin guy is staring into a fire. He stands up, looks at them. They nearly cower in his presence, “Just the one girl?”

The two guys shiver nervously, nod, “This one’s ready-”

The scary guy looks at the bite marks on both sides of her neck and glares at them, “Where’s the other one?”

“She got away-”

“What do you mean, she got away?”

“I mean we were both there, we all saw it, we had this one primed to make her first kill but the other girl got away, and then we thought, what the fuck, have this one kill the guy who was supposed to rape her friend anyway. But then he ran around the corner and vanished.”

“What do you mean – he ran around the corner and vanished? Humans can’t do that sort of thing. They cannot hide from us. I thought you knew that- Or were you so blood drunk you didn’t try hard enough to find them?”

“That’s exactly what happened. He vanished. We both saw it, so did she.”

The scary guy looked at the sleepwalking girl, sneers and shakes his head, “She’s in no condition to know what she saw- You two- go get her friend- do whatever you need to do, bring her here, find me two victims, we’ll have these two turned tonight- Do Not force me to take things into my own hands.”

The scary guy looks into the eyes of the sleepwalking girl and smiles, then he rips her clothes away and bites into her neck.

The two guys back away from the scary guy and out through the stone door and then run up the stairs, and jump into the sky and fly.

They scan the streets, fly through the walls into the other girl’s bedroom, stare into her eyes, smile and carry her back out through the walls, fly her to their master’s dungeon and leave her there, then fly out looking for victims.

The scary guy drinks some blood from this second girl’s neck, stands her up, sees that she is in the same sleepwalking condition as the first girl, smiles, rips her clothes off and pulls a sexy black dress from somewhere, dresses her, walks her to the other side of the room, where he opens a door to a small cell, where her friend, glassy-eyed, is standing there, with her neck bit and blood on her lips, wearing black. He bites this second girl on the other side of her neck, drinks a lot of blood, smiles, bites himself, holds his bloody arm to her lips and says, “Drink-” She smiles vacantly and complies. Then he takes both girls by their hands and walks them through the stone door and up the stairs, walks them up into the back of the garage. The car is there, but there is no one in it. He moves them into position and says, “You will kill the next two humans you see here- each one of you will kill one of them- do you understand?”

The girls smile and nod their heads, they look hungry.

The scary guy gloats, turns around and walks deeper into the garage, “I will be watching you-” he oozes a blackness and disappears into it. But then a tiny orb enters his darkness and zooms around him, glowing brighter all the time, until he turns, fangs bared, to see the bullied guy standing there. The bad guy tries to use his hypnotic stare, but the bullied guy just stretches very white wings and holds up his right hand.

Beams of intense white light shoot from the bullied guy’s hand while other beams shoot from his forehead, his eyes, his throat, his heart and several other spots on his body. These beams shoot into the scary guy at similar locations, paralyze him and obviously scare the living cement out of him.

Then suddenly, the lights begin to dim. The bullied guy with the wings is gone. Just the darkness remains. The scary guy looks around, realizes he’s still in one piece, laughs and walks out into the garage with the darkness moving with him, all around him. The garage is the same as it was. But the girls are not there-

The scary guy growls- he jumps into the air and flies through the garage door, out into blackness. Then he lands, he shudders and looks around- his expensive home is there, blackened and desolate- he can see for miles around in all directions. There is nothing but completely dead landscape, no plants, not trees, seemingly nothing living. He snarls and growls. He jumps up into the sky and flies up and keeps going, there is nothing there. No stars in the sky, nothing. He flies back down- and lands hard, then he flies out over the dead rocky landscape – nothing but burnt blackened stone. He flies in a straight line and ends up back where he started. He growls again.

He notices a dimly glowing orb and tries to attack it. The orb bursts into painfully bright light that burns him intensely. “You will heal much more slowly here-” the bullied guy appears in the center of the expanded orb, “Growl all you want, but that is probably not a very good idea. The only beings that will hear you and be able to come here on their own will be more powerful than you, much more angry than you are, and quite a bit more hungry. They can’t kill you here, but they can cause intense pain. Believe me, you don’t want them to have any idea that there might be anybody here.” The bullied guy flexed his wings, bowed and then vanished. The orb grew very dim, then vanished. There was a little pop when it vanished.


Meanwhile, back outside the garage- the two junior vampires have located ‘victims’ and flown them back, they land with their dreamwalking victims and stand them up, walk them a door. The vampires show their teeth and stare at the young man and the young woman who walked the second girl and the ‘rapist’ home earlier. The vampires laugh and gloat and grin their most wicked evil grins, look into their ‘victims’s eyes and pronounce, “You will open the door and walk inside, you will smile at the two young girls inside and walk up to them.” The vampires gloat some more.

The two ‘sleepwalkers’ drop their acts, gaze casually at the vampires and, “Now why would we ever do a thing like that?” They both instantaneously grow wings and hold their hands up and shoot beams in intense white light into every inch of the vampires’ bodies.

The vampires become smoky black wisps and then vanish altogether.

They appear as smoky black wisps and snap into form in the blackened dimension, not far from the blackened version of their master’s mansion.

He appears and furiously tears them apart, tries desperately to drink their blood, but can’t, his tongue laps right through them and can’t make contact.

Their torn and shattered bodies take a bit of time, but come back together. They have obviously suffered intense pain, but they shudder and realize they have not been killed.

One of them gathers enough nerve to ask the master, “What happened, where are we?”

The master sneers, “Huh! I guess we found an enemy that is so much stronger than we are that we are powerless against it.”

“So now what?”

“So now I wish you were females so I could fuck you for all eternity-”

“And meanwhile? We starve?”

The master growls, then worries, “But don’t make too much noise, there are stronger monsters nearby who would delight in torturing us for adding to their eternal frustration.”

One junior vampire turned to the other, shrugged, “I guess we starve for all eternity-”


And, back in the garage:

The girls have waited for several minutes, maybe half an hour. They haven’t moved.They are both dripping blood from their lips and their necks, and their arms and their fingers.

A door opened and the bullied guy stepped inside, smiled at them, “You’ve looked better-”

One of the girls leaped into the air and flew at him.

He smiled at her and held out his arms, stopped her mid air- or slowed her down until she was almost suspended – white light pulsed out of him and washed around her and through her. The blood on her hands and arms was first to be washed away, then the blood on her neck, then the bite marks. Blackened blood flowed out of her and was blasted into the air behind her, where it hit the walls, burst into flames and vanished. The sexy black dress became a white satin dress that wasn’t quite as revealing as the black one- Then she sped up again, but not quite as speedy as she had been. When her fingers touched his she inhaled and shivered, then slowly grew a warm smile as her body gradually turned so she hovered above the ground and slowly drifted to the ground, standing barefoot inside a circle of seemingly bleached concrete. This was the second girl. The one who had seen him save her and the guy who had been hypnotized and told to rape her. She shuddered and hugged him and then stepped to his side and turned around, gasped at her friend who was glaring glassy-eyed, looking like was deep in a blood lust, then leapt into the air and flew at him ready to tear him apart-

But again, he raised his arms and beamed waves of light at, around and threw her, washed all the blood away, washed the black blood out of her system and send it flying against the wall where it burst into hundreds of tiny points of flame and then vanished. The second sexy black dress became silky white and almost as sexy as the black one. As she very slowly moved toward the bullied guy with the spread wings, this girl also looked like she woke up from a nightmare and found herself astounded, warmed, amazed and maybe even relaxed and happy?

When she landed on her bare feet inside the warm whitened section of the garage floor, this girl shuddered, “Where are we? how did we get here?”

“What do you remember?”

“I remember – I got in the car after school and I think – I think the guy I was with kissed me and then went to kiss my neck-” she touched her neck, shuddered. Then she shrugged, “That’s the last thing I remember-” Then she grinned, shuddered, looked slightly nervous, looked around, looked scared, “But I remember this weird dream I had last night-” She looked very nervous, “I dreamed the two guys who were paying attention to us were vampires and they hypnotized the guy who almost raped me and made him do it- and they hypnotized a second guy and he was supposed to attack you-” She pointed at her friend, then looked more scared, turned to the bullied guy, whose wings had folded up and vanished, “Oh, God, did they bring us here? Are you one of them?”

Her friend laughed happily, shook her head, “He most definitely is not one of them, He sent them somewhere, then did something with light – you were covered in blood and your dress was pure black, now all the blood is gone and look- that’s not black-”

“I never thought I looked good in black-”

The guy shrugged, “Sexy as hell, but you look better in white.”

“Where did this dress come from? I like it- Can I keep it? We’re not dead or anything- are we?”

He shook his head, “No, not dead- Your life has changed quite a bit. Here, you have a choice. You can stay here with your families, the families that abused you- or we can move your consciousness to a happier parallel world where you’ll still be yourselves, and your parents will still look like your parents, but they will be much nicer to you. Almost everything will feel better to you, and be better for you- You may gradually forget all the negative things that happened to you- that you really didn’t deserve- Or you can simply make peace with what happened and learn to live in a kind of brave new world attitude. You may be able to remember that one or both of you prayed for help and help came- and we were able to change your lives for the better.

“I will stick around and watch over you and be around to answer questions and possibly even guide you through whatever difficult decisions may be ahead-”

“Are you kidding, that’s a no brainer- I want that better world-”

The second girl, the one who was washed by light first – smiled, “I told you before, I feel safe when you’re around-” then she looked thoughtful, “What happened to that guy who was supposed to rape me?”

“He could use a little bit of help from you, he believes he needs to be forgiven-”

“Forgiven? He didn’t actually do anything- It wasn’t his fault some evil creatures hypnotized him and made him try to do that-”

The bullied guy nodded, “But he needs to hear that from you- He thinks he was actually convinced that he wanted to go through with that.”

The bullied guy turned to the other girl, “And the guy who tried to rape you, in the better world, he’s still alive, his consciousness came to the better world when he was killed where you came from. He will have memories of what he’s done that will be activated when he sees you- He will need to know he’s forgiven, too.”

The other girl nodded, “I can do that-”

“And, no- it’s not a good idea to try to become close friends with these guys- deep inside you will never be able to forget what almost happened. Sometimes ir feels like it’s worse to have something like that almost happen than it would have been to have it actually happen. Don’t think about that too deeply, let it go if you can.”

The girl at his side nodded, “So, are you an angel?”

He shook his head, “I have achieved angelic status and gained some abilities, but true angels never had to be human- they’re something else, they originated in a higher realm and never had to suffer through a human life-”

She shuddered, “So- you’re our age? Can I be your steady girl friend or anything like that?”

He blushed, shrugged, “It’s possible, but you might want to change your mind later-”

She shrugged, she smiled, “So it all depends on me?”

He nodded, “We can sort of decide to be friends like that, and if you get bored with me and think somebody else might be better boyfriend material, um, let me down easy.”

“Do you have self-esteem issues like I do?” she blushed.

“What are you two talking about? Did somebody drive us here? How long will it take us to get home- I’m kind of tired, feel like I did a lot of intense exercise or something.”

The bullied guy looked at the door, saw light beams cut through the air outside, heard a car’s horn beep, “That would be my brother and his girlfriend, anybody want a ride home?”

Both girls grinned.