Wednesday – November 15th, 2017 —

Wednesday, November 15th, 20107 — 8:30 am-ish —

Weire on Madawaska River, Arnprior, ONtario on a foggy January Morning in 2008
– Another 2008 Dreamscape –

— In the midst of an often changing dream – or series of dreams – a thread came up in which I became aware of some kind of coupe d’etat – I thought it was in Europe – maybe in the pre- World War The First era.

— I realized I was dreaming for a short time, inside the dream – as I followed the twists and turns that brought an intellectual – ‘a-political’ man into a ‘lucky’ position in which he realized he could facilitate a positive change for his country and steer it away from all kinds of probable catastrophes that seemed to him to be ‘more than inevitable’ if the ambitious military that pulled off the coupe remained in power for more than a couple days. This man knew a ‘princess’ with actual ‘royal blood’ from an earlier deposed monarchy – who probably had a legitimate claim to power – & this princess was unaware of her lineage etc. The man helped the princess marry a charismatic man with some political ‘clout’ and popular support who was totally unrelated/un-involved with the military ‘usurpers’.

— Extraneous forces revealed that the men behind the coupe had fabricated the evidence they used to convince their underlings to go along with their plans and the intellectual helped ‘leak’ this information to the Press and to other active rumour mills. The public, and ‘all those who mattered’ quickly came to realize they had been deceived by greedy, lying, unethical, corrupt men who planned to use subterfuge, deceit and the secret police to gain and retain power. The intellectual also managed to get the information ‘out there’ that the princess was an actual princess with a legitimate claim to the old throne in whatever country this was.

— And then after very ethical loyalists with loads of popular support stage a counter-coupe and round up all the ‘usurpers’ and move the charismatic husband of the princess into power the intellectual man is offered a position as a chief advisor to the new government –

— & Inside this dream, I was suddenly fully identified with that intellectual guy and I graciously declined the offer to become the government’s chief advisor and suggested instead that a person I knew was a high-ranking / highly evolved member of the Sufi movement be offered that position instead, saying that this individual was much more qualified than I was to steer the government in the most auspicious and most positive directions.

= = = = =

— About two hours after I woke up and wrote this down I turned on the CBC network news and learned that they had ‘Breaking News’ that there had been a coupe d’etat in Zimbabwe —

— Eek? —

~~~~~ Jim

Um —October 20th, 2017 —> Dreamed I was rescuing orphaned refugees

Friday, October 20th, 2017 — Mom’s Birthday —


— I dreamed I was in a foreign ‘hot spot’ country and somehow rescued a young girl and her brother who’d been orphaned by crazy racist/religious hatred-filled violence.

— The girl was maybe eight or nine years old and more aware of what had happened than her little brother. They’d seen their parents and other family members murdered. They’d been hiding in rubble (as instructed by their parents). The boy was young enough so he didn’t comprehend what had happened.

— The girl was also terrified of birds. The adults in her family had been watching the skies for bombers and helicopters that their government was employing in an ethnic/religious purge against them and the adults had tried to spare the kids a little bit of anxiety by explaining that they were watching for birds. The girl understood that the adults were anxious and probably afraid of what might come from the sky. I tried to hug her and explain that birds were not going to kill her and her brother. I pointed out several different species of songbirds, even hawks and eagles. She still recoiled, but I thought she was getting used to the idea that the birds couldn’t hurt her as long as she and her brother were protected by me. —> And then a Vulture flew overhead and even I thought it was circling us.

— She also recoiled several times when I tried to hug her. I thought I was trying to comfort her. When we got to a village, an older woman, a village elder, talked to her and explained to me that someone had told her that no man other than her father or one of her uncles – all of whom had been massacred – would be kind to her or protect her unless she agreed to have sex with them. The older woman said the girl’s concept of ‘having sex’ was confused and frightening. She didn’t know what that was exactly, but she thought it involved hugging that led to nothing but pain and humiliation and if that ever happened to her she would never be able to be happy ever again, and would become a slave to brutal, sadistic men.

— I woke up wondering whether I was dreaming something that someone actually lived, or that I might have lived in a previous life, or what-? I thought that what that girl felt and believed was probably a fact to way too many kids in some of the war-torn hot spots we hear about every evening in the news.

— God help them —

~~~~~ Jim

Two Heavy Duty, Uncomfortable, and Strange Dreams.

Thursday, July 7th, 2016:

[ While I was falling asleep our 25 pound cat jumped up on the bed and fell asleep on my right leg. I woke up maybe fifteen minutes later, the cat was gone and my right leg was in pain, the same kind of pain you get with a ‘charly-horse’ – I managed to move into a position that slowly made the pain go away and got my leg to relax.

I really don’t think that has anything to do with these two dreams: ]

-Two heavy duty dreams-

In the first dream, I’m not me, I’m a married guy who’s had a stroke. I’m wheelchair bound and can’t communicate. I know my wife is under too much pressure, is my only advocate and tries her best to explain to doctors what I was like before my stroke and what I would probably like to have them do. The doctors all look at her like they think she has real problem and shake their heads behind her back. Then my wife packs me into our van with our dog and drives two hundred and fifty miles to the motel we went to on our honeymoon. When we get there the motel is closed down, shuttered, plywood nailed over the windows- As she’s standing outside the van with me in a motorized wheelchair inside, she walks the dog, gets him back into the van and stands there looking hopeless when somebody in a motorhome pulls up, opens his window and says, “We’re closed for the season- hey, I remember you two- I’m sorry, and I can see by your license plate you came a long way, if you really need a place to stay for the night, I can let you use the old cabin out back-” and he fishes around for the keys- My dream wife stutters and stammers and blurts that she had so much trouble getting the ‘puppy’ into the van- and I can see her tears and know that when we came here on our honeymoon we met that man’s mother, who was rescuing cats, and she fell in love with the kittens and I promised her, I don’t know how many years ago that was (in the dream) that when we got settled I would drive her back up here and we could get one of the kittens she wanted so badly. We never did. In my semi-paralyzed state, I can see that she doesn’t want to ask the man if his mother is still alive. I wonder if my wife is having a stroke and I’m helpless to help her.

When I woke up I thought that dreaming I was somebody else was really weird and I also thought it was very strange that I didn’t have a clue as to what my wife’s name was, or what the character who was me in the dream – what his name was. I  realized my leg was not throbbing with pain and I guess drifted quickly back to sleep.

– – – – –

In the second dream I’m somebody else again, I’m sick, I have a hacking cough and I think I’m secretly dying of cancer or something like that. A gay friend who was about the only person who was ‘there for me’ when I was devastated by an ugly divorce, comes to see me and he makes me dinner. He might be the only one of my friends who suspects that I am really as sick as I am. After I was going through my divorce and this guy wasn’t around, ( I think he took a job somewhere else or something ) I had several friends laughingly tell me that I was the only person in ‘our circle’ who didn’t know that this guy was gay. As I’m hacking and gasping, he comes over and puts his arms around me and gives me a couple expensive gifts. I nearly collapse, turn around and cough and gasp and spit some blood into a tissue and hide it. My gay friend says, “We have to get you to a doctor, don’t you worry about a thing, now that we’re a couple I will take care of you.” As I’m shaking I reach onto a hutch and give him a couple trinkets that were identical to pieces of jewelry in a movie we both liked in those bad old days. In the movie a man gave these pieces of jewelry to a woman who thought he was getting up his courage to ask her to marry him. In the movie a weird character looked at the jewelry and laughed, “Oh – don’t you know what this means? These are symbols that would tell any gay person that there is no real attraction there at all – See? This one has the number “3” inscribed on the back and this one has the number “2” – together they add up to “5” and we all know what happens when you divide 5 in half, you get a fraction-” My gay friend looks at me with tears in his eyes, sniffs, “Omigod, I’m sorry, you’re really not gay at all, are you? I better go-” and runs out the door, leaving dinner burning on the stove while I gasp and cough and collapse on my couch.

– – – – –

I woke up wondering where the silly numbers came from and whether they meant anything at all.

I also wondered if I was intercepting somebody else’s dreams.

~~~~~ Jim