March Breaking

Saturday, March 16, 2013 // -9˚C / +16˚F @ Noon

—There was one day recently when I woke up remembering about ten dreams I’d had that night.

—The next day, or the day after the next, I had a dream that told me we’d had a time shift in 1973 and this planet had begun the process of splitting our dimension into two separate dimensions. Mostly positive people (Or positive above a certain level with a prerequisite level of understanding and/or evolutionary experience???) would drift into the positive dimension and mostly negative and/or selfish, manipulative, controlling, evil people and almost positive people who had cartloads of bad karma or were afraid to move to the positive dimension… would fall into the darker dimension.

—The process of splitting into those two groups had begun in 1973 (according to the dream… which had a narator I guessed was an angel or arch-angelic type) and the two groups would co-exist for a certain period of time and then the groups would begin to lose sight of each other, stop thinking about members of the other group, lose touch and then  finally, the break would come and a barrier between the two dimensions would seal.  Life would immediately begin to get better for everyone in the higher dimension and much worse for everybody in the lower dimension. Loving, sharing people would find abundance and increased understanding, and suddenly realize they had more psychic connections and/or ‘abilities’. Bitter, selfish, nasty, mean, controlling, manipulative people would find themselves involved in wars that would destroy their economies, destroy their food crops, destroy their infrastructure and plunge them back into a dark age, or more like the stone ages.

—There were people in that dream that were definitely my friends from this life, who are still alive now, who acted in very positive ways in the dream that the selfish, controlling crowd would try to claim were ‘immoral’/ evil / illegal etc. But the angels & arch-angels who were monitoring this whole process had a very different perspective and were protecting these good people and making their sometimes fragile self images immune to the evil, devastating, undermining propaganda of the ‘dark and selfish’ ones.

I started writing that story, or the story from that dream, and strangely enough, I have felt both energized and ‘attacked’ by nightmares and weird fleeting illnesses and infections. I could easily believe that the dark selfish powers are onto me, do not want me to write that story and are trying to make it impossible for me to do so- But the good guys are still here, encouraging me- assuring me that the diseases and conditions are very temporary and while the bad guys would know something was up if the good guys shielded me completely from these attacks and step up their efforts immediately… the good guys had me covered and wanted me to know that a little bit of discomfort now would be seen to be much more than ‘worth it’, in a fairly short time. World news in the past couple months looks like the baddies are making a desperate last ditch effort to control the planet, the media and everything else.

—So I’ll live with this arthritis and feeling like I’m constantly on the verge of being down for the count with a nasty flu or some worse condition, and probably keep plugging away.

—The last uncomfortable message that came through was along the lines of “The shadow government now knows every word you text, tweet, type, speak or blog…”

—So I think I just committed to taking my day dreams off line in computers that do not have blue tooth / wifi capabilities.

——— Have a nice life….

————— Jim ~~~~~




Dreaming All Day

Monday, October 1, 2012   10˚C / 50˚F at 11:59 pm.

Cathi’s first Monday home since her early retirement took effect. We listened to Coast to Coast AM all night and after Cathi went to bed I thought I’d try to sleep in the lounge chair.

I let the dog out of his over night crate and let the visiting cat out of the room he’s locked in all night (so our cat and he don’t fight all night) and then the dog kept making noises that kept me from falling asleep. I moved to the couch for a short time, with the dog lying beside me. I tried to doze off in this position, but no- the dog wouldn’t let me doze off, because he kept wanting me to scratch him somewhere else. After maybe half an hour, he gave up, jumped down to the floor and made himself comfortable there. I thought I’d take advantage of this and move back to the lounge chair. Nope. the dog got up and wagging his tail, let me know he wanted to go outside again.

So I  let the dog out and sat down on the lounge chair, almost dropped off to sleep when the dog made a noise that sounded like he was sneezing in my ear and then he scratched the door to say he wanted to come inside. I got up and let him in and settled back into the chair. He more or less left me alone. but it seemed like every time I almost dropped off into dream land, the dog made a little whine or snort in my ear (the ear away from him- like it was a psychic thing.)

So I went upstairs and quietly climbed into bed. And then took a couple hours to get to sleep as it felt like every spirit in town was talking to somebody somewhere and I was hearing all of them like they were in the room with me.

But when I finally did get to sleep, I had a string of dreams connecting with family and friends in unfamiliar landscapes, like they were living in parallel dimensions.

The only sequence I can remember right now, involved being at a house party somewhere and our friend Shelley stepped on a staple sticking up from the carpet. I offered to carry her somewhere so she wouldn’t have to step down with her bare foot again and she let me- I think we were wondering whether I should carry her to a car and drive her to the hospital or what when I woke up.

~~~~~Jim Admin