Friends’ Reunion – Rock and Roll Bands – Sporty Cars & ATM Cards

Friday, August 21st, 2015 -( 28˚C / 82˚F — Sunny & almost bearable – & a bit muggy @4:44 pm in Atlantic Canada — on Dottie Shrader’s Birthday )-

Dream like seascape/landscape.
– Game Development Screen Shot – Doug’s ‘Highe Elf’ Builder Character staring out to sea at fog enshrouded mountainous islands off shore.

— I dreamed I dropped in on a mini-reunion of friends from high school & the one I knew since Jr High was there and I didn’t think that was strange even though he’d died suddenly and unexpectedly on his way home from a holiday dinner in Boston a couple years ago – After we had dinner in their hotel, I had to go somewhere, so the friend who is still alive in the real world gave me a ride in his sporty black ‘American’ car – I wasn’t sure what make and model, just that it was made in the USA. & I had plans to meet them back at the hotel after my previously scheduled engagement. I rode in the back seat and didn’t think that was strange, or that there was a dark fog in the passenger’s seat in front where my friend who had died ( I didn’t remember that in the dream ) came along for the ride.

— My ‘previously scheduled engagement’ was a rehearsal of a Rock and Roll band that I guess I was part of. I was the last to arrive and when I got there, everybody was sitting around, no instruments were out, they were sitting at a table and informed me that one member of the band had delivered a tantrum and quit. When I asked if we were going to rehearse without our prima donna they all said, “No -” they weren’t in the mood.

— I don’t know how I got back to the hotel but when I got there, an assistant manager met me after announcing my name with a bull horn and told me my friends had left and the ATM machines all around the country were all down, so their stay had been charged to my credit card, which was the only one that had worked.

— So I went to the late evening snack I had just paid for, found nobody there but me, sat down and ate all the french fries. Then one of my friends’ woman friends showed up, went for the french fries and snarled at me saying, “That’s not the way we do things around here -” I shrugged and said, “Well everybody else’s credit cards and ATM cards are frozen and I just paid for three days of everybody’s rooms and dinner -” and shrugged again.

— I woke up and realized it was after 4 pm, I had fallen asleep between 2 and 3 pm and I had a dog’s nose in my face, he was trying to see if I was still alive enough to let him go outside to pee and back in to raid the refrigerator for the treat he believes he deserves for not peeing inside the house. 


— shrug –,

~~~~~ Jim

Several Wild and Crazy Dreams

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 -(30˚C / 86˚F — Clear and very Sauna-Like out there @ 3:20 pm on my old ex-neighbor, Bill Clinton’s Birthday, here in Atlantic Canada )-

Game Development Screen Shots
“You Have Been Disconnected” Collage from Game Screen Shots.

— I fell asleep with the CBC News Network’s 24 hour news channel on the television, pets jumping up onto me and being their ‘usual’ strange selves, digging their claws into my chest and rubbing their heads against me, like they were very anxious about something – And I dreamed some fanatical ethnic cleansing group was targeting anybody they suspected of being, to quote Peter Gabriel, “Not One Of Us” and I was trying to get possible victims, including my own family members, out of town before the fanatics came along and butchered everybody.

— Then I woke up and turned the television off, shuddered and went back to sleep, slept ‘fitfully’ with a worried dog whining in my ear to wake me up a couple time, like he knew I was being attacked by weird dreams. They weren’t quite nightmares, I didn’t think I needed my heavy duty spiritual help to clear them away, I never quite woke up enough to realize I probably should have contacted my ‘Major Guardian Angels’.

— Yup, I had several weird dreams, did not feel like anything malevolent was attacking me with violent images or feelings of vulnerability or anything –

— And one dream that sticks out. My wild and crazy ‘Amor Fou’ has a sister whose got a ‘cement consciousness’ — “All mixed up and permanently set” <— Credit that quote to my favorite silly tea bag lines from the seventies. Anyway – the love of my life’s sister popped into a dream. We were in a car or more like a multi passenger van in the Connecticut town I grew up in, across the street from the house I lived in for most of that life. I was probably in the back-most seat, Cathi was beside me, Jassper was whining in my ear, sitting on the seat next to me, me in the middle. Cathi’s sister turned around from the driver’s side, in the middle seat. I couldn’t see who was driving. Cathi’s sister has been anything but reasonable to me and Cathi has apologized for subjecting me to her sister’s nasty jibes and nastier looks since I got here. But in this dream her sister was reasonable, apologetic, even acted like she admired my ‘talent’ as a writer as she turned around, and handed me a journal I had written, which I immediately thought the woman had stolen to read through to try to find fuel for her attacks, -to find anything she could use against me in her crazy attempts to convince the world that she’s been right all along and I am the right hand of the devil, here to steal Cathi away, murder her off in the wilds and hand her soul to the devil for eternal torment in the worst sections of hell below us. But no, Cathi’s sister smiled at me and said, “I read this, it’s really good-” and continued smiling like she meant it. Even in the dream I was shocked.

— When I woke up I had whining cats and dogs to deal with and then had to run to the washroom myself, and I almost forgot that dream. Then I wondered if something majorly traumatic happened to Cathi’s sister and she was trying to undo a number of bad karmic choices she’d made and actions she’d incurred so she could enter heaven with a clear conscience.

— I don’t know. Should I worry?

~~~~~ Jim, [ who discovered that – yes – Jassper did connect this blog to his facebook and twitter accounts, hmmmm- ] 

-Had a conversation with my sister-

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 -( 25˚C / 77˚F — Dark & still too hot @ 9:22 pm in Atlantic Canada )-

— Yeah, the only thing I can remember right now is that I was sitting at a table, talking to my sister, Diane, [ she died in March of 2007 ] – We were having a rather normal conversation. And then I remembered that she’d died.

— I woke up with a hundred and twenty five pound dog prodding me, trying to tell me that if I didn’t stop neglecting the dog and feed him more that any human should reasonably feed a dog, bad things might happen to me. I could be squashed, bones could be broken, sharp claws might slash and rip my flesh. He might yelp and hurt my ears-

— So I got up and fed the dog, and fed the cat, and tried to get back to sleep – And only remembered the dream when ‘effbook’ was hogging memory on my laptop and as I was trying to shut pages down, effbook was trying to convince me to click on profiles of my sister’s daughter’s effbook friends.


— I wish I could remember what we were talking about —

— ehhhh –

~~~~~ Jim ( I think Jassper has this linking to his effbook page and twitter account – Clever…. )


Car Rolling Sideways Dream

Monday, 03 August, 2015 -( 28˚C / 82˚F muggy, but absolutely gorgeous outside @ 5:58 pm in Atlantic Canada on the adjusted New Brunswick Day holiday. Actual Holiday is August 1st, but that was a Saturday, so they’re celebrating today- )-

Car Show in Arnprior. August 30, 2012.
– From a car show that had been moved from a park in Arnprior to a street that was closed off for the occasion on August 30th, 2012.

— Dreamed this morning – After I got up and fed the critters and made it back into bed before the cat could shred me with his claws or the dog could jump up on the bed and take my place-

— I dreamed I was sleeping in the middle of a bench front seat, in a car that I owned that actually had bucket seats- But I was covered by a sheet and a blanket and had a twenty five pound cat sleeping on my chest. 🙂 I really had a twenty five pound cat sleeping on my chest at the time.

— In the dream I woke up enough to realize that the car had started itself and was rolling sideways at a quick pace that would soon take it, and me, and the cat, beyond the limits of my parents old property, where I did most of my growing up and all that- ( And when I owned the car I was dreaming we were inside of, I lived nowhere near that house ) & if we continued that sideways motion, we would almost certainly roll into the path of an oncoming car, or roll over an innocent person, maybe even a kid, and possibly kill somebody, or be killed ourselves. 

— When I tried to move my foot to get to the brake pedal, I discovered there was a hump between me and the driver’s seat area. When I tried to move over, I couldn’t because the cat was weighing me down and I think the blanket and sheet were caught on something. I tried to push the cat off my chest, and had to make several tries because my arms were tangled up under the sheet and the cat did not want to move – did not realize we were heading for disaster if he didn’t-

— I finally gave him one more push that was strong enough for him to decide to jump from my chest and run across the mattress to the edge of the bed, almost in the opposite corner from where my head was. The effort also woke me up and I realized I’d been dreaming and I opened my eyes to see the twenty five pound orange cat glaring at me like I’d hurt his feelings almost beyond redemption by tossing him from my chest in my sleep.

— So I rearranged myself, made sure I had two claw-proof layers of blanket between my throat and where I knew his claws would end up, purred and began to pet an invisible cat where he had been enjoying life and cat dreams a few minutes earlier. He understood what I was trying to tell him and happily inserted himself in place of the invisible cat I was pretending to pet. I fell back asleep quickly, don’t remember any more dreams I probably had after that.

Orange cat stationing himself between me and the computer.
Moe, the now 25 pound orange cat, explaining that it was his job to supervise any computing I thought I might do while he also wanted to decorate our dark blue curtain with his shedding orange hair, photo taken on August 5th, 2012.

— Yay?–,

~~~~~ Jim

This Morning’s Dream

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015 -( 27˚C / 81˚F — Muggy, warm and greying overhead in Atlantic Canada @ 4:45 pm )-

Jassper's Twitter Page
Our Leader on Twitter? Finally?

— I dreamed that police came to my door with a ‘respectful’ attitude and told me that, “Tom wants to thank you personally.”

— I tried to remember what anyone would want to thank me for- and thought maybe I had helped save a policeman’s life or something. I couldn’t quite picture ‘Tom’ in my head.

— I was then surrounded by reporters with microphones and smart phones as recording devices in my face and the first question I heard was, “What do you plan to do about the Federal Government?” & with everybody else shouting in my face at once I had to ask that guy to repeat the question.

— “What do you plan to do about the Federal Government?”

— The question seemed entirely absurd to me. I started waking up, rising through layers of consciousness, thinking, “The Federal Government doesn’t answer to me. Why would anybody ask me what I intend to do with it, or to it, or about it?”

— When I woke up the love of my life was watching the CBC Network News channel and everybody was buzzing about the fact that the parliament had been dissolved and the Prime Minister had asked the Governor General to declare that it was now time to begin a longer than usual campaign season for Federal Elections to be held on October 19th. — The anniversary of the day in 1985 that I finally quit smoking for good, The day before my mother’s birthday-

— And I wondered if the questions I had heard had not been directed toward me, but had been asked of ‘Tom’. And would that be Tom Mulcair? Did I just have a dream in which I went into the future and saw Tom Mulcair declared Prime Minister of Canada? And if so- Was that this world or a parallel one?

————— Jim