Lost Pieces of a Car at somebody’s wedding?

Monday, May 22nd, 2017 —>  15˚C / 59˚F —> Grey & looking like it wants to rain @ 10:38 am in Atlantic Canada —>  It’s Victoria Day —

— Dream: —>

— I was at work. It looked more like my Trucking Company job from the early 70’s than anything since then. One of the guys I was working with was somebody I knew in the eighties when I was working at the Post Office. —> The supervisors sent me and this guy about 20 miles away for something. I had my father’s old 1951 grey Dodge & drove us both to where we had to go – looked like another kind of job site altogether – we got a tour of the place and then I had to go pick something up – My friend got to work and I drove away to pick up the ‘whatever’ – I was on the highway in the rain and the car overheated. I got off the highway and waited, then started up and shifted into drive when the car cooled down. I drove a bit, but the car wasn’t performing, it had slowed down to ‘ridiculous’ – I tried to pull over and ended up driving into an area where I couldn’t go anywhere, but down a steep, nearly un- navigable series of hills and then stopped at the edge of somebody’s property. I looked around and at that property dozens of people were getting ready for a wedding to be celebrated in their garden. I asked a couple guys to help me get the car out of their way. The guys picked up the shell of the car without the wheels, undercarriage or engine and carried it into a barn with the shells of dozens of other cars, all piled ‘willy-nilly’. Somebody had pulled the wiring harness and reduced it to a long rubber coated cable with loads of white plastic square connectors. I watched them take that somewhere and looked around for the rest of the car. I couldn’t find any part of the car anywhere while I was walking around in the middle of bride’s maids who seemed to have become familiar enough with my presence so it didn’t bother them at all that I was there. —> Somehow or other, my friend from work arrived there and looked at me like he was sorry for me, but wanted to make like he didn’t know me, because that would have been too embarrassing in front of all the dressed up, good-looking women at the wedding. —> I kept looking for my car, ended up walking around the house on top of bushes and around a dog that I hoped wouldn’t get territorial and want to bite me. I made it to the front of the house and seemed to be locked out and totally ignored by everybody inside.

— Weird — ,

~~~~~ Jim

Thursday, July 28th, More Serial Dreams —

Thursday, July 28th, 2016 — 23°C / 74°F & Slightly Overcast @ 10:32 am in Atlantic Canada —

More Serial Dreams — Not in Order — Most of these flow into each other in a large building that may be a workplace or learning institution:

  1. I was working with some kind of computer graphics that I probably downloaded, and they came through with weird names and did not function as graphics until I renamed them and added suffixes like “.jpg” or “.png” etc. — I had so many of these to fix that I treated each one by adding an “i” or a “c” before their weird alphanumeric names and giving them their suffixes. I was not happy with being rushed through this and told myself I would have to come back and rename them again – give them names that would be more universally easy to understand so my colleagues who had to work with them when I was finished would have an easy time identifying them and wouldn’t have to walk through viewing each and every one of them each time they needed one of these images for whatever projects they were working on. — Now that I’m awake, I can’t recall what the ‘i’ or ‘c’ designations meant.
  2. Some kind of a guy I thought was a wannabe life coach came to me and told me he ‘needed to talk to me’ about something to do with personality test results. I grinned at him and said, “Let me guess – I need to work on my people skills.”
  3. I’m not sure whether the workday or class was over, but I had to walk around people I knew and recognized (from my ‘real life’) – and got into a large, many stalled washroom. The stalls had no doors. I was slightly worried that my English/Creative Writing teacher ( a woman ) would come in and see me sitting on a toilet. I kind of shrugged and sighed and knew I had no choice.
  4. I think I went home – either to another building or another part of the larger building. I think I walked outside and crossed a small dead end street to get to my home, where either family or half a dozen roommates, or a mixture of both, also lived. Like I tried to hint above, I’m not sure the living quarters weren’t a ‘wing’ of the large masonry, or brick, building. I just took a shortcut in pleasant evening weather to get ‘home’. I think we were all ‘young twenty something’ adults. — My friend Larry [ who died unexpectedly a couple years ago – maybe 2012 – ] came to visit and while I was in another room doing something, told my friends and at least one sister [ Sharon ] that he’d been having minor annoying problems with something. He was joking about it, as if he was saying that his life was annoyingly complicated like everyone else’s. — I looked outside and saw what had to be Larry’s very white ‘Smart Car’ parked out front – with a nasty gash in the left rear panel and bits of twisted metal forming a weird, almost flower petal look. But there were flames coming out the back of his vehicle. I hurriedly told him his car was on fire. He groaned and went outside and looked at the flames for a moment or two before he grabbed a lever and moved it- and the fire went out.

— Um, there was more, but this is all I can remember, now that it’s like two hours since I got up to feed the pets.

— I’m also not sure whether somebody in the dream told me it was time for me to ‘go home’ or whether that was another recent dream. –,

~~~~~ Jim


Wednesday, July 27th, — Serial Dreams

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 — 27°C / 79°F – Sunny & Muggy @ 10:21 am in Atlantic Canada —

In a series of dreams with continuity :

  1. I was working at a newspaper or video news organization with a group of young-ish men and women, some of whom I recognized as having been hyper-critical near bullies in high school, the kind who sneered and never had anything good to say, who usually began a conversation with a sneering fault-finding put-down of whatever person they were talking to. We all had blue and white shirts we were supposed to wear while we were reporting (on the air?) These short sleeved shirts were there for anybody to wear when it was their turn to research or report a story. The shirts looked like they had a plastic coating.
  2. I went to the police with notes. These notes were on about a six inch [ top to bottom ], by three inch wide yellow, lined pad. I was made to feel like I was in trouble with the law. But my notes were thorough – I got my point across to the police officials’ satisfaction – They then brought me to Fire Department investigators who asked me to repeat my story to them and answer their questions. When I got back to the News Office I was happily relieved and told everyone that I had new contacts at the Police Department and The Fire Department. I got some kind of promotion, got my own desk and a bonus large enough to buy my own blue and white shirt so I wouldn’t have to wear one of the communal shirts.
  3. I was with several others, maybe from the news office, maybe a completely different group of people. We were traveling around in an alien (as in Extra-Terrestrial) vehicle that had the capability of transporting us in and out of the consensus time line – we could “phase out” and move around in a nearby parallel dimension where we could see people in our normal time ‘zone’, but they were ‘frozen’ in extreme slow motion. They didn’t know we were there. — While we were phasing in and out and moving around in that dimension, I was taking notes on a smaller yellow lined ‘sticky notes’ pad and secretly leaving messages to the people in the normal time zone.
  4. Back in the news office I was happy to sit at my private desk with my private shirt hanging on a hanger in what may have been my private closet. I got up and moved back to the room where all my colleagues were clustered together with typically four desks together in groups, two side by side facing two more side by side so they almost looked like one large desk with their seams presenting just a bit of groove between desks. It was down time, lunch break or something, and the idle reporters were playing some kind of game with silver balls that looked like ball bearings, but were probably plastic. The balls were different sizes and had slightly different coloured glows so they could be identified as ‘belonging’ to different players. The game they were playing was something between table top Bocce and a very fluid kind of Curling where the players put amazing spin on their balls and the balls roll around in circles and try to knock other players’ balls off the field. I was unfamiliar with the game and asked somebody how it was played and how it was scored. This wise cracking reporter type grinned and said, “You have to have a lot of balls to play this game.”

— shrug –,

~~~~~ Jim

Two Heavy Duty, Uncomfortable, and Strange Dreams.

Thursday, July 7th, 2016:

[ While I was falling asleep our 25 pound cat jumped up on the bed and fell asleep on my right leg. I woke up maybe fifteen minutes later, the cat was gone and my right leg was in pain, the same kind of pain you get with a ‘charly-horse’ – I managed to move into a position that slowly made the pain go away and got my leg to relax.

I really don’t think that has anything to do with these two dreams: ]

-Two heavy duty dreams-

In the first dream, I’m not me, I’m a married guy who’s had a stroke. I’m wheelchair bound and can’t communicate. I know my wife is under too much pressure, is my only advocate and tries her best to explain to doctors what I was like before my stroke and what I would probably like to have them do. The doctors all look at her like they think she has real problem and shake their heads behind her back. Then my wife packs me into our van with our dog and drives two hundred and fifty miles to the motel we went to on our honeymoon. When we get there the motel is closed down, shuttered, plywood nailed over the windows- As she’s standing outside the van with me in a motorized wheelchair inside, she walks the dog, gets him back into the van and stands there looking hopeless when somebody in a motorhome pulls up, opens his window and says, “We’re closed for the season- hey, I remember you two- I’m sorry, and I can see by your license plate you came a long way, if you really need a place to stay for the night, I can let you use the old cabin out back-” and he fishes around for the keys- My dream wife stutters and stammers and blurts that she had so much trouble getting the ‘puppy’ into the van- and I can see her tears and know that when we came here on our honeymoon we met that man’s mother, who was rescuing cats, and she fell in love with the kittens and I promised her, I don’t know how many years ago that was (in the dream) that when we got settled I would drive her back up here and we could get one of the kittens she wanted so badly. We never did. In my semi-paralyzed state, I can see that she doesn’t want to ask the man if his mother is still alive. I wonder if my wife is having a stroke and I’m helpless to help her.

When I woke up I thought that dreaming I was somebody else was really weird and I also thought it was very strange that I didn’t have a clue as to what my wife’s name was, or what the character who was me in the dream – what his name was. I  realized my leg was not throbbing with pain and I guess drifted quickly back to sleep.

– – – – –

In the second dream I’m somebody else again, I’m sick, I have a hacking cough and I think I’m secretly dying of cancer or something like that. A gay friend who was about the only person who was ‘there for me’ when I was devastated by an ugly divorce, comes to see me and he makes me dinner. He might be the only one of my friends who suspects that I am really as sick as I am. After I was going through my divorce and this guy wasn’t around, ( I think he took a job somewhere else or something ) I had several friends laughingly tell me that I was the only person in ‘our circle’ who didn’t know that this guy was gay. As I’m hacking and gasping, he comes over and puts his arms around me and gives me a couple expensive gifts. I nearly collapse, turn around and cough and gasp and spit some blood into a tissue and hide it. My gay friend says, “We have to get you to a doctor, don’t you worry about a thing, now that we’re a couple I will take care of you.” As I’m shaking I reach onto a hutch and give him a couple trinkets that were identical to pieces of jewelry in a movie we both liked in those bad old days. In the movie a man gave these pieces of jewelry to a woman who thought he was getting up his courage to ask her to marry him. In the movie a weird character looked at the jewelry and laughed, “Oh – don’t you know what this means? These are symbols that would tell any gay person that there is no real attraction there at all – See? This one has the number “3” inscribed on the back and this one has the number “2” – together they add up to “5” and we all know what happens when you divide 5 in half, you get a fraction-” My gay friend looks at me with tears in his eyes, sniffs, “Omigod, I’m sorry, you’re really not gay at all, are you? I better go-” and runs out the door, leaving dinner burning on the stove while I gasp and cough and collapse on my couch.

– – – – –

I woke up wondering where the silly numbers came from and whether they meant anything at all.

I also wondered if I was intercepting somebody else’s dreams.

~~~~~ Jim

Friends’ Reunion – Rock and Roll Bands – Sporty Cars & ATM Cards

Friday, August 21st, 2015 -( 28˚C / 82˚F — Sunny & almost bearable – & a bit muggy @4:44 pm in Atlantic Canada — on Dottie Shrader’s Birthday )-

Dream like seascape/landscape.
– Game Development Screen Shot – Doug’s ‘Highe Elf’ Builder Character staring out to sea at fog enshrouded mountainous islands off shore.

— I dreamed I dropped in on a mini-reunion of friends from high school & the one I knew since Jr High was there and I didn’t think that was strange even though he’d died suddenly and unexpectedly on his way home from a holiday dinner in Boston a couple years ago – After we had dinner in their hotel, I had to go somewhere, so the friend who is still alive in the real world gave me a ride in his sporty black ‘American’ car – I wasn’t sure what make and model, just that it was made in the USA. & I had plans to meet them back at the hotel after my previously scheduled engagement. I rode in the back seat and didn’t think that was strange, or that there was a dark fog in the passenger’s seat in front where my friend who had died ( I didn’t remember that in the dream ) came along for the ride.

— My ‘previously scheduled engagement’ was a rehearsal of a Rock and Roll band that I guess I was part of. I was the last to arrive and when I got there, everybody was sitting around, no instruments were out, they were sitting at a table and informed me that one member of the band had delivered a tantrum and quit. When I asked if we were going to rehearse without our prima donna they all said, “No -” they weren’t in the mood.

— I don’t know how I got back to the hotel but when I got there, an assistant manager met me after announcing my name with a bull horn and told me my friends had left and the ATM machines all around the country were all down, so their stay had been charged to my credit card, which was the only one that had worked.

— So I went to the late evening snack I had just paid for, found nobody there but me, sat down and ate all the french fries. Then one of my friends’ woman friends showed up, went for the french fries and snarled at me saying, “That’s not the way we do things around here -” I shrugged and said, “Well everybody else’s credit cards and ATM cards are frozen and I just paid for three days of everybody’s rooms and dinner -” and shrugged again.

— I woke up and realized it was after 4 pm, I had fallen asleep between 2 and 3 pm and I had a dog’s nose in my face, he was trying to see if I was still alive enough to let him go outside to pee and back in to raid the refrigerator for the treat he believes he deserves for not peeing inside the house. 


— shrug –,

~~~~~ Jim

Several Wild and Crazy Dreams

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 -(30˚C / 86˚F — Clear and very Sauna-Like out there @ 3:20 pm on my old ex-neighbor, Bill Clinton’s Birthday, here in Atlantic Canada )-

Game Development Screen Shots
“You Have Been Disconnected” Collage from Game Screen Shots.

— I fell asleep with the CBC News Network’s 24 hour news channel on the television, pets jumping up onto me and being their ‘usual’ strange selves, digging their claws into my chest and rubbing their heads against me, like they were very anxious about something – And I dreamed some fanatical ethnic cleansing group was targeting anybody they suspected of being, to quote Peter Gabriel, “Not One Of Us” and I was trying to get possible victims, including my own family members, out of town before the fanatics came along and butchered everybody.

— Then I woke up and turned the television off, shuddered and went back to sleep, slept ‘fitfully’ with a worried dog whining in my ear to wake me up a couple time, like he knew I was being attacked by weird dreams. They weren’t quite nightmares, I didn’t think I needed my heavy duty spiritual help to clear them away, I never quite woke up enough to realize I probably should have contacted my ‘Major Guardian Angels’.

— Yup, I had several weird dreams, did not feel like anything malevolent was attacking me with violent images or feelings of vulnerability or anything –

— And one dream that sticks out. My wild and crazy ‘Amor Fou’ has a sister whose got a ‘cement consciousness’ — “All mixed up and permanently set” <— Credit that quote to my favorite silly tea bag lines from the seventies. Anyway – the love of my life’s sister popped into a dream. We were in a car or more like a multi passenger van in the Connecticut town I grew up in, across the street from the house I lived in for most of that life. I was probably in the back-most seat, Cathi was beside me, Jassper was whining in my ear, sitting on the seat next to me, me in the middle. Cathi’s sister turned around from the driver’s side, in the middle seat. I couldn’t see who was driving. Cathi’s sister has been anything but reasonable to me and Cathi has apologized for subjecting me to her sister’s nasty jibes and nastier looks since I got here. But in this dream her sister was reasonable, apologetic, even acted like she admired my ‘talent’ as a writer as she turned around, and handed me a journal I had written, which I immediately thought the woman had stolen to read through to try to find fuel for her attacks, -to find anything she could use against me in her crazy attempts to convince the world that she’s been right all along and I am the right hand of the devil, here to steal Cathi away, murder her off in the wilds and hand her soul to the devil for eternal torment in the worst sections of hell below us. But no, Cathi’s sister smiled at me and said, “I read this, it’s really good-” and continued smiling like she meant it. Even in the dream I was shocked.

— When I woke up I had whining cats and dogs to deal with and then had to run to the washroom myself, and I almost forgot that dream. Then I wondered if something majorly traumatic happened to Cathi’s sister and she was trying to undo a number of bad karmic choices she’d made and actions she’d incurred so she could enter heaven with a clear conscience.

— I don’t know. Should I worry?

~~~~~ Jim, [ who discovered that – yes – Jassper did connect this blog to his facebook and twitter accounts, hmmmm- ] 

Car Rolling Sideways Dream

Monday, 03 August, 2015 -( 28˚C / 82˚F muggy, but absolutely gorgeous outside @ 5:58 pm in Atlantic Canada on the adjusted New Brunswick Day holiday. Actual Holiday is August 1st, but that was a Saturday, so they’re celebrating today- )-

Car Show in Arnprior. August 30, 2012.
– From a car show that had been moved from a park in Arnprior to a street that was closed off for the occasion on August 30th, 2012.

— Dreamed this morning – After I got up and fed the critters and made it back into bed before the cat could shred me with his claws or the dog could jump up on the bed and take my place-

— I dreamed I was sleeping in the middle of a bench front seat, in a car that I owned that actually had bucket seats- But I was covered by a sheet and a blanket and had a twenty five pound cat sleeping on my chest. 🙂 I really had a twenty five pound cat sleeping on my chest at the time.

— In the dream I woke up enough to realize that the car had started itself and was rolling sideways at a quick pace that would soon take it, and me, and the cat, beyond the limits of my parents old property, where I did most of my growing up and all that- ( And when I owned the car I was dreaming we were inside of, I lived nowhere near that house ) & if we continued that sideways motion, we would almost certainly roll into the path of an oncoming car, or roll over an innocent person, maybe even a kid, and possibly kill somebody, or be killed ourselves. 

— When I tried to move my foot to get to the brake pedal, I discovered there was a hump between me and the driver’s seat area. When I tried to move over, I couldn’t because the cat was weighing me down and I think the blanket and sheet were caught on something. I tried to push the cat off my chest, and had to make several tries because my arms were tangled up under the sheet and the cat did not want to move – did not realize we were heading for disaster if he didn’t-

— I finally gave him one more push that was strong enough for him to decide to jump from my chest and run across the mattress to the edge of the bed, almost in the opposite corner from where my head was. The effort also woke me up and I realized I’d been dreaming and I opened my eyes to see the twenty five pound orange cat glaring at me like I’d hurt his feelings almost beyond redemption by tossing him from my chest in my sleep.

— So I rearranged myself, made sure I had two claw-proof layers of blanket between my throat and where I knew his claws would end up, purred and began to pet an invisible cat where he had been enjoying life and cat dreams a few minutes earlier. He understood what I was trying to tell him and happily inserted himself in place of the invisible cat I was pretending to pet. I fell back asleep quickly, don’t remember any more dreams I probably had after that.

Orange cat stationing himself between me and the computer.
Moe, the now 25 pound orange cat, explaining that it was his job to supervise any computing I thought I might do while he also wanted to decorate our dark blue curtain with his shedding orange hair, photo taken on August 5th, 2012.

— Yay?–,

~~~~~ Jim