Thursday, 30 October, 2014 – Bits of two dreams:

Thursday, October 30, 2014 –

1st dream- Something about living in boats. All I remember is telling somebody that I dreamed something about living in boats. Might have said that in a dream or between dreams, waking up or slipping back into dreamland.

2nd dream – Caravan going cross country. people settling down for the night in open fields of very tall grass- Talking about some poor kid whose view of reality had been shattered by two things, the 2nd being seeing a predatory dinasaur in the woods. I wondered if we should be closer to the rest of the campers and someone who reminded me of my mother said she had a better feeling about sleeping in the spot where she was. I think the moon was high in the sky.




Daily Dribble #002:


When Cathi went to work, before 8 am this morning, she let the dog in the room, and left the door open when she left.

So Moe got in too.

Moe stepped on my chest, on the sore spot. Felt like he broke my rib and forced sharp bits deeper into my heart or lungs. Whatever- it was a piercing, burning pain- I shrieked, and cried and crying hurt worse and Moe jumped down and ran out of the room. So then the dog walked over to me, eating something crunchy, for which he seemed to be proud of himself, When he exhaled, inches from my nose, I realized he was chewing on a nice, crunchy and very stinky cat poop. Trying to breath anything but cat poop breath caused me more pain, I shrieked at the dog and he ran out of the room after Moe.





Daily Dribbles – #001

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 -( 16°C / 61°F — Still grey and threatening at 2:20 pm in Atlantic Canada )-

Daily Dribble Number One:

I probably did dream last night, and/or early this morning. I don’t remember any of it. So it may have not been very memorable, or reality may have intervened too quickly on me and wiped out potentially valuable stuff I might have learned while wandering around in dreamland.

I slipped after jumping down from a stone wall the other day and landed on my left side. I thought I heard a rib crack, but no- that was a very loud sound made by a pen hitting the ground while my senses were all amplified by the terror of feeling my feet fly out from under me as the gravel driveway came up and punched me in the ribs. Since this now quite spectacular landing, I’ve had to learn to be extremely mindful of my posture as I’ve attempted to change position in bed, get up- or move— get up or move from anything: from a chair, from the bed, from the toilet- step out of a vehicle, climb into a vehicle. Any ‘usual’ move lately can be extremely painful- Last night I discover that it isn’t too bright for me to attempt to move an easily moved couch after the dog dropped something he treasures behind it. Pulling the couch out away from the wall was no problem, but after retrieving the dog’s treasure, for which he was the picture of gratitude, pushing the couch back toward the wall brought up enough pain to make me think I could recoil, loses my balance, fall on my face, or land wrong and bruise another rib if I tried that again. My right shoulder and the right side of my neck has also been a source, or ‘sources’ of pain. My shoulder feels like it’s slightly out of whack, like my arm bone was jarred slightly out of the socket when I landed on my left side on the gravel in the driveway. Every once in a while I almost get the shoulder back into place. Every once in a while I feel like my latest attempt to get my shoulder back into place has resulted in my complete loss of control of my arm and enough pain to almost knock me unconscious. Some of these adjustment moves relieve my neck pain for long happy moments. I have actually gone hours without feeling any neck pain. Sometimes a self-help adjustment relieves my neck pain and causes my bruised rib to complain. So I twist my head, neck, upper body, or all of the above slightly and sometimes that has positive results and sometimes it doesn’t. Coughing is really scary these last couple days.

I am reminded of my uncle, Bruce, telling my cousin, Glenn, in a conversation about arthritis and aging, “Just wait, it gets better-” — which he stressed just right to convey the idea that it will get worse, much worse—

Here endeth today’s rant, file this under, “Life’s little, ‘not so pleasant’, surprises.”  😉


Tuesday, October 28, 2014 = Weird dream about bank accounts.

Good Morning?

I dreamed I had a bank account with $12.20 left in it. I went to check on a deposit that was supposed to have gone in and found a negative balance instead. I sent a message to the bank, asking them what happened to my deposit and why was I showing a negative balance?

I got a message back, after I’d spent a lot of time and energy going through statements, bills, invoices and all that ugly financial bull chips.

The message from the bank was, The deposit was never made, they discovered that they had charged me for a returned check that hadn’t been mine, hadn’t had anything to do with any account I was associated with and they gave me back my $12.20 cents.

I told them I had been assured that the money which was supposed to be deposited had gone to my account, and I had the details of this transaction and sent that documentation to the bank.

The bank got back to me on this, said they couldn’t honestly trace that deposit until they did a complete audit of everything that came in the day that deposit must have gone into the wrong account, somewhere, and it might take them a month to complete their audit.

I asked them if they would be crediting my account with interest back to the date that deposit should have been in my account.

The bank manager said, no, that is not their policy.

I woke up and uncomfortably went over the details of that dream for a while, then switched to lying there, working out details as to how I would start and where I would go with my NaNoWriMo Novel, beginning this coming Saturday.



Family Reunion Dream

Monday, October 13, 2014  — Thanksgiving Day in Canada, Scarf’s Birthday in Ithaca —


I dreamed a lot of family members were at a family reunion that lasted several days at a house I didn’t recognize. I dreamed I slept in a couple different beds while I was there. One time I woke up our current orange cat, Moe, had gotten into some oil, had very black messy oil all over his head and back, and he wasn’t saying anything, Wasn’t meowing or complaining about anything, and when he opened his mouth he was all black inside his mouth, his jaws, his gums, roof of his mouth, tongue and his teeth. I was hoping he’d let me clean him up before something really bad happened.

Then we were listening to my father talking on and on about what he’d been up to, and I realized I had slept at least one night in his bed and that felt creepy. And then I was out in the woods somewhere, following tracks and roads that were mostly very rudimentary, two parallel tire tracks through fields and stuff. I found my father’s house, it looked like a modular unit, kind of like a glorified mobile home with a garage attached. I think the house was brown. Somebody told me that it sounded like my father was making progress in taking control of his life, avoiding some people who weren’t exactly good for him and deciding for himself who he would see and who he would hang out with. I started to follow this person back to the reunion, but it felt to me like he was following another path off away from the reunion.

Then I was back at the reunion between my cousin Glenn and his mother, Aunt Phyllis, catching up with them – they both ‘passed over’ Phyllis before 1990, I think, Glenn in 2001? soon after his 50th birthday. And my cousin, Sue, who moved to Arizona several years ago and dropped out of touch with just about everybody, who had a special closeness with Glenn, said, “Sometimes I can smell him, like I know he’s in the room with me.” And I told her that any time she thinks of him he can tell and be right there with her. She wasn’t very comfortable with that.

Then we were making plans to leave the reunion and I checked with my mother to see if I was getting a ride home with her -she doesn’t drive- she said no, the woman who was giving her a ride had plans to stop off and see how her children were doing and there wasn’t room in her car for me. I asked how I was supposed to get home, mom said, ‘Safely’.

Then I was walking through a city apartment house and heard a chain saw or something, saw kids around the age of 6 to 8 getting out of the way as somebody on a dirt bike came charging down a flight of stairs and headed for the door, revving his engine. But then the dirt bike rider stopped and parked the bike, inside the door, off to the left. He was probably between 12 and 15 years old.

Then I woke up. I got the feeling that the person who explained that my father was making progress had been an angel.