Going Back To School Dreams?

Saturday, July 30th, 2016 — 26°C / 78°F — Sunny and Muggy @ 12:34 pm in Atlantic Canada —

— More Serial Dreams? No zombies this time – [ I mumbled a prayer/intention that I did not want to experience any more stupid zombie dreams – ]

— This time I was going back to school  – recognized some  of my old friends and not-so-friendly kids from the bad old days. But then I guess I kind of graduated from the horrible bully-generating atmosphere of public schools in the 1960’s to the laid back more-fun atmosphere where life was to be enjoyed and learning almost anything could be fun if nobody was making it his [or her?] business to spoil everybody else’s time – Maybe the later dreams were more like college courses and seminars on subjects several of us were really interested in and nobody was trying to pound b.s. facts and figures into our heads and screaming that our lives depend on memorizing insanely meaningless clap-trap?

— But the last little bit was me and several others looking at each other and gasping – wondering,  “Why are were expected to go to [expensive] formal universities and colleges and pay ever-increasing fees to learn fun stuff we could be learning and teaching each other for free, out in the fresh air somewhere?”

— That was a lot more fun than dealing with zombies – which was the subject of yesterdays creepy serial dreams —  [ * I went back and added the stupid zombie dreams, predated to yesterday * ]

— Shrug –,

~~~~~ Jim