Too Close To Home

Sunday, August 19, 2012. (Bill Clinton’s Birthday?)

—A downsized young investigative reporter takes a job as a camera person/script supervisor on a low budget horror movie about a low budget crew filming a vampire movie in an area where the real vampires were not amused and were picking off the actors and crew members one at a time.

—The reporter begins to see parallels between the ‘fictional vampires’ and a powerful small town family who may be using a corrupt police force to help them get away with murder, killing off anybody who questions their authority. By the end of the movie the reporter begins to put larger puzzle pieces together and wonders if a larger conspiracy is at work, using ‘rogue military groups’ and ‘secret technology’ to create ‘local legends’ of hauntings etc. with the ultimate goal of total mind control.

——Also, last night, had a dream in which a wooden box was important. At one point the box was the size of a ‘coffee table’ picture book. Later on it was the size of a coffee table and I stood on it to fly up through the clouds toward outer space.