Very Wild Night with very strange dreams

Tuesday, 16 September, 2014 –
Moe with his usual haircut.

I fell asleep with my hand on Cathi’s hip and soon drifted into a semi-lucid dream in which I more or less knew I was dreaming and felt like ‘Angels’ were holding my hand, which felt like it was reaching almost straight up into the sky instead of resting on Cathi’s hip.

Then I felt like there were several ‘intelligences’ in the room, I saw shadows moving in the dream room I imagined at this point, and I told Cathi about them, but she was busy dreaming and breathing beside me and couldn’t turn to see what I was talking about.

Orange Cat with a lion cut.
Moe. with his very strange haircut.

For a second, I thought I was following our orange cat, Moe, with his very strange haircut and his tail in the air, -and I felt like I was following him at a height of maybe a foot or eighteen inches above the floor- and I heard what sounded like a young female child say something like, “You are following my ass-” and I woke up enough to feel suspended in a hypnogogic state, tingling inside my body, able to move, aware of the real world around me and also connected to dream states. I knew there were ‘entities’ there, did not feel threatened, but I told them, “We only want positive beings here, we don’t need any negativity, thank you-” and did not feel the entities register any surprise or anger or frustration or delight, or anything.

So I just kind of tingled there and the dog started barking in the other room, like he was quietly barking at something or someone or a bunch of someones. I got up and went the washroom, peeked into the living room, where the dog was- the dog was looking around like whatever he was barking at was still flying around the room. I asked him what he was barking at and he looked surprised that I was there. Then I went to the washroom and when I went back to bed, there was the dog, he’d taken over my spot and looked worried about something. But then he climbed down to the floor and acted worried there.

In the next room, the monitor for the security cams was flipping through its screens, sped up a bit. Like something had changed the speed on me. I said a couple prayers, reached for Michael and other arch angels and felt like I received an assurance that there was no danger, drifted off to sleep, slept for maybe another hour and woke up, needed the washroom again.

When I came back the dog was back in my spot and this time did not want to move. I managed to slide under covers with him in the middle of the bed and while I was drifting off- our 24 pound orange Moe came bounding along, jumped up onto my stomach and both Cathi and the dog moved when I jumped. I managed to keep the dog from kicking the cat off the bed, I managed not to get clawed by either the cat or the dog, and eventually fell back to sleep.

Cathi got up and went to work. I was vaguely aware of that, but when I woke up enough to say so, just before 8 am. the door was shut and the pets were gone.

I had had another dream.

Cathi and I were in my paternal grandparents’ house in Connecticut ( My grandfather died in the seventies and my grandmother died in 1996, at the age of 90 or 91- An uncle sold the house after that and I’ve been back in that house or a dream version of it a couple times since, sometimes worried that the new owners might not want me there- ) One interesting feature of that house was the fact that a driveway went all the way up the eastern side of the house, where there was just enough room for the driveway between the house and the neighbour’s hedge. My grandfather had built a garage up a slight hill about 20 yards behind the house and there was room for cars to either go up the hill to a space large enough for two or more cars in front of the garage and space for two or three cars to pull around in sandy gravel behind the back porch of the house. The ‘hill’ is a flat area about three feet higher than the flat area that the house is on. The bank between the garage area and the house area had been gradually smoothed out so it was maybe a thirty degree incline in front of the garage, where it was a bit steeper farther west, and almost a vertical rise beyond the house, where it rose about the side yard.

Okay, so Cathi and I were in the kitchen, looking out the window, and I saw two cats in a box, and one of them was giving birth to kittens. The kittens were coming out remarkably un-messy and two of them stood up and meowed at me. A third came out and stood up and looked at me. This one was a mixture of white and brown with slight hints of orange- and the brown part on its head made it look like a cow. I thought that was remarkable, and tried to get Cathi’s reaction. Then I woke up and she had gone to work.



Dream Contact With Living Relatives?

Saturday, September 13th, 2014 –

I had a long, involved series of dreams in which my recently deceased cousin, Tommy, might have been showing me around his ‘neck of the woods’ in the afterlife.

And then I had a talk with his mother – and that talk went more smoothly in dream land than I imagined it might have down here in the smoke and GMO-poisoned ‘Real-World’.

It definitely felt like my aunt that I was talking to / in contact with. I don’t think I’m going to ask her directly if she dreamed about me last night-


Working With Yoko?

Friday, September 12, 2014,

I remembered and forgot this one several times today, and here it is, 7:00 pm and I have a chance to sit down and do this.

I dreamed I started a new job and learned I would be working with Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon. It felt like I was walking up and down bleachers somewhere, maybe getting ready for a concert or something- don’t remember many details- I took that in stride and wondered if I should ask Yoko if my friend’s daughter is still working for her.

Shrug- That’s better than I have been the last couple days.


September 9th, 2014

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 -( Cool morning- Breezy & Clear – looks like it’s trying to be autumn )-

I dreamed a friend of mine, who died of cancer in 1995, was standing beside me, talking about something that I can’t remember. This would  be the first dream contact with her in quite a while. I thought she probably had better things to do. & I actually felt guilty about thinking about her every now and then, not wanting to distract her from whatever they do over there- But anyway, I was happy for the contact.


Monday, September 8, 2014-

Monday, September 8th, 2014 -( 17°C / 63°F Clear & Sunny at 1:30 pm )-

Yes, I dreamed last night. No, I don’t remember right now what I dreamed. This is another case of I thought I would remember, but Cathi woke me up and reminded me that Monday is garbage day, asked, was I going to get up or did I expect her to take out the garbage?

So I got up. And took out the garbage, and fed the critters, and wrote the morning’s news headlines in 4 blogs, and had to go crazy looking for two passwords, and here I am-

—Well, there I almost was- I got distracted, cut a couple boards put together another duct tape and hangar wire shelf, glanced at this monitor, and, “oops” So Let me finish this and publish it.

———sigh, it is now 4:03 pm in the same time zone I started today in, I think-

——— Later —— I did remember something as I was climbing up and down stairs, cutting wood and building bookcases in my real life. I was talking to somebody, I think it was Kyle, my ex next door neighbor, and I had been somewhere for several hours and looked up in the sky and saw the huge full moon I’d seen just after it had risen, while I had been awake, but I didn’t realize I was dreaming at this point. I thought it was strange that the moon was still in the spot I had seen it, several hours earlier. This would be a major “Yikes! Run for cover-” event if I had been awake with all my usual senses———


Family Reunions and Odd Conversations

Sunday, September 7, 2014, Chrissie Hynde’s and Joan -née Young-‘s Birthday.

Last night, after Doctor Who- I was sitting on the bed, and never realized I’d fallen asleep until what sounded and felt like somebody whispered in my left ear. There was a warm sensation, nothing scary at all. I drifted off again a while later and woke up hearing somebody say “Wee-Oh!” but not right into my ear. That did not feel strange or threatening either.

I then spent an unusual full night in bed, I think I got up once or twice to visit the washroom, and I remembered details of one dream all day, they’re still with me-

I dreamed I brought somebody to a family reunion. This wasn’t Cathi, I felt like this was a young person, I have no idea what my relationship with her might have been, but I was talking with one of my aunts and, referring to the young woman, said, “She’s feeling like she’s not being accepted here-” and my aunt said, “Bringing a knife with her wasn’t such a good idea, then, was it?” And then I was walking toward a house, as if we had been outside for a picnic and were walking up a wide walk way to a large formal looking home- My brother stepped up beside me and laughingly said, “Well, hello stranger-” seemed happy to see me, but he then pretended to chew on two of my fingers.

—shrug– (I doubt that there might be any deep meaningful significance here- )