Saturday, September 29th

Saturday, September 29th, 2012  = 7˚C / 45˚F @ 7:30 am.

(( 10˚C / 50˚F @11:30 pm )).

It’s been a rough couple weeks, rough summer.

Today, with a couple hours of sleep and then falling in and out of sleep waiting for Cathi to be ready to attend the Wellness and Craft show at the Nick Smith Centre, we did get there and we did buy a couple Crystal things.

Cathi showing off her new Pendant and Earrings.

Cathi got a Jasper pendant with a citrine ball in front of it and citrine ear rings. (She also got  Lemurian Crystal and a pair of green calcite crystals.)

After we got home I conked out and had a constant stream of dreams flying at me, including one in which I was chanting with my eyes closed (felt like a first nations/Native American Chant) and hundreds of crows flew in two streams, one on either side of me from above my head in front of me down and past my head, continued zooming off behind me. In the dream I opened my eyes and said something like “Wow! Thanks!”, feeling like they were either protecting me or giving me a message or both.

(At one point in my life I did a Medicine Cards spread to see what kind of Animal Guides I might have. Crow guarded my way within. Crow is the law giver- (Unlike Raven, who is a trickster, and deals with Magic.) My way within has to go in accordance with Spiritual Law. No dark side short cuts for me. 🙂 )

—We have some new people to connect with, including one who does past life regressions. 🙂


Puddin The Builder:

Puddin, Who just might be an Ursan.

Puddin Might be as close as we can get right now to an Ursan (the Bear-people) I think Doug had fun with this guy and I’ve been told, “He’s a big teddy bear-”




Saturday, September 15, 2012:

A 73 year old woman scientist was turned down for a space mission that she had been working on for most of her life.

So she secretly checked into a facility where she lived in a self contained space suit, confined to an area smaller than the space capsule/ship she would have ridden in.

She was constantly monitored by a team of doctors and scientists through sensors in her suit and the only contact she had with the outside world for 3 years was virtual, through a lap top computer with a special oversized keyboard to facilitate her space suit’s gloves.

Then she held a press conference with her doctors and other researchers and let everyone know she had several back up copies of all the readings and video of every moment of those 3 years.

— I felt like this had to be a woman I knew in a previous life or something and wondered if I was witnessing an event that was happening or had happened in a parallel dimension or another time or something.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

Lotsa Dreams.

The sequence that sticks in my memory is our friend Shelley and her daughter Jen wearing very striking dresses.

Shelley looked like she was wearing a wedding dress that was shaped to look like a kid’s drawing of a Christmas tree only very white. There was a thin outside layer of sheer material (I am not really good at knowing what fashion is all about, don’t know the terms to use to describe anything). Inside the sheer outside thing was at least an inch thick of gauzy material with flecks of silvery, star like bits that caught light like diamonds and shined like she was a walking star field. There was a very white satin layer under the gauzy star field, but you had to really look to see it. (Bad me- I kind of gasped and gazed through the dress to see if it was totally see-through… oops.) Needless to say, she was radiant.

Her daughter, Jen, was wearing a blue version of this dress, that did not go all the way to the floor, like her mother’s dress did.

I then heard a voice that said, They wore these for Hallowe’en and wore major prizes for their undead zombie make up, which was so realistic the network news that recorded the competition refused to show the close-ups they shot on television.

—And I thought maybe it meant that she was going to have a wonderful happy wedding soon-


Doctor Who Dream

Tuesday, September 11, 2012.

Dr Who like dream: The Tardis lands somewhere. The Doctor and companions open the door, look outside and smile, then walk outside.

A bunch of kids come running (some of the companions and the doctor ‘hallucinate’ seeing the same kids three times, in three different types of clothing.) The running kids are afraid of something and hide behind trees and rocks, and behind the tardis.

A desperate man runs into the tardis (times three) and a really angry man chases him inside and, in a rage, fires a gun, swings an axe and fires a crossbow. The bullet, axe, or bolt pierces something and some kind of weird whovian radiation escapes.

It looks like the congruent reality three parallel worlds are fractured and try to come back together. Pieces of three different versions of the same people, Doctor, Companions and kids (and dogs and cats) (and attacker and victim) were fractured and tried to come back together with interesting effects. You can stand in one spot and turn slightly, see different versions of the same person. eg.: one kid is wearing a yellow jacket. You look at him from a slightly different angle and the jacket is orange. From a third angle, the jacket is green.

There’s a dog that came apart and came back together with two bums and no head and goes running in circles. Another version has two heads and no posterior. They can’t find the third version.

Some people are obviously evil/good/neutral. Others are confused and/or not so obvious.

Companion personalities are scrambled. Nobody is quite right. One version of the attacker is evil and the victim is innocent. Another version of the attacker is good and was defending himself. The final version of these two, ya can’t tell whether one or both of them are lying or both believe they are defending themselves. The one constant is a small girl screaming because her dog can’t live with two heads or two posteriors or he’s nowhere in sight and she’s afraid something killed him.

I think this Doctor was a combination of Peter Davison and David Tennant.

— I woke up before the Doctor had a chance to fix things, but he was working on it. 😉


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Dreamed earlier that I had a heavy dog climbing onto my lap. I was talking to somebody who’d gotten a call about ‘acting’ in a porno flick. The dog climbing onto my lap distracted me, so I don’t know how the porno guy dream went or ended.

Later, I had a dream similar to yesterday’s (Yesterday I dreamed I was ‘inheriting’ interactive maps tracking people, where they were, where their friends and enemies were, and where dangerous situations were likely to occur. Somebody told me that I had become a higher level guardian and these maps came with the territory.) Today I was dreaming in terms of maps and psychically uploading information from dreams onto usb key drives. The information looked like maps. ((I’ve been editing world maps, merging areas in an MMO Role Playing game world. So maybe the images are coming from there.))