Butterfish Pond? Merkenack Lake?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 —>

— My sister, Sharon, found photos of me making faces {Sticking my tongue out at the camera? } and wearing US Navy dungarees & a plain white tee shirt. In one photo I was smiling, holding a young boy on my knee with a friend whose head was shaved – clowning with a monicle in his eye and wearing a brown leather jacket. I didn’t recognize the friend or the kid who might have been mine (?)

— I stopped looking at the photographs and heard mom and dad come home – I went down stairs into what looked pretty much like the house we lived in on Huntington Road in Stratford. Dad took a small black dog { Flipper? } out the front door on a leash { which almost never would have happened in this life – either the leash or dad taking the dog out for a walk } I followed mom into the kitchen. She went into their bedroom beyond the kitchen and I turned around to see dad had come back inside, & he said something about looking at, ‘Butterfish [ something ] ‘ – I asked him, “Butterfish  – what – ?” & he repeated, “Butterfish Pond, near Merkenack Lake.”

— I woke up and saw that it was 7:50 am. I got up and realized that Cathi had just gone into the washroom. I wondered if she was sick. [ —> Nope, just running late. ]

— I went and looked up Butterfish Pond, found a warning about eating something that was falsely marketed as ‘Butterfish’ but was really something with undigestible oil that could cause severe stress, especially with somebody with stomach troubles. “Butterfish” was also a description of catfish fried in butter.

— & I looked up Merkenack Lake —> The only hit at google was for somebody whose surname was Merkenback { Elise? and it came with a date “4 November 1866″ and was part of a list connected with ‘Brooklyn Geneology’ — Brooklyn Marriage Records?

{ http://bklyn-genealogy-info.stevemorse.org/Marriage/1866/Groom.html }

{”    LAKE, Charles Henry. GAUS, Elisabetha. 9 Sept 1866. #403.

LANG, Wilhelm Friedrich.  MERKENBACK, Elise. 4 Nov 1866. #629.  “}   { ??? }

— Shrug —

Thursday – October 27th, 2016 –

Thursday, October 27th, 2016 — 3°C / 37°F with bright sun and cool air in Atlantic Canada @ 10:44 am — WPKN’s personality and host of ‘Sometimes Classical’ – Richard Epstein has a birthday today —

Peace Tower.
Yoko Ono’s ‘Imagine Peace Tower’ dedicated to the memory of John Lennon. This was tweeted ten days ago on the 17th.

— Couple of dreams this morning.

— One – I woke up hearing a woman’s voice tell me, “I’m with your mother-” I didn’t recognize the voice. ( Mom died last April – I haven’t seen her in any dreams yet. I get the impression that I can feel her presence quite a bit – )

— Two – I was a student in some kind of training program, I thought I recognized several other students there from my past – Women from my class in school that I didn’t believe would want to have much to do with me – There were both women and guys in this group and I thought we were learning something to do with producing video and audio programs for broadcast. I think we were in a ‘break’ room where there were chairs and couches at all different heights – some raised seat things at a height you might expect at a sports bar/restaurant (?) some at normal height, sofas and ‘love seats’ closer to the floor. Some of these seats had their cushions removed, I didn’t see the cushions anywhere – but some of the seats just had something like a steel criss-crossed grid to hold cushions and no cushions. I came back into this room after having some kind of interview with the teachers and/or administrators of this course. I asked several teachers or administrators where their headquarters was, expecting that it would be in New York City, and had to ask at least three times to get an answer I could understand, that answer was “In this city, on South street.” I repeated, ‘South Street?’ and they nodded, affirmatively.

— Getting back into the break room, I had several people congratulating me for something. Asking me if I won. I wasn’t sure what they were referring to, but when one young woman in the class was talking about her project I was thinking I could certainly help her with recording the audio tracks and help her get that as professional sounding as possible.

— Then someone, a guy, who I thought was one of the most important people in the organization was smiling and shaking my hand. He told me he was pretty sure I won the Audi. { I haven’t paid attention to Audi automobiles in the past dozen years, and maybe not so much before that – This was a complete surprise to me. I was thinking of Cathi’s and my recent issues with vehicles and only managed to say, “That would be nice-” }

— And then I woke up with the cat harrassing me because it was time for the pets morning feeding, & of course the cat wanted his treats first.

— Umm — ? —

~~~~~ Jim

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Thursday, October 6th, 2016 — 23°C / 74°F — Sunny & Pleasant in Atlantic Canada @ 4:19 pm — Bill Pellenz’s birthday.

Yogananda Quote
– “Be a smile millionaire -” – give away smiles like they’re going out of style? – And not because you’re about to eat all those fish behind you? – Very nice quote, which has nothing to do with any dreams last night or this morning- But dolphins and underwater are cool dreamlike images. –

— Yeah – Yesterday, last night and this morning were so weird I’ll have to check with somebody’s blog to read up on weird atmospheric snarr that might be hitting us here on Earth.

= = = = =

— Earlier:

— I got up around 5:45 am – couldn’t sleep – made a cup of coffee and forgot it in the microwave – turned the television on to get the daily forecast etc. and couldn’t see anything in the dark to know whether I had to scrape the frost off Cathi’s windshield or not – She’s got a test today to see if she can qualify for a promotion/higher paying job where she works, or maybe even transfer to a more amazing place in New Brunswick, like St Andrews? — Shhh! Don’t tell the pets, they might not get over another move – Anyway, I sat down, waiting for the weather stuff and fell asleep, woke up at slightly after 7:00 am, got up from the chair, told the coffee maker to start working, went to the washroom, didn’t quite die of fright when I saw the guy on the other side of the mirror –

— I went back to the chair with a nice thick blanket to protect me from the cat, who did come along and climb onto my lap. 25 pound ‘Moe’ – working on trying to be a 30 pound cat, nestled in and purred as long as I kept patting him or rubbing his cheek bones- I fell asleep and had some intense and quick dreams.

— Aware of the weight in my arms as I fell asleep cradling Moe – I dreamed I was carrying a human baby around – the baby had a plastic extension where part of his pinky finger had been amputated, or was somehow missing. It looked like a piece of macaroni. Somebody – a female voice – told me, “I almost picked him up myself, but with all the amputations and other problems in his system, I got thoroughly ‘creeped out’. — Then I dreamed I saw a guy who was preparing a Hallowe’en costume, who was wrapping his arm in a sheet of plastic that was painted red to look bloody, while he would be carrying a plastic meat cleaver in his other hand. When I looked at him closely, I got a ‘something’s wrong with this’ feeling, and asked him, “Do you really want to harm yourself?” he looked serious, shrugged and nodded. I asked, “Is this serious? How serious are you?” He looked like he was in spiritual pain as he winced and said, “very serious-” — I asked, “What can I do? – Should I take you right to the hospital and get you some help?” — And that’s when I woke up with Moe deciding it was time to scramble off me and go find trouble to get into somewhere else. This was about 19 minutes after 7 am. I felt weak and dazed and got up and stumbled down the hall to see if Cathi was going to get up on time or had she fallen back to sleep? – She was getting up and I blurted out some of the details of my creepy dreams.

— In Real Life: The dog wanted out, The cat wanted treats. I dealt with both of them and shortly after Cathi went outside I managed to close the bedroom door and climb back into bed and became quickly comatose.

— More Real Life: I woke up at about 11:11 am and went, “Yipes! I almost forgot to feed the pets.” The pets were relieved and let me know they weren’t impressed.

— I managed to get back into the bedroom, close the door and fell safely into a deep sleep.

—***  Back in the very busy dream stream today: ***

— I connected with multiple dream streams, here are some details from the last few:

— I was showing a group of women friends around a city I thought might be New Haven, Connecticut. – One of them, my friend in this current life, who lives with her spouse in Vermont, stayed for the night in my apartment’s spare room.

— I was showing the whole group of Lyn and her friends how the the audio and audio-video recording and editing equipment and software worked.

— Then I was communicating with another woman, remotely, who was developing an upgrade to the Audio-Video editing software- She was able to connect with my computer and could see how I arranged everything in the program’s windows as she talked me through setting everything up in her beta test version. She asked me where I liked to keep the video streaming window and how I liked to set up the various streams below that, which colours the streams should be so the most important caught and held my attention the best. She also noted that I like to keep all this, the  video window and the tracking graphs for video levels and various sound channels – on the left in one large related panel with a vertical window on the right with all the various controls as closely related to the channels they were controlling as possible. She said she appreciated my efforts because she didn’t get much of a chance to know what her end users wanted and appreciated the most –

— I went to dinner with my friend Lyn and several of her friends, we went to a restaurant with a second story open air balcony, overlooking a nice suburban area with lots of trees and gardens and interesting lines of curving roads and hills and streams-

— Lyn’s friends went their separate ways and she came ‘home’ with me, we paused to look at the river across the street from my apartment building, which had once been a movie theatre – the river had long ago carved a pretty deep gorge out of solid rock -the river’s surface was probably fifty to seventy five feet down inside the gorge, which had interestingly carved and sculpted features- but at that time of day, the sun was reflecting on the surface of the river so brightly we were nearly blinded.

— Next morning, Lyn’s up and getting ready to go back to her home – looking for things to pack and trying to make sure she’s got everything. — I picked up a soft brown fleece jacket  with sections made to look like a vest over a sweatshirt, with slightly different, but complimentary shades of brown – the vest part was lighter than the darker, almost rust coloured sections of the jacket. The jacket had a hood which was lighter than the dark part, but half a shade darker than the vest? – I asked her if that jacket was hers. She thanked me – said it was almost identical to a favourite jacket of hers that she lost somewhere, and she was afraid she’d left this replacement jacket somewhere in our various travels the day before. I said, nope- I found it on the back of a chair in the kitchen, and I knew it was yours because of the patterns on the shoulders – which looked like an abstract arrangement of subtle flowers with most of the colours in the brown area with hints of orange and yellow and more subtle hints of red.

— We went outside and there were a lot of people staring at the river across the street, including a lot of grade school aged children, mostly boys. The sky was very grey, it was windy, the river had risen  almost to the top of the gorge and was raging, some water was splashing up onto a ledge that might have been five feet from the nearly flat top of the rock out there, on the other side of the highway. I turned to Lyn and said, “We better get out of here-” She nodded.

— On our way back to my apartment, which was the last door on the right of that building, one of the young boys pointed to the next door to the left of mine and said, “That looks like it used to be a ticket window.” A woman who was probably in her forties or fifties, opened that door, said, “Yes it was, this building used to be a movie theatre.” And I smiled and said, “And my door used to lead to the owner’s office-“

= = = = =

— When I woke up I felt disoriented and so strange that I thought I better check with Starfire Tor’s pages and see if she’s told us anything about weird solar storms and/or geo-magnetic storms on earth creating weird dreams and stuff like that lately.

— Um – shrug? ( I shrugged- )

~~~~~ Jim

Splitting Headache Before Weird Dreams About Open Doors And Strange Things About Pets

Thursday, September 29th, 2016 — 11°C / 51°F — Sunny & Cool in Atlantic Canada @ 10:45 am —

Stonehenge at night.
— Stonehenge At Night – Seems like a fitting image for a Dream Journal Entry —

— I woke up at something like 3:45 am with a wicked headache. Could have been a combination of allergies and sleeping with my neck in a wrong position-?

— So I stumbled around with one eye half open and made a cup of instant coffee – hoping the caffeine would do the trick & went and sat back in the recliner in the living room.

— Woke up a little later with the same degree of ‘wicked’ headache, got up, ate something, took two aspirin and another cup of coffee.

— That appears to have worked. I was able to get up and start the coffee so the love of my life would have one less arduous task to get herself together and out the door on time. But then I sat back down and conked out. I think I heard her going out the porch door.

Very blue river.
— & I’m thinkin’ – these colours from this angle also looks quite dreamlike. The photographer is German, I’m guessing this might be somewhere in Germany. —

***** Dreams :

— I dreamt we replaced our outside east facing door with a more solid door that was half an inch too narrow and tried to compensate by adding a second door – a bifold door with windows – inside the one that didn’t quite close right. — The door blew open a couple times, I gave up and { inside the dream – } tried to get some sleep.

— I turned around and saw a blur on the floor, a weird green cartoon of a dog formed around the blur and looked like a caricature of a dead dog – When I got to look through the green thing, I saw a small dog who was quite lively and not dead. I also saw a cat I was sure was Domino – our dearly departed Bengal Cat – but a bit smaller and maybe younger than Domino when we knew him. I think a couple more smallish animals had gotten into the house while the doors had been open.

— Sigh –, I really miss that cat.


— There were two women I thought I recognized, one of them being long time family friend, Diane P. Torres – who’s got a birthday coming up in about 23 days 🙂 – And while they were busy doing something – I’m not exactly sure what they were doing – I realized I had a celebrity guest who came into the room with the three of us. It was a large room, reminded me of a library in a mansion (?) I’m not sure exactly what I was doing either, but I was slightly south-east of the center of the room and the women were in the north-west, and the celebrity guest came in from farther east and slightly north of me. I thought I should introduce the women to the guest and as I began to do so, realized that the woman I thought was Diane was someone else, so halfway through my introduction speech, I panicked and forgot everybody’s names, I asked the woman who wasn’t Diane, “How formally should I introduce you, tell him you are Miss Chapin?” and then thankfully woke up before I died of embarrassment.

— When I woke up from that is when I realized I had that wicked splitting headache.

Dreamy Banff
— And — another dreamy lookin’ place, Banff, Alberta —


— sigh –,

~~~~~ Jim




Friends’ Reunion – Rock and Roll Bands – Sporty Cars & ATM Cards

Friday, August 21st, 2015 -( 28˚C / 82˚F — Sunny & almost bearable – & a bit muggy @4:44 pm in Atlantic Canada — on Dottie Shrader’s Birthday )-

Dream like seascape/landscape.
– Game Development Screen Shot – Doug’s ‘Highe Elf’ Builder Character staring out to sea at fog enshrouded mountainous islands off shore.

— I dreamed I dropped in on a mini-reunion of friends from high school & the one I knew since Jr High was there and I didn’t think that was strange even though he’d died suddenly and unexpectedly on his way home from a holiday dinner in Boston a couple years ago – After we had dinner in their hotel, I had to go somewhere, so the friend who is still alive in the real world gave me a ride in his sporty black ‘American’ car – I wasn’t sure what make and model, just that it was made in the USA. & I had plans to meet them back at the hotel after my previously scheduled engagement. I rode in the back seat and didn’t think that was strange, or that there was a dark fog in the passenger’s seat in front where my friend who had died ( I didn’t remember that in the dream ) came along for the ride.

— My ‘previously scheduled engagement’ was a rehearsal of a Rock and Roll band that I guess I was part of. I was the last to arrive and when I got there, everybody was sitting around, no instruments were out, they were sitting at a table and informed me that one member of the band had delivered a tantrum and quit. When I asked if we were going to rehearse without our prima donna they all said, “No -” they weren’t in the mood.

— I don’t know how I got back to the hotel but when I got there, an assistant manager met me after announcing my name with a bull horn and told me my friends had left and the ATM machines all around the country were all down, so their stay had been charged to my credit card, which was the only one that had worked.

— So I went to the late evening snack I had just paid for, found nobody there but me, sat down and ate all the french fries. Then one of my friends’ woman friends showed up, went for the french fries and snarled at me saying, “That’s not the way we do things around here -” I shrugged and said, “Well everybody else’s credit cards and ATM cards are frozen and I just paid for three days of everybody’s rooms and dinner -” and shrugged again.

— I woke up and realized it was after 4 pm, I had fallen asleep between 2 and 3 pm and I had a dog’s nose in my face, he was trying to see if I was still alive enough to let him go outside to pee and back in to raid the refrigerator for the treat he believes he deserves for not peeing inside the house. 


— shrug –,

~~~~~ Jim

-Had a conversation with my sister-

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 -( 25˚C / 77˚F — Dark & still too hot @ 9:22 pm in Atlantic Canada )-

— Yeah, the only thing I can remember right now is that I was sitting at a table, talking to my sister, Diane, [ she died in March of 2007 ] – We were having a rather normal conversation. And then I remembered that she’d died.

— I woke up with a hundred and twenty five pound dog prodding me, trying to tell me that if I didn’t stop neglecting the dog and feed him more that any human should reasonably feed a dog, bad things might happen to me. I could be squashed, bones could be broken, sharp claws might slash and rip my flesh. He might yelp and hurt my ears-

— So I got up and fed the dog, and fed the cat, and tried to get back to sleep – And only remembered the dream when ‘effbook’ was hogging memory on my laptop and as I was trying to shut pages down, effbook was trying to convince me to click on profiles of my sister’s daughter’s effbook friends.


— I wish I could remember what we were talking about —

— ehhhh –

~~~~~ Jim ( I think Jassper has this linking to his effbook page and twitter account – Clever…. )


Very Wild Night with very strange dreams

Tuesday, 16 September, 2014 –
Moe with his usual haircut.

I fell asleep with my hand on Cathi’s hip and soon drifted into a semi-lucid dream in which I more or less knew I was dreaming and felt like ‘Angels’ were holding my hand, which felt like it was reaching almost straight up into the sky instead of resting on Cathi’s hip.

Then I felt like there were several ‘intelligences’ in the room, I saw shadows moving in the dream room I imagined at this point, and I told Cathi about them, but she was busy dreaming and breathing beside me and couldn’t turn to see what I was talking about.

Orange Cat with a lion cut.
Moe. with his very strange haircut.

For a second, I thought I was following our orange cat, Moe, with his very strange haircut and his tail in the air, -and I felt like I was following him at a height of maybe a foot or eighteen inches above the floor- and I heard what sounded like a young female child say something like, “You are following my ass-” and I woke up enough to feel suspended in a hypnogogic state, tingling inside my body, able to move, aware of the real world around me and also connected to dream states. I knew there were ‘entities’ there, did not feel threatened, but I told them, “We only want positive beings here, we don’t need any negativity, thank you-” and did not feel the entities register any surprise or anger or frustration or delight, or anything.

So I just kind of tingled there and the dog started barking in the other room, like he was quietly barking at something or someone or a bunch of someones. I got up and went the washroom, peeked into the living room, where the dog was- the dog was looking around like whatever he was barking at was still flying around the room. I asked him what he was barking at and he looked surprised that I was there. Then I went to the washroom and when I went back to bed, there was the dog, he’d taken over my spot and looked worried about something. But then he climbed down to the floor and acted worried there.

In the next room, the monitor for the security cams was flipping through its screens, sped up a bit. Like something had changed the speed on me. I said a couple prayers, reached for Michael and other arch angels and felt like I received an assurance that there was no danger, drifted off to sleep, slept for maybe another hour and woke up, needed the washroom again.

When I came back the dog was back in my spot and this time did not want to move. I managed to slide under covers with him in the middle of the bed and while I was drifting off- our 24 pound orange Moe came bounding along, jumped up onto my stomach and both Cathi and the dog moved when I jumped. I managed to keep the dog from kicking the cat off the bed, I managed not to get clawed by either the cat or the dog, and eventually fell back to sleep.

Cathi got up and went to work. I was vaguely aware of that, but when I woke up enough to say so, just before 8 am. the door was shut and the pets were gone.

I had had another dream.

Cathi and I were in my paternal grandparents’ house in Connecticut ( My grandfather died in the seventies and my grandmother died in 1996, at the age of 90 or 91- An uncle sold the house after that and I’ve been back in that house or a dream version of it a couple times since, sometimes worried that the new owners might not want me there- ) One interesting feature of that house was the fact that a driveway went all the way up the eastern side of the house, where there was just enough room for the driveway between the house and the neighbour’s hedge. My grandfather had built a garage up a slight hill about 20 yards behind the house and there was room for cars to either go up the hill to a space large enough for two or more cars in front of the garage and space for two or three cars to pull around in sandy gravel behind the back porch of the house. The ‘hill’ is a flat area about three feet higher than the flat area that the house is on. The bank between the garage area and the house area had been gradually smoothed out so it was maybe a thirty degree incline in front of the garage, where it was a bit steeper farther west, and almost a vertical rise beyond the house, where it rose about the side yard.

Okay, so Cathi and I were in the kitchen, looking out the window, and I saw two cats in a box, and one of them was giving birth to kittens. The kittens were coming out remarkably un-messy and two of them stood up and meowed at me. A third came out and stood up and looked at me. This one was a mixture of white and brown with slight hints of orange- and the brown part on its head made it look like a cow. I thought that was remarkable, and tried to get Cathi’s reaction. Then I woke up and she had gone to work.