Recent Dreams

I’ve been having conversations with relatives and friends and then, while waking up, realize they left the land of the living a while back.

Friends: Larry popped up a couple times and we were talking with friends who are still living (Samm).

Cousin Glenn drops by quite often. Uncle Tom has been around, but not as often as Glenn. My sister Diane shows up in spurts,  like she’s busy on the other side and then wants to see how we’re doing back here.

Recently, I had a dream that a policeman was talking to me and seemed almost shocked that I would be relaxed while talking to a uniformed policeman. I told him my father was a fireman and I grew up around people in uniforms.

Another slightly odd situation recently, I seemed to have walked into a group of very diverse men (don’t remember any women being there, wherever it was) all of them said they were Jewish and were challenging me to be able to identify them by their facial features. (some with beards, some without, some redheads, blond guys… Some looked Irish, some looked like vikings…) while waking up I was wondering why they were so concerned about whether I could guess they were Jewish by their looks.

—Um, that’s all for now-



Busy Day Dreaming

Monday, February 11, 2013 (Numerologically a “1” Day)

Lotsa dreams to report.

1) Dreamed I was looking at a house that I thought we had just moved into. I went back outside and saw a tractor trailer parked along the back side of the house. (which could mean that we’d bought a prefab modular home- There’s a company in Quebec that manufactures them, Belaire I think, I’ll look up the name later.) anyway, Feeling that this was out next home, I walked to the street side of the home and tried to get a look at the house number, which was on a black iron pole out front, like a light pole or something. I couldn’t see the number from where I stood and tried to rise up to see it. When I couldn’t rise up I said, “This is a dream, I should be able to fly up and see the number-” I floated up and saw it “345” – first actual lucid dream that I could interfere with the physics inside the dream (either I can fly or I can’t, I haven’t been able to change the rules inside any particular dream)

2) I had angered some kind of dark cosmic force which tried to show me who’s boss by pulling me off this planet and throwing me into space. I saw the solar system, and then the Milky Way Galaxy zooming away from me- And then I saw many more galaxies lined up and zooming away like crazy. many of them started to look like archipeligo islands brown rocky islands with lagoons and those circular reef barriers around them. I changed directions and zoomed forward to look at several of them. I was surprised that an awful lot of them had human life and they looked like us. I wondered if these were parallel worlds, and then I was riding a train or a bus, looking out the window, I asked a female companion what she saw- (at first I thought this was Cathi, I thought she had been taking this journey with me) and for instance, I saw a smallish ram running alongside. She said she saw a dog, I told her I saw the ram.

The train or bus stopped and we got out. We went into something that looked like a shopping mall and went into a crowded ice cream shop that reminded me of the ‘Friendlies’ chain in New England. She had a sample scoop of vanilla ice cream before we found a seat and I asked her where she got that, she said she’d lifted if from a counter. we sat down at a not very conventional seat and a waitress was right there, I said I wanted a sample sized vanilla. somebody said ‘good choice’ The waitress almost left, I was looking at a sculpted Ice cream creation, part of which resembled a lizard sculpted of yellow ice cream with brown streaks, I thought it was banana flavored with chocolate or fudge streaks. I told the waitress I wanted some kind of banana sundae. Then I asked her if she took Canadian money. She said I was a long way from home and asked to see my implant. She looked at my wrist and no implant. The waitress said, “You’re in trouble!” My Companion, said, “I’m taking care of him” and showed her implant. then continued, “He likes to joke like that, I keep telling him not to-”

3) Somewhere between Vermont and the next world, next life- My sister Diane was there. Cathi was there, My sister Sharon was there, and other family members and friends from this life. Somebody had rented an ‘office’ that I feared cost too much for us to support or keep going- I figured I better get going and record my first radio program, thought I’d start with an intro from Genesis (I can feel it, coming in the air tonight….) heard that perfectly- and began to plan to move on and thought I might include the interview I had with author Geneve Blue about her book, “I Ching Jukebox” a couple years ago- ((the interview is saved on the indigostarcrystalradio dot info website, I believe you can listen to it if you go there.

—–Wow. Cathi and I had a session with a friend of ours up here (Gordon Olmstead) who is quite sensitive and is branching out to include Akashik Record reading and clearing sessions over skype. He wanted to try it on us before he started advertising this service. It was fantastic. After the session I saw a lot of interesting ghosts (I can’t quite call them an apparition because I didn’t recognize anybody) but several of them were like peeking around corners at us and quickly vanishing. My vivid dream cycle seems to have kicked itself up several notches and today was off the charts. One of the things Gordon told me during the session was he thought he was clearing something at my third eye chackra that would increase my clairvoyant talents or activities. hmmmm- looks like he was right.



Achy Saturday Evening

Saturday, February 2, 2013. ((Lisa’s Birthday.)) (((And Ricky’s too.)))
-19˚C/-2˚F outside of Ottawa @ 10:25 pm, and we had just enough snow to cover flat surfaces. just enough to track a cat if he or she walked by.
Yellow Evening Fog— I guess they have temperature inversions in the game world.
Had a wicked headache before. went to sleep, woke up.
The cats are all well behaved, the towel I used as a bathmat-
-instead of being askew on the floor
was lined up nicely at the sink.
There has to be a little guy about to appear somewhere and say,
“Picture this-“
followed by the theme from the twilight zone.
& yes I’ve been dreaming up a storm.
Woke up worried about the dog
no, he’s fine, hasn’t touched his breakfast scoop yet,
so he’s happy with the bread he’s blackmailed from me.
left with the feeling that everybody is choosing
between the lessers of several evils,
everywhere. all the time.