Dreaming All Day

Monday, October 1, 2012   10˚C / 50˚F at 11:59 pm.

Cathi’s first Monday home since her early retirement took effect. We listened to Coast to Coast AM all night and after Cathi went to bed I thought I’d try to sleep in the lounge chair.

I let the dog out of his over night crate and let the visiting cat out of the room he’s locked in all night (so our cat and he don’t fight all night) and then the dog kept making noises that kept me from falling asleep. I moved to the couch for a short time, with the dog lying beside me. I tried to doze off in this position, but no- the dog wouldn’t let me doze off, because he kept wanting me to scratch him somewhere else. After maybe half an hour, he gave up, jumped down to the floor and made himself comfortable there. I thought I’d take advantage of this and move back to the lounge chair. Nope. the dog got up and wagging his tail, let me know he wanted to go outside again.

So I  let the dog out and sat down on the lounge chair, almost dropped off to sleep when the dog made a noise that sounded like he was sneezing in my ear and then he scratched the door to say he wanted to come inside. I got up and let him in and settled back into the chair. He more or less left me alone. but it seemed like every time I almost dropped off into dream land, the dog made a little whine or snort in my ear (the ear away from him- like it was a psychic thing.)

So I went upstairs and quietly climbed into bed. And then took a couple hours to get to sleep as it felt like every spirit in town was talking to somebody somewhere and I was hearing all of them like they were in the room with me.

But when I finally did get to sleep, I had a string of dreams connecting with family and friends in unfamiliar landscapes, like they were living in parallel dimensions.

The only sequence I can remember right now, involved being at a house party somewhere and our friend Shelley stepped on a staple sticking up from the carpet. I offered to carry her somewhere so she wouldn’t have to step down with her bare foot again and she let me- I think we were wondering whether I should carry her to a car and drive her to the hospital or what when I woke up.

~~~~~Jim Admin