Weather Events and lost money being returned?

Early Friday Morning, August 26th, 2016 — 19°C / 66°F & “Dark” @ 3:20 am —


— Dreamed some kind of weather event hit an organic farm/alternatives research station up the street from where I used to live. Reports reached me saying the one person who stayed at the place ’24/7′ had been injured and was recuperating on-site.

— I put together a basket with several ears of corn and other produce that I guess came from my own organic farm and went to see if he and others at the site needed my help.

— Among other problems – their weather tracking software and maybe the computer it ‘lived on’ had been damaged.

— When I got there the injured person had a lot of red marks all around his forehead, scrapes and healing scratches, but he was ambulatory and hurting, slightly worse for wear, but able to get up and pretty much take care of himself. – And, there were quite a few of his friends there, working on getting everything back up and running, including dozens of children between the ages of 9 and 18 who were celebrating life between assignments to pick up broken pieces of wood, branches of trees and stuff like that. I checked to be sure I had my camera with me and was preparing to take photographs of their activities, apologized to somebody for not realizing that there were so many people committed to this project that I really didn’t need to put together my ‘get well care package’ – but they appreciated my contribution anyway.

— Then one of the people there came to me and held up what I recognized as one of my old wallets. He said, “I think you left this here a while ago- here you go-” I accepted it and looked inside – there were several Canadian hundred dollar bills as well as quite a few smaller denomination Canadian bills inside it. I was slightly shocked and grateful he’d been so honest.

— I walked around, saw one young child looking like he or she had had a busy day, sat down with his or her feet up and fallen asleep, I was getting ready to take a photo of this kid when somebody else came to me and held up a wallet that looked like one I made with a leather stitching kit when I would have been between eight and fourteen years old. This person said, “Check it out, I want to be sure it gets to the right person-” I checked inside and again there were two or three Canadian hundred dollar bills and several twenties, a couple tens and fives and it looked very much like money I thought I had spent on my last trip down into the United States to see family members and attend a happy-sad occasion down there.

— I was trying to remember how I might have forgotten I had put that money down somewhere and forgotten about it as I began waking up to the sound of CBC network news talking about casualties in the earthquake in Italy.

— hmmmm? –,

~~~~~ Jim

Dreams haven’t been so memorable in the last week or so.

Thursday Morning, August 11th, 2016 — 20°C / 68°F & Dark @ 4:22 am in Atlantic Canada — It’s my favourite niece in law’s birthday today. ( she knows who she is 🙂 ) —

Greenish photo of a dock and distant people swimming.
Katy’s Cove, St Andrews, New Brunswick.

— I’m still having dreams that are episodic. I’ll be doing something somewhere with a group of people, then I’ll be somewhere else with different people doing something else, then I’ll come back to the first place and the first bunch of people – and maybe go three or four other places and end up back where I started.

— Since I finished my stint in the Navy I been having these not always pleasant dreams that I’m back in the Navy, and, for instance, someone will come running through my sleeping compartment (where there are dozens of narrow bunks with tubular metal frames stacked up at least five high with not a heck of a lot of room between one bunk and the next -) and say, “hey, get ready, the Captain’s coming down, aren’t you ready for inspection?” & I’ll go into a slight panic, realizing my hair is like a foot longer than ‘regulation’ and I have a beard that the Captain won’t like at all- and I know I’m not wearing regulation footwear and the shoes I’m wearing will never shine to the Captain’s level of approval- So if they’re looking for an excuse to ‘volunteer’ anybody for any kind of ‘doo doo’ detail my number is up.

— Okay, so late Tuesday night / early yesterday morning I dreamed the Navy had somebody come get me and tell me they’d messed up my records, and going back over them, decided I owed them two more years of ‘service’ — Then I was riding in a car, don’t know who was driving, but I knew it was a friend and I knew they were driving me onto some weird little out of the way Navy base that maybe had a twenty year old two story barracks building and two or three old ships, including Amphibious landing craft ships left over from world war two and small destroyer type ships that were slightly larger than PT boats. I got there after dark, the officer of the deck looked at the papers I had and looked like he was confused, shrugged and led me to the sick bay where a doctor on duty scratched his head and shrugged and assigned me a bed, told me he’d give me a physical in the morning. Another dream intervened, like maybe a dream within a dream, and then I heard the doctor clear his throat, and ‘woke up’ in the sick bay bed to see the doctor looking at his watch and then scowling at me. I looked around for a clock and I think I found one, I couldn’t read it, but guessed it was something like 10:00 am when I should have been up and dressed and ready for whatever at 6:00 am —-

— Then, luckily – I woke up in this world and wondered why I still had these weird dreams about being in the Navy. Especially since I’d be way past retirement age and – what the heck use could I have been at my age?

Person swimming in a tipsy world.
Weird angle of Somebody swimming – thought this might fit the mood of a weird dream.

— Shrug –,


Weird Dream In Which Kids were being prodded by their mother to launch a witch hunt?

Monday, August 1st, 2016 — My cousin Lesley’s Birthday 🙂 —

[ — Yesterday we hopped in the van and drove to St Andrews by the Sea and then on to St John, both cities in New Brunswick — on the Bay of Fundy Coast where yesterday’s high and low tides were 23 feet apart. — I should pop some of yesterday’s photos in here — call it a real life happy dream of how every day could be fun and beautiful? — ]

— Last night I had several dreams, I’ve been ‘dreaming up a storm’ lately, remembering lots of details from several dreams, and watching dreams run into each other, sometimes continuing the previous dream, sometimes veering off on a tangent from the previous dream? –

— But I only remember a bit from the last dream. [ It’s been three hours since I had to get up and put out the garbage and the recycling ]

= = = = =

— It looked like a real world setting, I might have been raking leaves in the yard of the house I grew up in or somewhere that felt that familiar.

— A young boy (eight to ten years old?) walked over to me, wrinkled his nose and looked irritated. He said, “I know where there’s a witch living around here -” and looked like he expected me to do something about that.

— I smiled and replied, “So do I -”

— The boy looked confused and worried and turned and looked at a woman who was standing on the sidewalk maybe ten feet away from us, full of righteous indignation over my taking his information in stride. They boy hurried to that woman, who I guessed was his mother. They walked away.

— There were a lot of people walking on the sidewalk that day. I didn’t think about it inside the dream, but it was like I lived near a community centre or even a church that had just finished its services – or something like that.

— I got back to raking my leaves.

— Then I looked up and noticed a young girl, maybe 11 or 12 years old, with the same irritated look the boy had shown earlier, “I know where a witch lives -” she almost growled with more purpose in her voice than the boy had shown.

— I looked past the girl and saw a friendly looking grandmotherly type who’d heard the girl and looked worried by the girl’s tone of voice.

— I nodded, smiled again and said, “I do too, and she’s a good one.”

— The girl looked stunned and horrified, looked at the grandmotherly woman and looked like she was terrified that that woman might cast an evil spell on her or something — Then she ran to where the boy from earlier was standing with the woman who had to be their mother. She was pretty much shaking with rage over the fact that I was not upset by the idea that a witch lived somewhere near there – I have no idea why – but I had a definite feeling that the mother expected me to do something about it, round-up a mob and run the woman out of town or something? I looked up to the sky and wondered how people were falling back into the kind of weird fearful mind-set I thought we all grew out of – hundreds of years ago.

— The woman and her son and daughter gasped at the perfectly harmless smiling older woman. The mother firmly steered her children away from where the woman and I were several yards apart and hustled them down the street the other way.

— I saw a kind of ‘Thank you’ expression on the older woman’s face, especially in her eyes, but then she winced and didn’t say anything, but gave me the feeling that she was thinking, -” I just want to go home where I know I’m safe from the looks and nasty words of people who believe they have a right to warp everybody else’s public opinions. “-

— I woke up wondering why I’d be dreaming about something like this.

~~~~~ Jim