Drought Relief

Web Cam Rain Storm
Rain Storm (Web Cam) 3:30 pm (ish) August 05, 2012.

Sunday Afternoon. August 5, 2012. 31˚C / 88˚F At the airport in Ottawa (where it probably isn’t raining yet)

But anyway. After ‘they’ promised rain almost every day for the past couple weeks. We finally got some. (We did get some about a week ago Monday, I think.)

And the cat’s complaining. (of course)


Mercury’s Still Retrograde…

11:08 am, Sunday August 5th, 2012. 28˚C / 82˚F & Muggy with a slight breeze here just outside of Ottawa. It’s supposed to rain later. (It was raining earlier a little north and west of here.)

Yup. Mercury is still retrograde. I think It’s supposed to go direct today, but still be out of sorts for another 3 weeks. There’s a dashboard widget that says “Expect the Post Office / Fed Ex to take a couple extra days to deliver anything.” and then, “Listen carefully to anything any body says to you so you don’t misunderstand anything.”

And the dog is standing on the couch, peeking over the hutch like thing that protects computer monitors from dogs and cats that think such things would make fun toys.

& speaking of pets. While the love of my life has been worried about the future and at her wits end about what to do about her job (which is making her worse than a little worried-) The pets have been a little weird and anxious themselves, like they know something is wrong, but they don’t know what.

Yesterday the cats were back to their ‘almost normal’ (which is anything but normal, I don’t know anybody who has a normal cat.) And the dog is still antsy and gives us like worried grins as he’s peering through the window from the back porch.

I tried to take a photo, but it doesn’t quite show the weird grin. (He looks like, “Should I worry? If I smile will that make everything all better? How’s this…. well, I tried…”)