“Earth Angels”?

Stormy Sky
“Stormy Sky”

Sunday, July 31st, 2016 — 21°C / 69°F — Fairly comfortable and sunny @ 9:30 am in Atlantic Canada — I think today is a friend I used to work with – Brenda B.’s – Birthday 🙂 — 

— I dreamed my friend, Richard, and I were taking turns driving our friends around near the beaches in towns in Southern Connecticut where I grew up. I’m not sure which one of us was driving when we stopped to give a ride to a friend of his, a woman with dark hair and chocolate brown eyes. I don’t think he ever told me her name.

— Richard was complaining about something that was driving him crazy where he worked and wasn’t having a good day.

— I felt that there was something about this woman that was magical, almost angelic – I turned to her and felt a kind of warm – relaxing – almost ticklishly good feeling rolling around and through me.

— I thought, “Wow-” and ‘heard’ her thinking, “Wow – you’re sensitive – ” she smiled back.

— We began a telepathic conversation.

— “Richard has no idea what a blessing you are -”

— “No, and don’t you dare tell him, either – it’s bad enough I have to put up with his angry thoughts about anything and everything, I couldn’t stand the idea that he might think I have some magical power to wrinkle my nose and make his life perfect, or anyway, force things to be the way he thinks they should be -”

— I nodded, felt really good, felt even better the longer she was riding around with us.

— Then she turned to me, looked a little more serious than she had before, “I’m being encouraged to act as your guide through something that will happen soon -”

— I shuddered. She looked like she felt every weird thought that was zooming through my mind. Was something really catastrophic going to happen? Was I going to have some kind of personal crisis?

— She looked like she was beginning to think I was going to be a bit of responsibility that she wasn’t sure she wanted to accept.

— I sat back, thought, “I’m not really good at taking advice.  But I think this is going to be okay – maybe you’re here to answer questions and possibly suggest things, like – what kind of attitude I could try to adopt and what kind of things I might be able to do to try to change negative thoughts and feelings and reactions and thoughts into something more positive? Like you could be a really good example, but I’m the only one who can walk my path through the sands of this world -”

— She grinned, almost laughed, “Okay – This isn’t going to be as bad as I thought it might be – I like the way you think – This might even be fun. -”

= = = = =

— Here it is a couple days later. I’m wondering if she is a real guardian angel who let me know she was here and let me know what her job is and I’m thinking that if this is true – that would be something to look forward to.

~~~~~ Jim

Going Back To School Dreams?

Saturday, July 30th, 2016 — 26°C / 78°F — Sunny and Muggy @ 12:34 pm in Atlantic Canada —

— More Serial Dreams? No zombies this time – [ I mumbled a prayer/intention that I did not want to experience any more stupid zombie dreams – ]

— This time I was going back to school  – recognized some  of my old friends and not-so-friendly kids from the bad old days. But then I guess I kind of graduated from the horrible bully-generating atmosphere of public schools in the 1960’s to the laid back more-fun atmosphere where life was to be enjoyed and learning almost anything could be fun if nobody was making it his [or her?] business to spoil everybody else’s time – Maybe the later dreams were more like college courses and seminars on subjects several of us were really interested in and nobody was trying to pound b.s. facts and figures into our heads and screaming that our lives depend on memorizing insanely meaningless clap-trap?

— But the last little bit was me and several others looking at each other and gasping – wondering,  “Why are were expected to go to [expensive] formal universities and colleges and pay ever-increasing fees to learn fun stuff we could be learning and teaching each other for free, out in the fresh air somewhere?”

— That was a lot more fun than dealing with zombies – which was the subject of yesterdays creepy serial dreams —  [ * I went back and added the stupid zombie dreams, predated to yesterday * ]

— Shrug –,

~~~~~ Jim

Serial Dreams with Zombies?

Friday, July 29th, 2016 — 22°C / 71°F & Cloudy @ Noon here in Atlantic Canada — Kaylie S.’s Birthday 🙂 —

— Dreams with Zombies? Several Scenarios running into one another? These zombies weren’t particularly scary and they weren’t trying to rip me apart and eat my brain or anything – They did not look like re-animated corpses – [ Maybe I’ve been watching too much of the Political conventions lately? Gack – ] They did have an agenda – I got the creepy feeling that someone was controlling them and sending them out – not so much to do actual harm to the rest of us – who were not zombies (yet?) – They were just massing to block our progress toward a happy world where everyone could feel safe and comfortable and fulfilled? They had a repertoire of modern pseudo-hip gestures that were supposed to make us feel like we were the most un-hip & stupid creatures the universe ever produced. They were like brainless versions of the meanest ultra-Gotta-Be-Popular kids in high school and middle school – who’d never grown out of that? And when several of us came to the conclusion that we had to try to do something to protect – especially teenagers and pre-teen kids – those who were most vulnerable to their evil looks and nasty fowl-mouth put-downs, someone handed me a crowbar – But swinging at them with all my strength didn’t have much of an effect on any of them – their heads rang with a “ping” like a baseball being hit by a hollow metal bat. And the zombies just seemed to be slightly stunned for a second or two, shuddered and then plodded on to complete their missions, whatever those missions were – There were dozens of them, just walking dull eyed and purposefully through a school yard toward a destination I never was quite sure about.

— It was creepy. I almost didn’t want to write this down, didn’t want to remember any of that.

— Shrug –,

~~~~~ Jim


Later On — Thursday — July 28th —

Thursday, July 28th, 2016 — 28°C / 82°F in a Thunderstorm @ 3:30 pm in Atlantic Canada —

— Everybody was still sleeping at noon so I went back to bed myself.

— Dream: A haunted house – Somebody told me her house was haunted so I went to check it out. The first floor was fine. Nothing going on there, but signs of people living there, children playing and laughing happily. The second floor was slightly ‘nervous’ like somebody was worried about something. But – looking up to the third floor there were shadows walking across the hallways and showing up in areas that were lighted. Going toward the stairs it became obvious that the lighted outline of somebody was moving around up at the top of the stairs, at the landing. Climbing the stairs, the outline filled in and showed a 17th or 18th century man, dressed like a prosperous gentleman farmer or businessman. He looked angry.

— I began to meditate and project blessings into the house. Several more lighted outlines of people began descending toward me. Other people joined me in meditating and cleared the house.

— I had to go away and came back several months later. The woman who owned the house told me they had a meditation group meeting regularly on the third floor, in a room they had reclaimed from what had been an attic. She also told me that regularly – people who were meditating there finished their meditations and discovered small gifts in their hands, silver or gold pins, a Cloisonné pin of a red drum from the colonial period, ear rings and bits of costume jewelry. I was perplexed and wasn’t sure whether to tell them to accept these gifts or worry that they might come with strings attached.

— Hmmmm? –,

~~~~~ Jim

Thursday, July 28th, More Serial Dreams —

Thursday, July 28th, 2016 — 23°C / 74°F & Slightly Overcast @ 10:32 am in Atlantic Canada —

More Serial Dreams — Not in Order — Most of these flow into each other in a large building that may be a workplace or learning institution:

  1. I was working with some kind of computer graphics that I probably downloaded, and they came through with weird names and did not function as graphics until I renamed them and added suffixes like “.jpg” or “.png” etc. — I had so many of these to fix that I treated each one by adding an “i” or a “c” before their weird alphanumeric names and giving them their suffixes. I was not happy with being rushed through this and told myself I would have to come back and rename them again – give them names that would be more universally easy to understand so my colleagues who had to work with them when I was finished would have an easy time identifying them and wouldn’t have to walk through viewing each and every one of them each time they needed one of these images for whatever projects they were working on. — Now that I’m awake, I can’t recall what the ‘i’ or ‘c’ designations meant.
  2. Some kind of a guy I thought was a wannabe life coach came to me and told me he ‘needed to talk to me’ about something to do with personality test results. I grinned at him and said, “Let me guess – I need to work on my people skills.”
  3. I’m not sure whether the workday or class was over, but I had to walk around people I knew and recognized (from my ‘real life’) – and got into a large, many stalled washroom. The stalls had no doors. I was slightly worried that my English/Creative Writing teacher ( a woman ) would come in and see me sitting on a toilet. I kind of shrugged and sighed and knew I had no choice.
  4. I think I went home – either to another building or another part of the larger building. I think I walked outside and crossed a small dead end street to get to my home, where either family or half a dozen roommates, or a mixture of both, also lived. Like I tried to hint above, I’m not sure the living quarters weren’t a ‘wing’ of the large masonry, or brick, building. I just took a shortcut in pleasant evening weather to get ‘home’. I think we were all ‘young twenty something’ adults. — My friend Larry [ who died unexpectedly a couple years ago – maybe 2012 – ] came to visit and while I was in another room doing something, told my friends and at least one sister [ Sharon ] that he’d been having minor annoying problems with something. He was joking about it, as if he was saying that his life was annoyingly complicated like everyone else’s. — I looked outside and saw what had to be Larry’s very white ‘Smart Car’ parked out front – with a nasty gash in the left rear panel and bits of twisted metal forming a weird, almost flower petal look. But there were flames coming out the back of his vehicle. I hurriedly told him his car was on fire. He groaned and went outside and looked at the flames for a moment or two before he grabbed a lever and moved it- and the fire went out.

— Um, there was more, but this is all I can remember, now that it’s like two hours since I got up to feed the pets.

— I’m also not sure whether somebody in the dream told me it was time for me to ‘go home’ or whether that was another recent dream. –,

~~~~~ Jim


Wednesday, July 27th, — Serial Dreams

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 — 27°C / 79°F – Sunny & Muggy @ 10:21 am in Atlantic Canada —

In a series of dreams with continuity :

  1. I was working at a newspaper or video news organization with a group of young-ish men and women, some of whom I recognized as having been hyper-critical near bullies in high school, the kind who sneered and never had anything good to say, who usually began a conversation with a sneering fault-finding put-down of whatever person they were talking to. We all had blue and white shirts we were supposed to wear while we were reporting (on the air?) These short sleeved shirts were there for anybody to wear when it was their turn to research or report a story. The shirts looked like they had a plastic coating.
  2. I went to the police with notes. These notes were on about a six inch [ top to bottom ], by three inch wide yellow, lined pad. I was made to feel like I was in trouble with the law. But my notes were thorough – I got my point across to the police officials’ satisfaction – They then brought me to Fire Department investigators who asked me to repeat my story to them and answer their questions. When I got back to the News Office I was happily relieved and told everyone that I had new contacts at the Police Department and The Fire Department. I got some kind of promotion, got my own desk and a bonus large enough to buy my own blue and white shirt so I wouldn’t have to wear one of the communal shirts.
  3. I was with several others, maybe from the news office, maybe a completely different group of people. We were traveling around in an alien (as in Extra-Terrestrial) vehicle that had the capability of transporting us in and out of the consensus time line – we could “phase out” and move around in a nearby parallel dimension where we could see people in our normal time ‘zone’, but they were ‘frozen’ in extreme slow motion. They didn’t know we were there. — While we were phasing in and out and moving around in that dimension, I was taking notes on a smaller yellow lined ‘sticky notes’ pad and secretly leaving messages to the people in the normal time zone.
  4. Back in the news office I was happy to sit at my private desk with my private shirt hanging on a hanger in what may have been my private closet. I got up and moved back to the room where all my colleagues were clustered together with typically four desks together in groups, two side by side facing two more side by side so they almost looked like one large desk with their seams presenting just a bit of groove between desks. It was down time, lunch break or something, and the idle reporters were playing some kind of game with silver balls that looked like ball bearings, but were probably plastic. The balls were different sizes and had slightly different coloured glows so they could be identified as ‘belonging’ to different players. The game they were playing was something between table top Bocce and a very fluid kind of Curling where the players put amazing spin on their balls and the balls roll around in circles and try to knock other players’ balls off the field. I was unfamiliar with the game and asked somebody how it was played and how it was scored. This wise cracking reporter type grinned and said, “You have to have a lot of balls to play this game.”

— shrug –,

~~~~~ Jim

Rowing a sinking boat

Monday, July 11, 2016  — 13°C / 55°F @ 11:55 pm

— Fell asleep after walking the dog.

— This was the last dream of several sequences, and is the only one I remember right now.


— I was rowing a boat, on a smallish lake with several friends (maybe six?). We were enjoying ourselves, but then I noticed that the boat was taking on water. I told the others, and began rowing for shore. But the boat tipped and was fully underwater and thinking seriously about dropping to the bottom ( I think it was a wooden boat, it should have floated – even if it was full of water – right? ) — At least one friend began helping me, I think he was dragging the boat by it’s bow while I was still rowing and getting somewhere.  — Looking into the murky water of the lake I could see quite a few fish – or shadows of fish, looking like very well detailed trout, swimming near the bottom in that dark murky water – There were also shadows of plants and pieces of sunken junk down there, I don’t think it was that deep. The guy who was pulling the boat while I was rowing was standing about waist deep and where I was looking was deeper, but it couldn’t have been much deeper – six to ten feet? — I thought about stepping out into the lake and helping the friend pull the boat and in the dream, I told myself those fish were not going to try to bite us. — I turned my head and saw the grass covered bank was close – couldn’t have been more than ten yards / meters away.

— Then I woke up.

~~~~~ Jim