New Year’s Eve, Decembre 31, 2012

Monday, Decembre 31, 2012. -1˚C / +30˚F @ 6:30 pm.

I was feeling lousy earlier today and went back to bed.

In my most recent dream I dreamt I was talking to my good friend Larry, who passed away very unexpectedly a couple years ago around this time.

He told me he discovered recently that he has a son, that the boy is having problems and that he (Larry) is suffering greatly because he can’t be there for his son.

I continued to dream that I was trying to find the boy and saw him in a couple different coloured backgrounds. The first was a blue and I was explaining to the boy or somebody that I had an indigo background. In my second attempt, I’m not sure whether I saw the boy in a pink background or glossed over one in favour of a lighter blue/cyan background.

I have no idea what, if anything, the different coloured backgrounds might mean.


2012 is rumbling to a close

Sunday, December 30, 2012. -13˚C/+9˚F @2:20 pm in Arnprior.

Dreamed I was walking around in a place that reminded me of Milford, CT, in my youth. It felt like I’d skipped school and was trying to avoid police etc. I felt like I got caught sleeping in  a house that was supposed to be empty, or maybe just barely escaped. My Cousin Glenn’s father asked me if I’d planted a garden yet, and I said no- He said he wanted me to plant a garden and was showing me his garden and said he was going out to find some seeds. A small pig was rooting around in the garden. My cousin picked up the pig and gave it a prodigious kick, like a football punt. The pig went spinning through the sky and landed on it’s back near where a family was picnic-ing. it turned into a human woman for a few seconds, gasped and sat up, and then ran away as a pig again. My cousin shook his fist and said, “You’ll never do that again, will ya?”



Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Dream

A boy (14 year old?) and his dog (about a 6 month old black Labrador Retriever) were walking in the woods. The dog was happily wagging his tail and the boy was brooding about being teased and called names at school, but enjoying the company of his loving dog.

They were approached by stealthy US Military troops, knocked down, knocked out and dragged into an underground facility.

The facility commander was showing off his latest super soldier technology to a higher officer. When the dog woke up (I think they were sprayed with some kind of gas that knocked them right out.) The dog was docile, greeted soldiers by wagging his tail and did not want to be taken away from his sleeping master. The dog also wagged his tail at a smaller dog who was in the next cage to the one he was brought to. The smaller dog whined and cried and the Lab tried to make friends and acted like he wanted to lick the smaller dog’s cheekbone (is that what you’d call it? muzzle?) The Lab was then given some kind of an injection that turned him aggressive, like in a full rage. When the smaller dog was let into the same cage with the Lab, the lab attacked and killed it.

The base commander told the General (?) that it works every time. Turns peaceful animals and people into killers. Who have no memory of what they’d done when the drug wears off.

They revive the boy, drag him to a cage next to his dog, strap him into a chair and give him an injection of the same drug. Immobilized, the boy prays and asks that Saint Francis help his poor puppy dog.

The drug seems to have the same effect on the boy who strains against the straps and growls. Then they open the door between the two cages. Panting and gritting his teeth the boy says, “Oh puppy dog, what have they done to you?”

The dog runs in, looking like he’s ready to tear the boy’s throat out.

The base commander grins.

The dog stops and rubs his chin against the boy.

The base commander gasps.

The boy sees a Native American spirit walk into the cage, stares at the spectre.

The straps fall away, the boy and dog follow the Native American through the bars, through the walls and they’re gone.

The General is not impressed, “Works every time? Where the [bleep] did they go?”

The base commander shakes his head, “We’ve done this dozens of times. It worked every single time.”

“You say they will have no memory of this?”

Base commander nods. They look at monitors and see thermal images of boy and dog still in the cage.

“They better not remember anything- If you can’t get them back under your control I’m going to have to throw you to the wolves, you know that-”

Commotion and then gun shots in the hall.

Soldiers, believing they’re being attacked by an escaped killer dog, shoot at it, bullets go right through the dog and hit each other (non life threatening injuries)

Boy and dog charge through door into General and commander’s room. Dog jumps at the commander, tears his throat out and leaps at the general. Soldiers charge into room, see dying commander all bloody on the floor and try to shoot the dog, kill the general.

Boy and dog charge through walls and doors and out into the woods.  They run like mad until they drop and wake up in the Native American guy’s camp.

The boy thinks he was poisoned by some bad water or something and had really nasty nightmares, is thankful his loving marshmallow of a dog kept him company.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

8:41 am

Dreamed I was in Los Angeles, California, being handed the keys to an apartment or town house #92 (A woman handed me the keys) I discovered that 92 was the street address as well as their unit number. Then I was eating something outdoors at a picnic table with my uncle Tom sitting beside me (behind me as I was sitting sideways at the table). [I think he passed away about 5 years ago] I asked him how long he’d been sitting there and wondered if he remembered me, or had moved on to another life with a completely blank memory of the past. I became distracted by the sound of thunder & thought I should move indoors, I also thought about taking a digital photo of myself with Los Angeles palm trees in the background. And I wondered if I should try to contact friends who live in San Diego while I was there.