-11:58 pm Thursday, August 16, 2012.

———We’ve been anxious a lot lately. the love of my life has been worried about her bills and finances and the fact that her job is driving her nuts.

———We’ve been putting out the intention that our dreams would connect with angelic forces, Arch Angel Michael, guardian angels, pure light beings, God (HimSelf or HerSelf) and help us discover solutions to our predicaments.

———We have received some really amazing results. Some baffling, some amusing, some feeling like they weren’t delivered by purely selfless beings delivering messages from God.

———And I think I better start documenting them as soon after waking up as I can.

———Thursday Evening, August 16, 2012: (Place, upstairs in bed) (Length of sleep: 4 hours???)(Dream: I felt like I was transported to a future, or possibly a parallel dimension. I woke up a couple times and relaxed back into the dream. People have become almost immortal. When they approach death they can have replacement parts cloned, or they can have realistic bionic limbs to replace their damaged ones.

—The story line centred around someone who became acquainted with a healthy young man who liked camping and took people on guided camping trips. The older guy (who looked like someone in his thirties) went looking for his guide and found his mother who seemed to be strangely terrified about any questions about her son. The man stumbled on the guide later, but he looked sick. And shortly after finding the guide he tried to talk to him and the guide just vanished.

—So the guy started a serious search for the guide. He was blocked by nasty law enforcement officials. Thinking he had an old time conspiracy on his hands, the guy pressed on and finally found the guide again. The guide told him he had contracted “Lillith’s Disease” and told the man to back off and not look any deeper.

—People in this time line defeat death by uploading all their memories etc into a memory chip and having a clone body created, memory chip inserted and report to be the same person, same soul, with all previous memories intact. The person doing the investigation here had never gone that route. He had managed to revitalize his brain with a special diet, he’d had 3rd or 4th generation bionic limbs that felt and looked like normal biological limbs. His trunk and inner organs had all been finely tuned and were working fine.

—He accidentally met a time traveler. The time traveler was also researching this guide. After considerable arm twisting, the time traveler showed the investigator something like a video recording (which couldĀ  record any actual occurrence anywhere in time) The time traveler showed the investigator an interview between the young guide and a nasty representative of a dark group that considered itself above the law and arranged ‘accidents’ and injected people with one of the few deadly diseases that still existed in this world at that time. (Injected or infected these people while they slept so no one ever knew how they got the diseases.) One of them had given the guide this “Lillith’s Disease” (I never learned anything about symptoms or anything other than the name and the fact that it was deadly.) And the guide had lived. The bad guys wanted to know how the guide lived, what caused his immunity. He was also immune to most of their ‘tricks’ and could teleport himself out of their custody. The bad guy who interviewed him in this video recording was posing as an underground resistance person and promised to help the guy avoid falling into the hands of the bad guys. He gave the guide a device that was imbedded under his skin and whenever the guide tapped it, he would alert the ‘good guys’ who would come to his aid. ((His ability to teleport was becoming less and less available to him.)) But- the guide became convinced that when he contacted the ‘good guys’ they teleported him out of danger and somehow activated the teleportation skills he was losing.

—In the interview he had told the undercover bad guy that he’d come down with this disease after eating some chicken salad. The bad guys kept managing to get samples of the guide’s blood and were able to track the disease’s progress. Remission and resurgence of the disease hit the guide at odd times with no reasonable causes that anyone could discover. The bad guys kept trying to find out what it was in the guide’s blood that fought the disease.

—The time traveler told the invesigator that all traces of both the guide and the disease had vanished and the bad guys had one by one come down with the diseases they were giving people and died (painfully in most cases). And the time traveler was trying to discover what had happened and was getting nowhere.

—The investigator, stunned, fell into a trance, saw the guide and two angelic beings reach out from a cloud of light and take his hand. He watched the world he knew move away quickly as if he was travelling up and away and saw the time traveler turn around and say, “Oh, now where the hell did you go?”

———I woke up.


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