Friday. November 17th, 2017 —

Friday, November 17th, 2017 — +2˚C / +35˚F with light rain @ 7:30 am in Atlantic Canada —

Madawaska (Ontario) River Fog.
Dreamscape from 2008

— Just before I woke up – I was telling somebody, “Yes, the whole time Cathi was shooting film in the haunted house I receiving those images and making sure we got them-”

— Journalist’s response: “You were right there with her?”

— Me: “I was getting her live feed through WiFi – Plus we were connected – Spiritually – the whole time.”

— —> As I was waking up  @ around 6:15 am local time I was self checking my words for accuracy and told myself, “We always have been connected – Spiritually -” & thought that was literally True – No matter what.

~~~~~ Jim

—> I Dreamed I Was Offered An On-Line Job <---

Monday, May 29th, 2017  —> +9˚C / +49˚F  —> Dark & Overcast @ 4:41 am in Atlantic Canada —

River from above
Nashwaak River from the footbridge – May 20, 2017

— Yesterday, Cathi dreamed she was offered a temporary position in England and was contemplating the positives ( travel – visiting very old heritage sites, having the ability to check hard copy records for evidence of ancestral lives —> ) and the possible negatives { Is everything super expensive over there? How can I afford to stay anywhere? — Will I still be able to keep up with my bills back at home? } —> & when she woke up she was still thinking about the possibilities and challenges that offer inside that dream presented —> & She couldn’t wait to fire up her computer and write that down in her dream log.

—> Now it’s my turn?

— I dreamed I was offered a position designing and developing an on-line environment for hosting virtual reality conferences. If the multi-user / private conference rooms caught on, I was assured, corporate clients who’d been assured their conferences could not be spied on and the records of their meetings & conferences would be un-hackable and available and completely under their control —> all proceedings would be scrambled and undecipherable to anyone who had not been personally handed a key to that day’s / that conference’s proceedings —> If that caught on { My employer would charge the corporations reasonable rates, considering the security and privacy involved – } I would be able to develop gaming environments with just as much privacy and security for much lower subscription rates, because the major corporations would be paying the salaries of the top IT engineers and security experts who would constantly be keeping up with all the latest security hacks and patches —>

—> Hmmmmm ?

~~~~~ Jim

Lost Pieces of a Car at somebody’s wedding?

Monday, May 22nd, 2017 —>  15˚C / 59˚F —> Grey & looking like it wants to rain @ 10:38 am in Atlantic Canada —>  It’s Victoria Day —

— Dream: —>

— I was at work. It looked more like my Trucking Company job from the early 70’s than anything since then. One of the guys I was working with was somebody I knew in the eighties when I was working at the Post Office. —> The supervisors sent me and this guy about 20 miles away for something. I had my father’s old 1951 grey Dodge & drove us both to where we had to go – looked like another kind of job site altogether – we got a tour of the place and then I had to go pick something up – My friend got to work and I drove away to pick up the ‘whatever’ – I was on the highway in the rain and the car overheated. I got off the highway and waited, then started up and shifted into drive when the car cooled down. I drove a bit, but the car wasn’t performing, it had slowed down to ‘ridiculous’ – I tried to pull over and ended up driving into an area where I couldn’t go anywhere, but down a steep, nearly un- navigable series of hills and then stopped at the edge of somebody’s property. I looked around and at that property dozens of people were getting ready for a wedding to be celebrated in their garden. I asked a couple guys to help me get the car out of their way. The guys picked up the shell of the car without the wheels, undercarriage or engine and carried it into a barn with the shells of dozens of other cars, all piled ‘willy-nilly’. Somebody had pulled the wiring harness and reduced it to a long rubber coated cable with loads of white plastic square connectors. I watched them take that somewhere and looked around for the rest of the car. I couldn’t find any part of the car anywhere while I was walking around in the middle of bride’s maids who seemed to have become familiar enough with my presence so it didn’t bother them at all that I was there. —> Somehow or other, my friend from work arrived there and looked at me like he was sorry for me, but wanted to make like he didn’t know me, because that would have been too embarrassing in front of all the dressed up, good-looking women at the wedding. —> I kept looking for my car, ended up walking around the house on top of bushes and around a dog that I hoped wouldn’t get territorial and want to bite me. I made it to the front of the house and seemed to be locked out and totally ignored by everybody inside.

— Weird — ,

~~~~~ Jim

Thursday – October 27th, 2016 –

Thursday, October 27th, 2016 — 3°C / 37°F with bright sun and cool air in Atlantic Canada @ 10:44 am — WPKN’s personality and host of ‘Sometimes Classical’ – Richard Epstein has a birthday today —

Peace Tower.
Yoko Ono’s ‘Imagine Peace Tower’ dedicated to the memory of John Lennon. This was tweeted ten days ago on the 17th.

— Couple of dreams this morning.

— One – I woke up hearing a woman’s voice tell me, “I’m with your mother-” I didn’t recognize the voice. ( Mom died last April – I haven’t seen her in any dreams yet. I get the impression that I can feel her presence quite a bit – )

— Two – I was a student in some kind of training program, I thought I recognized several other students there from my past – Women from my class in school that I didn’t believe would want to have much to do with me – There were both women and guys in this group and I thought we were learning something to do with producing video and audio programs for broadcast. I think we were in a ‘break’ room where there were chairs and couches at all different heights – some raised seat things at a height you might expect at a sports bar/restaurant (?) some at normal height, sofas and ‘love seats’ closer to the floor. Some of these seats had their cushions removed, I didn’t see the cushions anywhere – but some of the seats just had something like a steel criss-crossed grid to hold cushions and no cushions. I came back into this room after having some kind of interview with the teachers and/or administrators of this course. I asked several teachers or administrators where their headquarters was, expecting that it would be in New York City, and had to ask at least three times to get an answer I could understand, that answer was “In this city, on South street.” I repeated, ‘South Street?’ and they nodded, affirmatively.

— Getting back into the break room, I had several people congratulating me for something. Asking me if I won. I wasn’t sure what they were referring to, but when one young woman in the class was talking about her project I was thinking I could certainly help her with recording the audio tracks and help her get that as professional sounding as possible.

— Then someone, a guy, who I thought was one of the most important people in the organization was smiling and shaking my hand. He told me he was pretty sure I won the Audi. { I haven’t paid attention to Audi automobiles in the past dozen years, and maybe not so much before that – This was a complete surprise to me. I was thinking of Cathi’s and my recent issues with vehicles and only managed to say, “That would be nice-” }

— And then I woke up with the cat harrassing me because it was time for the pets morning feeding, & of course the cat wanted his treats first.

— Umm — ? —

~~~~~ Jim

Thursday, July 28th, More Serial Dreams —

Thursday, July 28th, 2016 — 23°C / 74°F & Slightly Overcast @ 10:32 am in Atlantic Canada —

More Serial Dreams — Not in Order — Most of these flow into each other in a large building that may be a workplace or learning institution:

  1. I was working with some kind of computer graphics that I probably downloaded, and they came through with weird names and did not function as graphics until I renamed them and added suffixes like “.jpg” or “.png” etc. — I had so many of these to fix that I treated each one by adding an “i” or a “c” before their weird alphanumeric names and giving them their suffixes. I was not happy with being rushed through this and told myself I would have to come back and rename them again – give them names that would be more universally easy to understand so my colleagues who had to work with them when I was finished would have an easy time identifying them and wouldn’t have to walk through viewing each and every one of them each time they needed one of these images for whatever projects they were working on. — Now that I’m awake, I can’t recall what the ‘i’ or ‘c’ designations meant.
  2. Some kind of a guy I thought was a wannabe life coach came to me and told me he ‘needed to talk to me’ about something to do with personality test results. I grinned at him and said, “Let me guess – I need to work on my people skills.”
  3. I’m not sure whether the workday or class was over, but I had to walk around people I knew and recognized (from my ‘real life’) – and got into a large, many stalled washroom. The stalls had no doors. I was slightly worried that my English/Creative Writing teacher ( a woman ) would come in and see me sitting on a toilet. I kind of shrugged and sighed and knew I had no choice.
  4. I think I went home – either to another building or another part of the larger building. I think I walked outside and crossed a small dead end street to get to my home, where either family or half a dozen roommates, or a mixture of both, also lived. Like I tried to hint above, I’m not sure the living quarters weren’t a ‘wing’ of the large masonry, or brick, building. I just took a shortcut in pleasant evening weather to get ‘home’. I think we were all ‘young twenty something’ adults. — My friend Larry [ who died unexpectedly a couple years ago – maybe 2012 – ] came to visit and while I was in another room doing something, told my friends and at least one sister [ Sharon ] that he’d been having minor annoying problems with something. He was joking about it, as if he was saying that his life was annoyingly complicated like everyone else’s. — I looked outside and saw what had to be Larry’s very white ‘Smart Car’ parked out front – with a nasty gash in the left rear panel and bits of twisted metal forming a weird, almost flower petal look. But there were flames coming out the back of his vehicle. I hurriedly told him his car was on fire. He groaned and went outside and looked at the flames for a moment or two before he grabbed a lever and moved it- and the fire went out.

— Um, there was more, but this is all I can remember, now that it’s like two hours since I got up to feed the pets.

— I’m also not sure whether somebody in the dream told me it was time for me to ‘go home’ or whether that was another recent dream. –,

~~~~~ Jim


Wednesday, July 27th, — Serial Dreams

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 — 27°C / 79°F – Sunny & Muggy @ 10:21 am in Atlantic Canada —

In a series of dreams with continuity :

  1. I was working at a newspaper or video news organization with a group of young-ish men and women, some of whom I recognized as having been hyper-critical near bullies in high school, the kind who sneered and never had anything good to say, who usually began a conversation with a sneering fault-finding put-down of whatever person they were talking to. We all had blue and white shirts we were supposed to wear while we were reporting (on the air?) These short sleeved shirts were there for anybody to wear when it was their turn to research or report a story. The shirts looked like they had a plastic coating.
  2. I went to the police with notes. These notes were on about a six inch [ top to bottom ], by three inch wide yellow, lined pad. I was made to feel like I was in trouble with the law. But my notes were thorough – I got my point across to the police officials’ satisfaction – They then brought me to Fire Department investigators who asked me to repeat my story to them and answer their questions. When I got back to the News Office I was happily relieved and told everyone that I had new contacts at the Police Department and The Fire Department. I got some kind of promotion, got my own desk and a bonus large enough to buy my own blue and white shirt so I wouldn’t have to wear one of the communal shirts.
  3. I was with several others, maybe from the news office, maybe a completely different group of people. We were traveling around in an alien (as in Extra-Terrestrial) vehicle that had the capability of transporting us in and out of the consensus time line – we could “phase out” and move around in a nearby parallel dimension where we could see people in our normal time ‘zone’, but they were ‘frozen’ in extreme slow motion. They didn’t know we were there. — While we were phasing in and out and moving around in that dimension, I was taking notes on a smaller yellow lined ‘sticky notes’ pad and secretly leaving messages to the people in the normal time zone.
  4. Back in the news office I was happy to sit at my private desk with my private shirt hanging on a hanger in what may have been my private closet. I got up and moved back to the room where all my colleagues were clustered together with typically four desks together in groups, two side by side facing two more side by side so they almost looked like one large desk with their seams presenting just a bit of groove between desks. It was down time, lunch break or something, and the idle reporters were playing some kind of game with silver balls that looked like ball bearings, but were probably plastic. The balls were different sizes and had slightly different coloured glows so they could be identified as ‘belonging’ to different players. The game they were playing was something between table top Bocce and a very fluid kind of Curling where the players put amazing spin on their balls and the balls roll around in circles and try to knock other players’ balls off the field. I was unfamiliar with the game and asked somebody how it was played and how it was scored. This wise cracking reporter type grinned and said, “You have to have a lot of balls to play this game.”

— shrug –,

~~~~~ Jim

Working With Yoko?

Friday, September 12, 2014,

I remembered and forgot this one several times today, and here it is, 7:00 pm and I have a chance to sit down and do this.

I dreamed I started a new job and learned I would be working with Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon. It felt like I was walking up and down bleachers somewhere, maybe getting ready for a concert or something- don’t remember many details- I took that in stride and wondered if I should ask Yoko if my friend’s daughter is still working for her.

Shrug- That’s better than I have been the last couple days.