Car Rolling Sideways Dream

Monday, 03 August, 2015 -( 28˚C / 82˚F muggy, but absolutely gorgeous outside @ 5:58 pm in Atlantic Canada on the adjusted New Brunswick Day holiday. Actual Holiday is August 1st, but that was a Saturday, so they’re celebrating today- )-

Car Show in Arnprior. August 30, 2012.
– From a car show that had been moved from a park in Arnprior to a street that was closed off for the occasion on August 30th, 2012.

— Dreamed this morning – After I got up and fed the critters and made it back into bed before the cat could shred me with his claws or the dog could jump up on the bed and take my place-

— I dreamed I was sleeping in the middle of a bench front seat, in a car that I owned that actually had bucket seats- But I was covered by a sheet and a blanket and had a twenty five pound cat sleeping on my chest. 🙂 I really had a twenty five pound cat sleeping on my chest at the time.

— In the dream I woke up enough to realize that the car had started itself and was rolling sideways at a quick pace that would soon take it, and me, and the cat, beyond the limits of my parents old property, where I did most of my growing up and all that- ( And when I owned the car I was dreaming we were inside of, I lived nowhere near that house ) & if we continued that sideways motion, we would almost certainly roll into the path of an oncoming car, or roll over an innocent person, maybe even a kid, and possibly kill somebody, or be killed ourselves. 

— When I tried to move my foot to get to the brake pedal, I discovered there was a hump between me and the driver’s seat area. When I tried to move over, I couldn’t because the cat was weighing me down and I think the blanket and sheet were caught on something. I tried to push the cat off my chest, and had to make several tries because my arms were tangled up under the sheet and the cat did not want to move – did not realize we were heading for disaster if he didn’t-

— I finally gave him one more push that was strong enough for him to decide to jump from my chest and run across the mattress to the edge of the bed, almost in the opposite corner from where my head was. The effort also woke me up and I realized I’d been dreaming and I opened my eyes to see the twenty five pound orange cat glaring at me like I’d hurt his feelings almost beyond redemption by tossing him from my chest in my sleep.

— So I rearranged myself, made sure I had two claw-proof layers of blanket between my throat and where I knew his claws would end up, purred and began to pet an invisible cat where he had been enjoying life and cat dreams a few minutes earlier. He understood what I was trying to tell him and happily inserted himself in place of the invisible cat I was pretending to pet. I fell back asleep quickly, don’t remember any more dreams I probably had after that.

Orange cat stationing himself between me and the computer.
Moe, the now 25 pound orange cat, explaining that it was his job to supervise any computing I thought I might do while he also wanted to decorate our dark blue curtain with his shedding orange hair, photo taken on August 5th, 2012.

— Yay?–,

~~~~~ Jim