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Sunday, July 29, 2012. 15˚C / 59˚F @ 3:29 am.

I started trying to re-write the novel I began writing in like, 1968. It’s been bugging me, playing itself out while I work, trying to get itself written for years… So far I’ve re-written about 7 pages.

And my head hurts as I think about the scope of this undertaking.


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Think maybe I should stop listening to the news?~~


July 29, 2012 —- 17˚C / 63˚F @ 12:59 am here just west of the Ottawa city limits. (although the city is quite rural before it runs out of limits)

Schnarr news concerning Syria. We are probably being manipulated into a war in the middle east and it looks like Syria will be the target.

Schnarr news concerning ‘random shootings’ in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Yes, the puppeteers are trying to convince people that only governments should have guns. They want to take guns away from everybody so they can be the biggest baddest terrorists on the block and push everybody around unchallenged. Problem is, we’re beginning to see through all that.

Re:Schnarr : Re: Aurora Colorado. Everything we’re hearing from the Batman Rising shooting indicates that the shooter was brainwashed in the near by Denver Colorado underground Puppeteer training centre and Fema Concentration Camp system. The guy has no recollection of what happened. Other Graduates of this brainwashing programme include Sirhan Sirhan who looked very much ‘out of it’ with glassy eyes as he fired a gun at nothing and a guy dressed up in a security officer uniform stepped up behind Bobby Kennedy and fired a bullet into the presidential candidate’s head. Sirhan Sirhan reportedly has no memory of the ‘assassination’ attempt.

Other guys who were brainwashed: (they also call the brainwashing programme the “MK ULTRA” programme) Here we go:

  • the texas tower shooter in the sixties.
  • Ted Kazinski (better known as the unibomber)
  • The guy who shot John Lennon.
  • Timothy McVeigh (sp?)

So now we have another example?

Go to info wars dot com. & Read away to your hearts content 🙂 …