More Weird Dreams

Saturday, August 18, 2012. (Today Might be a friend from the post office in Stratford’s Birthday.) 22˚C / 62˚F @ 7:34 pm somewhere in the real world.

—Keep reaching for the ‘golden ring’, Keep intending to meditate or dream solutions to real world problems.

—Still keeping track of dreams and they’re getting stranger.

—Friday, the 17th: After intense praying / concentrating, & a bit of yoga to relax my body while reaching for the sky, imploring God, Jesus, Gurus, Ascended Masters, Guides, Angels, Arch Angels, Entirely Positive Beings Aligned with the Light, Love, Understanding…. to guide my meditation and/or dreams into directions that bring me solutions to personal and universal crises that are plaguing my family, friends, and fellow humans … I felt like I was taking off and flying up through the sky as I was falling asleep (had a couple false starts, realized I was falling asleep, and that realization woke me up…) I blacked out, fell asleep, did not maintain awareness during the transition… —It felt like another dimension, looked just like this one, I was talking with a woman who was amazingly cute, had large brown eyes and wavy, dark brown hair. She turned her head and revealed that part of her head that I couldn’t see at first, was missing, the edges of her face were torn and the back of her head and neck on what would have been her right side had been blown away, or disintegrated. She was not a bloody mess. I woke up enough to realize I’d been dreaming and then settled back into a lucid episode where I knew I was dreaming, (later lost the “I know I’m dreaming-” awareness) And found the woman again. At first she seemed to be puzzled over the fact that her revealing herself as having been killed hadn’t scared me off. She became affectionate, flirtatious, and more than a bit of a tease. ( she was lying with her head on my lap, dressed in a sweater knit top that didn’t cover her entire rib cage (belly button showing) and short short jeans. She unzipped her shorts and brought my hand to her belly, began to slide it under her shorts, then said ‘no’ and sat up. She held my arms around her, kept control of my hands (her back against me, kept my hands away from her breasts and made sure they couldn’t stray toward her ‘ more private parts’) I got the distinct impression that I was ‘communicating’ with someone who had been murdered, possibly by a sexual predator. She hadn’t actually said anything to me. As i was waking up again, I wondered how dreaming something like this could possibly help me discover the solution to anybody’s problems on earth in real earth time. I didn’t recognize her, but I didn’t feel it strange that she would want to cuddle with me- I wondered if she was somebody I knew and loved in a previous life. Maybe I was helping her get over the fact that she’d been murdered, & get over the brutality of that murder?

—Saturday, August 18th:  Again, fell asleep reaching for God, intending to receive guidance: “Krash Kadittle” (On the game development front….) I was talking to people in their basement bar about progress in developing my game world. I told them about a character named “Krash” who was a human race car driver. When I told them that the game software insisted I give him a last name at level 5 they turned their backs on me and walked away, apparently unimpressed. As I was waking up I was aware of a character who wants me to call him “Moe”. This character was watching me from the sky (a face barely visible in the sky) to see what I say about him. He wants to know what I say about him before he steps forward to tell me anything more. (He was not a feline character, though I have created a feline buccaneer looking character named Moe while building areas in the game that I really am building on line.)