Doctor Who Dream

Tuesday, September 11, 2012.

Dr Who like dream: The Tardis lands somewhere. The Doctor and companions open the door, look outside and smile, then walk outside.

A bunch of kids come running (some of the companions and the doctor ‘hallucinate’ seeing the same kids three times, in three different types of clothing.) The running kids are afraid of something and hide behind trees and rocks, and behind the tardis.

A desperate man runs into the tardis (times three) and a really angry man chases him inside and, in a rage, fires a gun, swings an axe and fires a crossbow. The bullet, axe, or bolt pierces something and some kind of weird whovian radiation escapes.

It looks like the congruent reality three parallel worlds are fractured and try to come back together. Pieces of three different versions of the same people, Doctor, Companions and kids (and dogs and cats) (and attacker and victim) were fractured and tried to come back together with interesting effects. You can stand in one spot and turn slightly, see different versions of the same person. eg.: one kid is wearing a yellow jacket. You look at him from a slightly different angle and the jacket is orange. From a third angle, the jacket is green.

There’s a dog that came apart and came back together with two bums and no head and goes running in circles. Another version has two heads and no posterior. They can’t find the third version.

Some people are obviously evil/good/neutral. Others are confused and/or not so obvious.

Companion personalities are scrambled. Nobody is quite right. One version of the attacker is evil and the victim is innocent. Another version of the attacker is good and was defending himself. The final version of these two, ya can’t tell whether one or both of them are lying or both believe they are defending themselves. The one constant is a small girl screaming because her dog can’t live with two heads or two posteriors or he’s nowhere in sight and she’s afraid something killed him.

I think this Doctor was a combination of Peter Davison and David Tennant.

— I woke up before the Doctor had a chance to fix things, but he was working on it. 😉