Game Building Characters

Tosha as an Ottarian (an Otter Person) Looks like I remember Mary Ellen Skawinski as a kid.

Friday, August 31, 2012. Hot and Muggy earlier in Arnprior (it’s 8:49 pm now)

Working on the game today, I got the Seamless Links (between areas) right. I also messed with one of the builder characters, (Tosha above) Shrunk her down to Ottarian size ((Ottarians, according to the mythology of the game, evolved from intelligent Otters.)) She’s more modest than some, and like the caption says, she looks like my friend’s daughter Mary Ellen as a kid (but she must have dyed her hair for this photo op… wink).

And, showing my step daughter (the University of Western Ontario Nursing Student) what I’ve done lately I explained how portals will be a big part of the world etc, and went and grabbed a vortex that will later be a portal. After just a little bit of tweaking the vortex’s colours I came up with this:

Volffe who looks more like a half elf than his last incarnation… standing by the vortex.

(Volffe was accidently erased when I clicked on a character generator link and when I tried to escape without saving the ‘oops’ character, Poor Volffe was oopsed into a snar looking character so I went back, grabbed a bard and messed with the standard bard character that popped up, made racial (Human –> moved part of the way to –> Elf) changes as well as clothing colourization etc. This guy looks better that the old Volffe did. Maybe too cute, but he is supposed to be a Bard….


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