Rowing a sinking boat

Monday, July 11, 2016  — 13°C / 55°F @ 11:55 pm

— Fell asleep after walking the dog.

— This was the last dream of several sequences, and is the only one I remember right now.


— I was rowing a boat, on a smallish lake with several friends (maybe six?). We were enjoying ourselves, but then I noticed that the boat was taking on water. I told the others, and began rowing for shore. But the boat tipped and was fully underwater and thinking seriously about dropping to the bottom ( I think it was a wooden boat, it should have floated – even if it was full of water – right? ) — At least one friend began helping me, I think he was dragging the boat by it’s bow while I was still rowing and getting somewhere.  — Looking into the murky water of the lake I could see quite a few fish – or shadows of fish, looking like very well detailed trout, swimming near the bottom in that dark murky water – There were also shadows of plants and pieces of sunken junk down there, I don’t think it was that deep. The guy who was pulling the boat while I was rowing was standing about waist deep and where I was looking was deeper, but it couldn’t have been much deeper – six to ten feet? — I thought about stepping out into the lake and helping the friend pull the boat and in the dream, I told myself those fish were not going to try to bite us. — I turned my head and saw the grass covered bank was close – couldn’t have been more than ten yards / meters away.

— Then I woke up.

~~~~~ Jim