Family Reunions and Odd Conversations

Sunday, September 7, 2014, Chrissie Hynde’s and Joan -née Young-‘s Birthday.

Last night, after Doctor Who- I was sitting on the bed, and never realized I’d fallen asleep until what sounded and felt like somebody whispered in my left ear. There was a warm sensation, nothing scary at all. I drifted off again a while later and woke up hearing somebody say “Wee-Oh!” but not right into my ear. That did not feel strange or threatening either.

I then spent an unusual full night in bed, I think I got up once or twice to visit the washroom, and I remembered details of one dream all day, they’re still with me-

I dreamed I brought somebody to a family reunion. This wasn’t Cathi, I felt like this was a young person, I have no idea what my relationship with her might have been, but I was talking with one of my aunts and, referring to the young woman, said, “She’s feeling like she’s not being accepted here-” and my aunt said, “Bringing a knife with her wasn’t such a good idea, then, was it?” And then I was walking toward a house, as if we had been outside for a picnic and were walking up a wide walk way to a large formal looking home- My brother stepped up beside me and laughingly said, “Well, hello stranger-” seemed happy to see me, but he then pretended to chew on two of my fingers.

—shrug– (I doubt that there might be any deep meaningful significance here- )


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