Monday, September 8, 2014-

Monday, September 8th, 2014 -( 17°C / 63°F Clear & Sunny at 1:30 pm )-

Yes, I dreamed last night. No, I don’t remember right now what I dreamed. This is another case of I thought I would remember, but Cathi woke me up and reminded me that Monday is garbage day, asked, was I going to get up or did I expect her to take out the garbage?

So I got up. And took out the garbage, and fed the critters, and wrote the morning’s news headlines in 4 blogs, and had to go crazy looking for two passwords, and here I am-

—Well, there I almost was- I got distracted, cut a couple boards put together another duct tape and hangar wire shelf, glanced at this monitor, and, “oops” So Let me finish this and publish it.

———sigh, it is now 4:03 pm in the same time zone I started today in, I think-

——— Later —— I did remember something as I was climbing up and down stairs, cutting wood and building bookcases in my real life. I was talking to somebody, I think it was Kyle, my ex next door neighbor, and I had been somewhere for several hours and looked up in the sky and saw the huge full moon I’d seen just after it had risen, while I had been awake, but I didn’t realize I was dreaming at this point. I thought it was strange that the moon was still in the spot I had seen it, several hours earlier. This would be a major “Yikes! Run for cover-” event if I had been awake with all my usual senses———