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Earthquake Felt in Arnprior & As far away as Mississauga

Friday, May 17, 2013.

At about 9:43 am EDT a 5.2 (?) magnitude quake centered about 20 km northeast of Shawville, Quebec rumbled the ground, vibrated a pepper shaker into ‘walking’ off the back of our stove here. The shaker crashed to the ground, I thought I heard breaking glass.

The quake lasted about a full minute. I looked around, no trees or poles were swaying outside and the animals were not going nuts in here.

A neighbour has two small ‘yap yap’ dogs who yapped up a storm after the quake and the aftershock that hit, possibly centered in Braeside? at about 9:53 am EDT.

The Ottawa CBC radio station reported that initial guesses had the first quake originating in Braeside at around a magnitude of 4.8, but I guess subsequent reports moved the quake’s centre north and west of here and boosted it’s power up to 5.2.

A friend in Mississauga IM’ed me saying the quake woke her up there.

The latest radio news announced that the quake was felt as far away as Cleveland, Ohio?