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A friend of mine send me this:


We don’t need no stinkin corporate extortionists squeezing money out of us under the pretext that there is a world wide crisis in the supply of crude oil.

The cover of Lindsey Williams' Book

Above is the cover of a book written by a Baptist Chaplain whose missionary soul led him to volunteer to try to save souls (and lives) and encourage moral strength among those who were working on the Alaska Pipe Line. The oil company was very happy that they had someone up there, working for free, helping their bottom line by encouraging their workers not to get drunk and miss the next day’s work, or perform beneath their usual capacity due to hang-overs; or not to catch social diseases and miss more time or maybe even cost the company medical expenses, or drive their medical insurance premiums higher…. that they, the company, made the Chaplain an honorary officer of their corporation.

A high powered motivational speaker came to talk to the supervisors in the field, demanded that all supervisory personnel be present, and one of the top supervisors in the area figured that since the Chaplain was an honorary corporate officer, he was on the ‘Must be invited” list.

The hot shot speaker came in and said, “There is no energy crisis. There never was any energy crisis. And from what we know now, there never will be an energy crisis.” The speaker went on to boast that there was enough oil under Gull Island in Alaska to drive gasoline prices back under a dollar per gallon (US) ((about 25 cents per litre Canadian)). The company was pumping enough natural gas back into the ground up there to light the entire East Coast of the US – free – for a hundred years.

The Alaskan pipeline is set up to handle three times its current volume. But they don’t want you to know that. They don’t want you to know that there is more oil stored in ’strategic reserves’ than ever before and that oil companies are receiving (and recording) record high profits.

The Chaplain was upset about the deceit being perpetrated by the oil company and started talking about it. His talks were listened to with such fervor that he took the advice that a lot of people were giving him and wrote a book.

When the oil company executives heard about the book and read it, they were so pleased they sent out cries of, “Bring me the head of the moron who invited this guy to that meeting!” And, when they found out which executive had mistakenly believed them when they said they wanted all their officers present (and nobody had said that honorary officers should be excluded) They fired their executive. The fired executive was so pleased with being fired that he read the Chaplain’s book and offered his services to correct a couple points that weren’t 1,000% accurate and supplied the corrected specs, etc.

But don’t just take my word for it. Get the book and read it. Do google searches on research that the energy crisis is a complete fabrication.

Write your elected officials demanding that oil company executives be held responsible. Demand that elected officials who are ‘in the pockets’ of oil companies be held accountable.

Demand that technology that the oil companies have squashed be released. We don’t need no stinkin gasoline driven rust buckets. What we’re seeing on our streets is actually obsolete technology being ‘kept alive’ by ‘beedy grastards’ who are having a great time lying to you, manipulating your fears, making bigger profits than ever and getting away with telling you that supplies are at an all time low when they’re at an all time high.

You might also want to fire up your favourite search engine and look for “The Black Gold Stranglehold” by Jerome Corsi and Craig R Smith (read both sides of the argument, make up your own mind.)

And do another search on “Abiotic Oil” – read about the theory that oil is not just the bi-product of rotting dinosaurs, but may be a naturally occuring substance that this planet (and others, some that probably never had any kind of life on them) produces in much greater quantities than any oil company executive (and many shareholders) want you to learn about.

I don’t know, excuse me, I don’t have a really good wrap up for this rant…. I don’t have all the answers, I’m not sure I have any answers at all. Maybe I’ll buy myself a bicycle.

Maybe I should just bounce this issue out in front of you and let you chase it for a while- Tell me if you come to the same conclusion I came to.


-dj otterson


& I think I’ll leave it at that, maybe pick it up and run with it later…

(shrug) but it rings true in my ears…



Thursday, 24 July, 2014.

Book Cover
“Nothing In This Book Is True- But It’s Exactly How Things Are” (Screen Shot – Not all that wonderful)

Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are” by Bob Frissell. Is a book with quite a title. (I think Amazon dot CA {Canada} has the kindle version for something like $8.34 Canadian$)

The first time I discovered the Radio programme “Coast to Coast A.M.” (With Art Bell in those days) Bob Frissell was being interviewed on the subject of this book. I was immediately hooked. On both the talk radio late night programme and the book. It’s been a while since I first tried to absorb and understand what was in that book…

The author explained that beings in a civilization on Mars realized their planet was in danger of being completely wiped out, they looked around and built a time machine, jumped a million years into their future and landed on Earth. They immediately tried to conquer the locals, who happened to be the inhabitants of what we now call Atlantis. The Atlantians kicked their butts, and let them live. The aliens (which may be the greys that are famously abducting people these days?) waited a while and tried to conquer the Atlantians again. The Atlantians kicked their butts a second time and sort of confined them to a reservation somewhere around what is now the Yucatan area of Mexico. When these aliens came to the conclusion that a comet was going to collide with the Earth, they went to the Atlantians and said they could take care of the comet for them. But the Atlantians told them that the Comet was God’s Will and wouldn’t endorse their plan. The aliens then tried to rebuild their time machine but got something wrong and when they tried to use it, they tore the fabric of whatever maintained the inter-dimensional integrity around here and instantaneously knocked the planet from ‘Golden Age’ status way down ‘Everybody on the planet got real stupid real fast’ status, and other dimensional creatures that should not be, don’t like it here, don’t want to be here — were released and began to mess with our peace of mind.

I came away thinking that if this was not the literal Truth of our pre-recorded History (Or history that had been recorded and then lost when idiots burned down the Great Library in Alexandria)- Then it might be sort of Poetically True, like a parable, or something the author could get away with saying because the forces of darkness and evil would have torn him apart and burned his manuscripts if he tried to tell the actual truth.

There’s a whole lot more to this book, and to the author. And I am desperate to get my hands on another copy of this and see if I can absorb and digest any more than I did last time ((Now that my ego believes I might have more wisdom and the ability to see through b.s. a little more clearly than I could twenty years ago?)) — Something like that.

I think somebody has a kindle version of the book available for some weird price like $5.88. Check it out of the Startpage https search engine. Go find the startpage search engine first. The link above this might help. (But look out, it looks like a state sponsored malware program/virus has been launched to discredit the anti spyware advocates who created the startpage search engine).



  1. Finally am alternative to the NOT news Arnprior Chronicle. I will do everything in my power to spread the “NEWS ” of your site.
    I heard of this “oil shortage non issue” discussed on the “Alex Jones show” on and was frustrated at not being able to share it locally. Lindseys latest prediction is oil going up to $5-7 US gal. in the next 6 months. They have also discovered 50 billion barrels of oil in north Dakota (enough to fuel the USA for 25 years) but the greenies (oil co.) are pushing to quash it.
    I have contacted the Ottawa chapter of “We are change” and they are willing to help us out starting a chapter. At least we can get together to share views and for support.
    Keep up the good work. Maybe we can meet soon.

  2. Hi, I just logged in here after getting walloped by that nasty nasty cold that was going around, and then feeling like no one out there wanted to know anything that I had to say. Do you want to be able to post articles here? I could sure use the help.


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