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True Conspiracies (?)

In the last several years, I’ve been bombarded by evidence that conspiracies I had believed were interesting distractions from real life, might actually have been True. (Yes, the capital “T” was intentional.)

While I still believe that bits of reasonable doubt remain, and, therefore, for me to totally endorse the following conspiracies as “True” would amount to bearing false witness (okay, so early religious training left its mark…) I believe the following are quite credible:

-Immediately after world war ii ended: Project Paper Clip  The U.S.A. and the Russians scrambled to grab the best and the brightest German Scientists (and sometimes the worst and the most warped Nazi scientists) and expedite moving them into their own countries. Werner Von Braun, the rocket scientist, was only the tip of the iceberg. The really creepy ‘mad scientists’ who experimented in mind control (example: Dr Josef Mengele) were also smuggled into either the U.S. or Russia and their ‘intelligence’, their ‘scientific findings’ were exploited by ‘intelligence gathering organizations’ such as the C.I.A. and the KGB. There is at least partially believable evidence that the Texas Tower Shooter, the Unibomber, Sirhan Sirhan, the guy who shot and killed John Lennon, and other ‘nearly household names’ were under the influence of people who were using the mind control techniques: drugs, torture, hypnosis, and so on; developed by war criminals who were allowed to go free for ‘helping’ our ‘free, western government officials’ further develop the ‘science’ of mind control. Sirhan Sirhan, the supposed assassin of Robert F Kennedy, was described as “Glassy eyed” and, “fired randomly, could not have fired the bullet or bullets that killed RFK.” Kathy O’Brien, Author of “I was a sex slave for the C.I.A.” writes that Dr Josef Mengele was involved in her brainwashing and in the conditioning of others who were ‘trained’ to follow orders and forget what they had done, many of whom were assassinated themselves before they reached the age of 30, when natural aging processes caused many ‘conditioned subjects’ to begin remembering what they had been ordered to forget, or at least become so agitated by emerging memories that they sought professional help which could lead to investigations that might unravel what was actually going on.

– November 1963: The JFK Assassination–  Lee Harvey Oswald was either ignorant of the plot to kill JFK, or did not know enough about the where, when and who to stop it. John F Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to remove the Federal Reserve Banking system and replace it with a system based on a Gold and/or Silver backed currency system, as had been mandated by the US Constitution. Also, the C.I.A. wanted him dead because he wanted to either disband or severely cut back the power of the C.I.A. … either get rid of them or bring them under the control of people of conscience. There is evidence that factions within the Secret Service allowed the presidential limousine to be driven into the kind of dangerous situations that were against policy, putting JFK at risk, the kind of risk the Secret Service should not have allowed to materialize. Theories that ‘mafia’ hit men were involved could be true. Evidence from this and other ‘conspiracies’ lead us to believe that in many cases, ‘two pronged attacks’ are used, and the ‘operatives’ involved would not be aware that other factions were also involved. This multi-layered approach is employed to make unravelling the truth more complicated and to give ‘Plausible Deniability’ to the guilty parties. A lot of attention to detail went into this. Using both mafia and governmental shooters would be in keeping with a ‘right hand does not know what the left hand is doing’ and the magicians’ tricks of getting the audience to follow one hand while the other hand is hidden and actually pulling off the slight of hand motions that bring about the ‘magic’.

– June, 1968: The RFK Assassination Sirhan Sirhan was ‘caught with a smoking gun’ in hand, but he was also described as being “Glassy eyed” and “fired his pistol in a manner that would suggest that he could not have killed Robert F Kennedy.” One eye witness said a man in a security officer’s uniform fired a pistol at close range into the back of RFK’s head. Sirhan Sirhan has been quoted as saying he doesn’t remember the incident. The real experts on this case (I’m just a dabbler here) have said that Sirhan Sirhan had been to a hypno-therapist who had worked with the mind control techniques employed by the “MK-Ultra” group  who were further developing what they’d learned from Dr Josef Mengele. The techniques they used have supposedly been proven to be capable of producing “Manchurian Candidate” type assassins who could be activated with a word whispered in their ears, carry out their mission, dispose of their weapon(s) and have no memory of what they’ve done after the event was completed.

The Murrah Building in Oklahoma–  Tests  conducted by the U.S. Military have shown that the fertilizer type bomb employed by Timothy McVeigh could not possibly have done the type of damage that everybody saw in photographs of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There have been reports that emergency room nurses treated special forces personnel for burns they received when removing wires to C4 explosives that had not properly ignited when the real bombers (almost certainly U.S. Special Forces personnel) set off the charges that killed men women and children in an act of domestic terror (Most likely approved and ordered by ‘rogue’ members of the US Military/Intelligence hierarchy. This action may have been a dress rehearsal for September 11, 2001.) McVeigh told people he was working for the C.I.A. If he actually was executed, he probably went to his execution believing he would be knocked out, pronounced dead, revived and moved somewhere out of country where he would continue to work for the C.I.A.

September 11, 2001  Factions associated with “dark ops” groups, possibly rogue factions recruited from the US Military/Intelligence organizations, most likely planned and executed the events of 9-11. Pilots have said that nobody with the limited amount of training that the Saudi Arabian Citizens (“terrorists”) were reported to have undergone could have piloted those planes into those buildings. Explosives Experts have reported that the twin towers could not have collapsed straight down unless they’d been carefully pre-wired with explosives and had those explosives set off with well controlled precision. Evidence of chemicals that would indicate the presence of explosives (and not jet fuel) have been found in the ruins of the towers. Building #7, which also collapsed, was probably the target of another jet, which had gone off course, and was exploded anyway. The choice of buildings that were exploded was supposed to send a message to somebody (or several somebodies). The section of the Pentagon that was ‘attacked’ was slated for remodeling. Until the footage of whatever hit the pentagon is released in a form that can be tested by people who know how to verify whether images have been ‘doctored’, I wouldn’t believe a word the official investigators used to dis-inform us of what happened at the Pentagon. This is another case of a multi pronged attack. The Saudi Terrorists were a cover story. (-And I haven’t even touched on the unverified reports I’ve heard that these terrorists were already in the cockpits before the planes took off, or other reports that planes landed, taxied into hangars, discharged their passengers, and took off again to complete their missions. Other reporters have noted that the planes used were capable of being flown by remote control, like the drones (“our?”) military employs in many parts of the world.) One trend to note here is the fact that each ‘terrorist attack’ executed within the USA is worse, and has more casualties that the ones before. Desperate groups of uneducated suicide bombers do not manage to escalate their casualty figures like that.

What’s Next? To the best of their knowledge, the people who want to unmask these conspiracies (“Conspiracy is not a theory, it’s a crime.”) fear that the next big attack on American Soil would be an escalation from 9-11, would cause more US civilian casualties than the 3,000 + US, Canadian, and ‘other’ civilian deaths that were brought about by whatever happened on September 11, 2001. Speculation is that a ‘dirty bomb’, which would be set off on Wall Street, might be something we should look out for. Whatever happens, it will be perpetrated on the US and/or allies of the US in such a way that will enrage US citizens, have them screaming at anybody who questions the ‘validity’ that the attack was carried off by enemy terrorists, and will be followed quickly by legislation to implement martial law and/or further curtail the liberties of US Citizens. If it happens soon, war will probably happen (declared or not) with the US going against Syria or Iran.

—This is probably enough for now. I hope I don’t feel compelled to add to this list.

— dj otterson —

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