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Conspiracies That Hit Home?

The Great Canadian “Charge them for internet usage” fiasco of 2011:

(Looks to me like they’re trying to get one unruly genie back into a bottle and coming up with egg on their faces.)

Canada was up in arms last week and I heard loads of people, not just grumbling, but roaring that Stephen Harper had sold all Canadians out to big business.

Why? The CRTC {Canada’s FCC} made a public ruling that Internet Providers should be able to charge for bandwidth usage.

The reaction? One guy said it would be cheaper for him to buy a one gigabyte external hard drive and load it full of information and then mail it across country using a premium service like Federal Express, than it would for him to continue using the ‘web’ the way he’d become used to using it. (Three hundred bucks: two hundred for the hard drive and almost a hundred to ‘FedEx’ it with gobs of insurance.)

It was really suspicious that this happened right around the time the Egyptian government tried to slam the lid on internet, cell phone, and especially social media usage in Egypt to try to cripple the movement that was massing in the streets to protest what the everyday people of Egypt are saying is a corrupt regime in the form of their aging  Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, and his cronies.

Meanwhile, back in Canada, there was such an uproar (Read Cathi Harris’ ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts’ posting here and in her blog [[Hey, Jim, put in the links for me, okay? I can’t figure out how to do that]].) that the people who probably held a figurative gun the CRTC’s head and ordered them to come up with this ruling are trying to distance themselves from the ruling in a big hurry. Why? Stephan Harper probably realized he could be unemployed real soon when he saw the size, depth and scope of the outrage this generated.

Stephan Harper’s claims that his government is all in favour of honesty and transparency is a lot of just that: Claims. I don’t think you could get him to back that up with anything like facts or truth, if his life depended on it. (& If I tell you what I know about top secret shenanigans going on in various Canadian government agencies, I’ll get too many good people in trouble. Grumbling when they don’t know who’s listening isn’t a thought crime against the state, yet.)

Welcome to the Nazification of the western world. It’s been happening all around you since way before dark government types blew up the twin towers and took a shot at the section of the pentagon they wanted to be fixed up anyway… probably with one of their own missiles. The cat’s out of the bag now, nobody believes them any more, but is it too late? Check back tomorrow, see if I’m still on line here.

In 1947, paper clipped German Scientist Werner Von Braun told too many people what would happen: “The evil Soviet Union” would be demonized as a perfect enemy to justify defense budgets and black budgets for ‘obviously needed’ spy agencies. When too many people realized that the ‘evil empire’ wasn’t the all powerful super enemy their government had been telling them it was, ‘Rogue States’ (which translated to ‘terrorists’ …”you never know who they are or where they’re going to hit you next-“) would be the new enemy. And look, governments that were not legally elected (George W Bush never won a presidential election, his puppeteers engineered both elections, pulled rabbits out of smoke and mirror hats and saddled the US with a perfect scape goat in case anybody got a whiff of what was behind the curtain, throwing switches and pulling political strings.) got a lot of mileage out of that one. Homeland Security? “Anyone who would give up a little liberty for a little security deserves neither and will lose both.” (Ben Franklin)

What’s next? When enough of us wake up and realize the terrorists under our beds are nightmare images aimed at our heads by a shadow government, they will fill the skies with secret project UFOs and attack, claiming the new menace is from outer space, and by gum, all you sheep better hand over every last liberty and freedom you ever thought you had, because, dangit, big brother is here to protect you… (and if you believe that one, I have this bridge I can sell you, put up a couple toll booths and you’ll be a millionaire in no time-)

—————douglas j otterson


(((((copied and pasted by —————Jim)))))

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