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The Prince and the Prior Photos

Algonquins at the Prince and Prior Ceremonies
Algonquins at the Prince and the Prior Ceremonies

(I need the spelling for the Chief’s name.) Chief ______, second from the left, Gave a speach at the procedings, then told me this was more than just a re-enactment.

Algonquins in a canoe.
Algonquins attending the ceremonies.

In 1860, Algonquins accompanied Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales. In 2010, these Algonquins came to the ceremonies commemorating the 150th annniversary of this visit.

I’ll have more later, but I want to get this up quickly.


Prince and the Prior Preparations

Lady in Lilac at Rehearsal
A Lady in a Lilac dress at Prince and the Prior Rehearsal

Because it rained earlier, a lot of people who might have otherwise shown up in their gowns for the dress rehearsal came in ‘civilian clothes’. The person above is ‘animating’ the part of the wife of ‘council person number one’.

Several Animators Attending Rehearsal
'Animators' attending 'Semi-Dress Rehearsal' are Given Direction.

Here, more of the ‘Animators’ are given direction and told where they will be during the actual re-enactment.

(More to come)


The Prince and the Prior

Museum with Folks in period dress
Arnprior & District Museum with people in 1860's dress.

Friday, 02 July, 2010.

The photo is from last week and has a man and a woman in period dress standing in front of the Museum.

‘Animators’, people in period dress, have been going out into the area towns to publicize the big event which will begin with people milling about from about 9:30 am.

The ‘Prince’ should arrive at Robert Simpson Park’s Beach between 10 and 10:30 am. (Do not try to get to the beach in a motor vehicle.)

There will be a reception near the beach in which re-enactors will re-enact greeting the Prince of Wales with flowers and singing, and proclamations.

There will be a dinner at what was the McLaughlin estate, which is now the Gallilee Centre.

People in period dress will be milling about the town until approximately 4 pm.


Gas Prices rise with HST

1 July, 2010.

Most gas stations in Arnprior are selling their lowest grade at 101.9¢ per liter today after being stable at 94.7¢ per liter for several weeks.

Mr Gas is now an ESSO station. Its convenience store is still an “OOPS” store.

MacEwen Full Service (with Ethanol) is also at 101.9¢ per liter. I’ll have to check out the other Full Service Station.