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Coalition Bugaboos and Reality Checks

I don’t know when coalition became a dirty word instead of an example of democratic cooperation (how is it not when the members involved are all elected? And what makes it reckless?) but I’m not going to get into this discussion. Instead, I bring you, compliments of the CBC a wee bit of fact checking from their Reality Check page:

The Coalition’s Not The Question
Harper’s Coalition Assertion: ‘They tried it before’

It’s one thing to fight a perceived problem, quite another to re-write history. I’m just sayin’.

1984 type doublespeak and Ethics legislation

“Love is Hate”, “War is Peace”, “Immoral Legislation is ‘Ethics’?”

———I have no idea what the name or number of the Ethics bill that I think the Harper Government is still trying to stuff down our throats, but the bill that is touted as something to protect people from unethical practices and/or employees of the government being required to campaign for their partisan bosses/ MPs, Ministers or whatever… Has this nasty little surprise inside:

———They want to make it illegal for any federal employee to say anything that might be interpreted as ‘against the government’. (truthful or not.)

———( The Nazi-fication of North America is not confined to the south side of the border.)

—————Jim (who usually tries very hard to remain objective here.)

UN Agenda 21; Smart meters; Rolling Blackouts; Gas prices; Banksters, or “The men behind the curtain”.

UN Agenda 21; Smart meters; Rolling Blackouts; Gas prices; Banksters, or “The men behind the curtain”.

What is Agenda 21?

The UN Agenda 21 goal is the destruction and deindustrialization of the entire western economy. (GATT, NAFTA) It was headed up by Elitists frontman Maurice Strong, (David Rockefellers handpicked boy) and initiated in Ontario when he appeared out of the blue dismantling Ontario Hydro and disappearing to China leaving all his boys in place, (McGuinty/Rae/Harris/Chrétien/Harper) to  carry on the dirty work. Elitists such as David Rockefeller and the Rothschild’s have been planning the UN since the early 1900’s first with the introduction of The League of Nations; creating the wars which brought it about, (problem-reaction-solution, the Hegelian Dialectic , and being Banksters making $Billions in the process. One World Government is the goal. (NWO)

I have taken the pertinent points of the 360 PDF page report and condensed it to be as brief as possible. Naturally the report is flowered up with glorifying references to “The Earth”, without the people of course, to convince us of its well-meaning. (John Lennon’s song “Imagine” sums it up, “Imagine there’s no countries; possessions; world will live as one”, One World Government song)

The root of Agenda 21 is, nature has all the rights and people have none. In the words of Maurice Strong “You’ll wish you were an animal when we’re done with you”. (Seen any Coyotes lately). The basis of this belief is the world is overpopulated even though the West’s average family consists of 1.2 children and dropping. (See the movie Soylent Green) The eventual goal is to have Mega cities, (not unlike Mexico City built for 10 million and now a rat infested hole of 30 million) where people are packed in like sardines and open to every disease known. It also gives the appearance of “overpopulation”. At first there will be public transportation only, then bicycles and eventually you will walk wherever you go. You see you’ll be using up Earths valuable resources, being preserved for whom, not unlike Feudal England? Farming will cease prior to this and ALL land will be designated as “nature preserves”. Do we see this happening already with “Nature Conservancy’s”? In North America we see farmers steadily being forced/priced off the land as happened in Mexico while all our food is imported from China. Turn that spigot off and you’ve got a catastrophe. (This is a plan)

What do we see related in our normal daily life? Let’s start with the most recent issue of which we are all aware, “Smart meters!” We all assumed this was a brainstorm of McGuinty, but as with other recent ball and chains introduced to our lives, (tire tax etc.) it emanated from the UN/Rockefellers as a means of controlling our existence tracking our usage and when you exceed “THEIR” level of your usage they will cut you off through either rolling blackouts or outright disconnects as we saw recently in the snow storm in Texas. (Enron also used this con in California to bump prices up to 90 fold ) No mention was made in the media of the fact future Hydro generation has been massively cut back due to “Greenies” pressure. Coal fired generating stations, the most abundant fuel available, and running at near zero pollution with scrubbers have all but been shelved!

Ontario presently sells off its excess production of Hydro to Quebec and New York at a loss of $1 billion a week (As of March 15th ’11) while continuing to charge us excessive “peak usage prices”. Meanwhile Quebec hydro openly stated is will sell us hydro at 6-8 cents a kilowatt with NO delivery charges. Delivery charges mean we are actually being charged an average 16 cents a kilowatt/hr!

The price of gas of which we dearly love to complain is another agenda which is widely misunderstood. The gradual creeping up in price, $.49 liter 4 years ago and has never gone down even with an obvious world glut of oil. Recent discoveries in Alaska/Russia  will supply the worlds demand for 200 years , also see The Arnprior News report on Abiotic oil This is comparable to all their previous agendas in that it is done incrementally and tied in with the great “Global Warming con” to convince us it is better for the planet we not drive. It also fits the Agenda of forcing commuting rural residents to move into the city, as discussed earlier. The price of either hydro or gas will not go down because it’s a “must be” of their Agenda, unless the masses wake up.

And there you have it kids, the Occultists that are the Elitists of this world glory in our suffering creating wars and hardship which they offer to their God Lucifer! (Which we’ll get into at a later date) And if you believe as some of my friends do, “That spiritual stuff is bunkum”, you better believe THEY DO!

Nothing happens by chance it is ALL planned hundreds of years in advance.

Get a copy of the UN Agenda 21 PDF file

THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES gives us some clue as to the Elitists eventual goals found here :


1.      Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

For not so easy listening:

Messy Day in Arnprior

Chats Lake (The Ottawa River) @ Arnprior
Rain After Snow March 5th, 2011 @ about 4 pm.

It was messy today. After it began with snow early, the temperature rose to about 4°C (40°F?) At about 4 pm there was a very white fog on the Lake/River here. By the time I got the camera the fog was gone, but this was what it looked like- and….

Human wearing Hospital Mask
Yes, the Bug People have invaded Arnprior... bwahahahahaa-


Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) what are they?

CAFR is a set of government financial statements, which goes beyond the minimums established for Annual Financial Reports.

So your Town/Province is broke, are you sure? They HAVE to raise taxes right?

If we explore the issue we find a different story. A double set of books is set up,( Similar to the Mafia) only one of which the public sees that being, operating budget/expenditures. Arnprior for example is KNOWN to have the $7 million it received from the sale of Hydro Arnprior which has been invested untouched for 9 years, (in 2002) but they can’t fix the roads. Other previous investments over 70 years we will not know until people demand it. (Arnprior annual budget is $10 million)

(New York City alone has $1 trillion of “hidden investments”, but they can’t fix the roads) ALL levels of Government/School boards/Pension funds etc.  perform this deceit . The Ontario Teachers’ Union owns The Toronto Blue Jays for example,  …..  Rogers….. Buying a majority stake in Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment from the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan listed CAFR by US  states Can. Provinces, (slow loading)

Listen to a US expert:

So when your cars suspension/steering are continually demolished on the rocky road to the great car graveyard, or as you foot the bill for hundreds of dollars in repairs have pity on the poor Town struggling to manage its vast locked-in investments from which you will NOT benefit.

Rookies hit the Prior.

Rookies hit the Prior.

Blackwater/Haliburton training Canadian cops, AND soldiers!

A little rumor from a reliable source:
If you’ve been out and about in the Prior in the past year and usually late evening you may notice more police activity than we were previously used to. Reason being whereas in the past “Rookies” were posted to the ‘Frew they are now being posted here and they are gung-ho to collect taxes (in the form of tickets) for daddy McGuinty.
It is further rumored that Blackwater/Haliburton (the US mercenary outfit seen on YouTube shooting ‘em up in Iraq and run by Dick Chaney, ex VP) is now training Canadian cops. (Is that why they have the hand on the gun approach? It happened to me for a taillight out, I kid you not!) Check out # 35. Ottawa-Carleton, Canada Police.
AND soldiers!
…”Select Canadian soldiers have been sent to Blackwater U.S.A. in North Carolina for specialized training in bodyguard and shooting skills. Other soldiers have taken counterterrorism evasive-driving courses with the private military company now at the center of an investigation into the killings of Iraqi civilians and mounting concerns about the aggressive tactics of its workers in the field.”…
You only appreciate “oldtimer cops” when they are gone. Happy retirement Cont. Gudgeon who gave me a few breaks in my day.

Worth listening: (Conspiracy Café)