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Area Churches (Arnprior)

We will keep this page up for now, even though we have no one reporting from Arnprior on the state of church services.


I thought I should put a map in here with the churches marked with symbols-

But anyway:

Grace Saint Andrew’s United Church on John Street North had a new Minister in 2011, Rev Andrew Love. And at least for the month of February, 2011, their Sunday Services are being video taped and played on TVCOGECO local channel 22. The previous Sunday’s service plays at 10:00 am and again at 12:00 noon. The newest Sunday service plays at 7:00 pm and again at 9 pm.  ((This may have changed completely after September of 2013, when the Production Assistant at the Arnprior Studio moved out of Province.))

We should be filling this page with photos and, like I said up the top, maps.




-Anglican: Emmanuel Anglican Church 287 Harrington St. ((613) 623-2554)

-We were told there were 4 Baptist Churches. I only have addresses for 3.

The First Baptist Church (was the German Baptist Church) is on Alicia Street. ((613) 623-3993)

The Calvary Baptist Church is at 156 Landrigan Street South. ((613) 623-4863)

The Elgin Street Baptist Church is at 135 Elgin Street. ((613) 622-1069)

Partners in Harvest: River of Life Christian Fellowship. 63 Victoria Street. ((613) 622-5929)

Pentecostal: Glad Tidings Church 116 Baskin Drive West ((613) 623-2943)

Presbyterian: St. Andrews Presbyterian Church 80 Daniel Street ((613) 623-5531)

Roman Catholic: St. John Chrysostom. 295 Albert Street. ((613) 623-2282)

Seventh Day Adventist: Arnprior Seventh Day Adventist Church. 63B Victoria St ((613) 622-7960)

United Church of Canada: Grace St. Andrews United, 269 John Street North. ((613) 623-3176)

World of Faith C.F.C.M.: The Rock Church, 59 Madawaska Street. ((613) 622-7729)


There is also a Gospel Church on William Street West.


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