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Prices Actually Went Down, before a weekend.

I thought ‘they’ would be trying to capitalize, big time, on the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.

But gas prices actually went down as the weekend approaches.

Most stations in town are at 94.7¢ per litre.

Even the MacEwen Full Service Station on Madawaska Blvd that has the Ethanol was at 94.7¢ per litre.

Petro Canada at the Mac’s all night convenience store is at 94.9¢ per litre.

(Maybe I better pinch myself. But I did get some gas before they changed their mind.)


Prince Of Wales 1860 Visit Re-Enactment

This is a press release:


Prince of Wales Costume Workshop
Saturday Morning, May 29 @ 9:30
Kenwood Building, Edward Street

Come and discover how to create a period costume and accessories the easy way. This is open and free to all animators and those just attending the Re-Enactment of the Prince of Wales’ visit to Arnprior on July 3rd. If possible bring what you think would be a good costume for 1860 and we can make it more authentic. If you can, please bring a glue gun, artificial flowers, sewing kit and material if you have any, We will meet you at the front double doors off Edward Street.


(There is a wheel chair ramp up to the double doors.)



Gasoline Prices Update

As of 5 am on May 21st:

Most gas stations sell their lowest grade at 96.3¢ per liter.

Petro Canada Near the hwy 417 construction is at 96.5¢ per liter.

MacEwen (+ethanol) full service on Madawaska Blvd is at 96.7¢ per liter.

And the last time I drove by the car wash (Stinson Gas) near PJ’s on Madawaska Blvd (Yesterday) their gas was at 97.5¢ per liter.

***Remember, there is mounting proof that ‘peak oil’ is a lie. The Earth keeps replentishing our supplies of crude oil and the big oil companies are perpetrading fraud on the rest of us in order to rake in huge profits.There is no shortage. There never was a shortage, There never will be a shortage. Their supply hugely outweighs our demand.***


Hormone-fed cattle cause sexual dysfunction?

Dr John Gray (PhD) (the guy who wrote Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?) has been researching the effects of hormones in food (among other things). Says: feminine hormones given to cattle to fatten them up lower the levels of testosterone in men, causing dysfunction, depression, lethargia and obesity. Estrogen’s effect on men causes ‘Grumpy old man syndrome’, lowers levels of testosterone, diables libido and makes men cranky.

He also says that Omega 3 stimulates brain activity, turns you on; while Omega 6 (vegetable oil) neutralizes the Omega 3, turns your brain off. Omega 9 (olive oil) is an anti-inflamatory.

Dr John Gray’s web site looks very commercial, but maybe you can get something out of something there..:


Gas Prices Going Up.

  • MacEwen (+ethanol) = 99.7 ¢ per litre
  • Most other stations = 98.7 ¢ per litre.
  • Petro Canada = 98.9 ¢ per litre.

I didn’t check the outlying stations yet.

Remember, “There is no gas shortage, there never was a gas shortage, and with what we know now, there never will be a gas shortage. The Earth manufactures oil by some process we don’t understand, but it has nothing to do with decomposing dinosaurs or vegetable matter.” <—  Exxon oil company big wig, when addressing VIPs in Alaska.

The Alaska Pipe line was built to handle three times the volume it now handles. They do now want you to know that oil reserves are at a higher level now than they ever have been, even while oil usage keeps doubling. They are deliberately holding back on the amount of oil they process to avoid letting the price go down at all.


I thought they were trying to use the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as an excuse to raise their prices.

More likely, they’re blaming it on the Harmonized Sales Tax. (Harmonized as in 1984 quack talk?) (Love is Hate, etc?)

Conservative mailings last month want everybody to believe the Canadian Conservatives are wonderful people giving them back tax money. They say the average Canadian should pay $80.00 less in income tax. (I had to pay a lot more than last year.)

But the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) kicked in here in Ontario May 1st (I believe it was May 1st) and it has been calculated that this will cost the average household between $470.00 and $740.00 more per year.

So they toss you a bone and pick your pocket when you bend over to pick up the bone? Sounds like politix as usual.

Overheard on the street, (actually, the Mall) : “I heard somebody say the Prime Minister gave a moving speech in the Netherlands today. The only moving speech I want that &^**&^*%&%$$$!!! to give is, ‘I’m moving out of the Prime Minister’s residence and back into my private residence….’.”  ((And I thought this was a solidly Conservative area.)) ((maybe this old guy was just fed up with all politicians, regardless of what they publicly claim to believe in.))