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Looks Like I Have to write something to get the poll down the page a bit…

Good Morning.

How are you doing?

I had to sit for an hour listening to a hospital administrator and an Echo Cardio Gram technician arguing over whether scheduled patients should be forced to phone and explain they’ll be late if it looks like they’d be more than 15 minutes late. The really weird part is they were both arguing the same side of the issue.

But I had to sit there and twiddle my thumbs for 50 minutes past my appointment time because somebody was upset that he or she had to wait 15 minutes for a patient who wasn’t on time.

When I got in the room, I really liked the technician, who had one of the friendliest, most professional demeanors I had ever seen.

And Hey- This is Canada. We get health care that doesn’t kill us or drain us of every last penny we have or might ever make, (Yet….?)