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Gas Prices Again

Monday, August 30, 2010. (29˚C @ Noon)

Gas prices have been going down since the big jump when the HST (“harmonized sales tax”) went into effect.

Currently most Gas Stations in Arnprior weigh in at 97.9 ¢ per liter, even the stations that used to be a couple pennies more than most of the others.

The car was station hasn’t posted their prices lately (maybe they wheel them in at night?)


  1. Just been to North Bay and believe it or not as you go up the valley the prices are cheaper than the ‘Prior @ $1.11.Renfrew is still holding @ $1.08 for 2 months, and right through to Deep River it’s $1.09. From Deep river to North bay it’s averaging $1.13.

    Another note on gas, a friend and myself stood outside Tim Hortons around midnight and watched a grey gasoline tanker fill up the Petro Canada tanks and proceeded to go across to Mr. Gas and fill his tanks. Since then they have both switched to Shell and Esso respectively. Maybe they spotted us lol ???
    So what gives?

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