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Sunday, 17 August, 2014 – CBC News Headlines –

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Sunday, 17 August, 2014.  -( 66°F / 19°C & cloudy @ 11:30 am near Ithaca, NY, USA )-

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“Lead Stories”

7 protesters arrested for breaking Ferguson Curfew   {  }

Head of Atlantic Charters ID’d as pilot killed in NB crash  { Klaus Sonnenberg was in an air ambulance that crashed very close to the end of a runway on Grand Manan Island off the coast of the southern New Brunswick mainland. }

Marc Emery, ‘Prince of Pot’, returns to Vancouver   {  }

Fears of new infections as Ebola clinic looted in Liberia  {  }

Ukraine says rebels shoot down fighter jet over Luhansk  { It’s a Sunday, I wrote that exactly as I saw it. Another link to the same story is more easily understood }

Justin Trudeau’s aboriginal candidate caught in crossfire   { The National Chief for for the Assembly of First Nations, Ghislain Picard, said in a letter that it’s up to the Assembly of First Nations whether they to keep Jody Wilson-Raybould on their payroll while she campaigns for the Liberal Party. }

Scotland’s pro- and anti-independence camps weigh the lessons of Quebec   {  }




Justin Bieber pays for monkey business   { He paid a $10K fine for trying to bring his monkey into Germany }

English Premier League season begins, chaos ensues   { This is soccer, a fan invaded the playing field at one ‘match’, disrupting a free kick. If you have no idea what I just said, you’re probably ‘USAtian’ and you’re not alone. }

-and a couple repeat stories from yesterday were here-



“Most viewed”

Canada’s doctor’s decline to join anti-marijuana campaign   {  }

Amish girls sexually abused in N.Y. abduction : prosecutor   { A link on the side under “More Headlines” inserted the word ‘allegedly’ ahead of ‘sexually’.  }

Michael Brown shooting: Police deploy tear gas to impose curfew   {  }

Gunshots fired on McCarthy Road in south Ottawa   {  }




Liberian slum residents go on shooting spree at Ebola clinic   {  }

Kurdish forces retake parts of Iraq’s largest dam   {  }

Mount Polley mine: sediment near spill may harm fish   { This is an on-going story about the collapse of a levee around a huge tailings pond.  }

Diver’s ‘Very Significant’ find leads to charges in Alberta family slaying   { This is the case in which a 38-year old has been charged with killing his parents and sister. He says he had nothing to do with it and his sister is still missing. }

Montreal pride parade revellers ready to show their true colours  { * I had to check, yes it is a ‘Gay Pride’ event, not a ‘Montreal Pride’ city-praising event. }

Orange is the new black actress nabs Emmy award   { I bet she won the award, & did not perform a snatch and run robbery in front of zillions of people. }



“Local” / “New Brunswick”

Swimmers Crossing Northumberland Strait for Brigadoon   {  }

N.B. fracking protest raised fears of copycat rallies   { Federal officials paid close attention to an RCMP raid on First Nations protest against shale-gas exploration in New Brunswick, “at one point raising concerns it could spawn another wountrywide movement like ‘Idle No More'” }

Pre-shale gas water quality to be studied   { This may not be as positive a development as it sounds- A team from the Canada Rivers Institue at the University of New Brunswick are set to study water conditions in areas where shale gas development is ‘likely to take place’. }

Cybercriminals capitalize on oversharing on social media   {  }

Moncton offers free FIFA transportation after complaints   {  }

Port Saint John gets ‘smart’ weather bouy   { *And Last night on Coast to Coast am, John Gray of ‘Men are from Mars-” fame reported that ‘Smart Meters’ are constantly sending microwave signals back and forth to and from Electric Utilities, -and can receive instructions to throttle down or cut off electricity to any ‘smart appliances’ or cut off power to the whole house, -a practice that killed elderly house bound citizens in Texas cities when a power company remotely turned off air conditioners during a heat wave- He said that more and more people are developing problems, like an inability to sleep and hyper sensitivity to the Electro Magnetic Field Emissions because of these devices. “Smart” = “Not good” when referring to meters, appliances, and too many other technological ‘advances’ }

Arson suspected in fire at Fredericton home   {  }



{ It’s a Sunday – Fewer stories than usual, and it only took me1 hour instead of 4 or 5. I had a second, older computer beside me with the CBC pages displayed in an “OmniWeb” browser.  I didn’t know there was such a browser until Jim sent me a link when I complained about the dearth of browser availabilty with features I liked. – 12:39 pm EDT    ———djo——— }