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Thursday, August 14, 2014 – CBC Headline News –

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Thursday, 14 August, 2014.  -( 17°C / 63°F & raining @ 9:00 am where I’m at )-

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“Lead Stories”

‘Making a bad situation even worse’: The military-like police response in Missouri   { “Video shows men dressed in camouflage, carrying rifles, riding armoured vehicles around the streets of the Missouri town of Ferguson, where an unarmed black teen was killed by police over the weekend. But are they soldiers or police officers? It’s hard to tell, and that’s part of the problem. 7:49 AM ET” }

4 kids killed as Iraqi army, militants clash west of Baghdad  { }

German TV show posts text of EU-Canada free trade deal   { }

Russian aid convoy resumes journey to eastern Ukraine   { }

2 Bountiful, B.C. leaders charged with polygamy   { I guess you can’t get away with having multiple wives if you claim that’s part of your religious belief system. One guy has 4 wives and the other has 24, or has had twenty four over the years. One of the men and one of his wives is also charged with ‘removing a child from Canada under the age of 16′ and the rest of that charge isn’t clear. It may have been ‘sexual interference’ -which sounds to me like they removed someone who wanted to have sex with a boyfriend- or ‘invitation to sexual touching’. I’m wondering if they would be having legal troubles if they just ‘lived together in sin’ and didn’t try to go out and get a marriage certificate. Whatever the charges are involving the ‘child under the age of 16′ would be a whole different matter. }

Federal bill this fall may narrow Canada-U.S price gap   { You probably would find it hard to believe how much more expensive the same items are in Canada compared to the U.S. The people who control the prices have been blaming that on the difference in value between the Canadian ‘Looney’ and the U.S. dollar. But even when the two currencies were at about the same value anybody close to a border could drive across the border and buy a lot of things a lot cheaper in the U.S. than they could up here. (Yeah, I’m in Canada, unlike Doug who is in the finger lakes region of New York State.  }

Can Robin Williams’s death change how we talk about suicide?   { His family was quoted on t.v. this morning as saying they hope we all do not dwell on this- }




‘I need a recharge’: HitchBot sets off on final leg of cross-Canada trip   { I’m tempted to snitch a photo of this thing and post it here. }

Maritime sea life linked to early European explorers   { Mud worms and mud shrimp, which are a staple for millions of birds and fish in the Bay of Fundy may have hitched a ride from Europe to the ‘New World’ in the ballast of explorers’ ships, liked their new home and went fruitful and multiplied. (?) }

Fake celebrity #Makeup Transformations poke fun at internet beauty trend   { }

Whitehorse fox plays with ball, annoys dog, goes viral   { Don’t tell our cats, they’ll want to come back as foxes and drive dogs crazy. }



“Most Viewed”

Dr. Arthur Porter, accused Canadian fraudster, injured in Panamanian prison riot   { }

Alaska bear attack: Woman drives herself to hospital after mauling   { “A 57-year-old Alaskan hiker survived after being mauled by a brown bear on a wilderness trail, walking more than a mile to her truck and driving to hospital after the attack, state police reported on Wednesday.” The bear might have been bothered by the dogs the woman was hiking with. The woman thinks the bear bit her six or seven times. – Remember Sarah Palin? We’d have to ask if the bear was wearing lipstick.-  *Related stories: “Alaska bear falls through skylight into party, eats all the cupcakes.” & “-Video- Mother bear rescues cub from B.C. highway” }

Topsail Road Sobeys shaming fire lane offenders   { “Sobeys” is a supermarket chain. Topsail Road is in St John’s Newfoundland (“Holy Jumpin!” ). They’ve been shaming drivers who park in the ‘no parking, fire lane’ by announcing their license plate numbers over the store’s intercom.  }

Dog owner dies trying to save Dalmatian in Britannia fire.   { 🙁 I would have tried, too- }




Is Michael Sona ‘Pierre Poutine’? Robocalls verdict due today   { A Conservative-party-affiliated person has been accused of making ‘robocalls’ to direct 6,000 voters to the wrong polling station the day of the 2011 federal election. The Liberal Party incumbent held on to the seat anyway. If found guilty, the perpetrator can face up to five years in prison. The article goes on to say “Verdict doesn’t mean case is over” & *** A “Fair Elections Bill” sponsored by that same Conservative Party is reported to be something that would take the power to investigate cases of fraud like this one away from ‘Elections Canada’, the agency that is supposed to assure that elections are fair and honest. ***}

-New- Alison Redford’s travel scout job included advice on souvenirs, patios   {  }

Canada Post asking for doctor’s note to keep home mail delivery   { Canada Post has confirmed that it will require medical information from people who have indicated they are physically unable to pick their mail up from community cluster boxes. *** I bet this scheme would fall out of favor if they put all Members of Parliament’s mail boxes in the middle of the most impoverished, crime ridden section of the nearest city to where they live or work. }

Exhausted Gazans still hold out hope for open borders: Derek Stoffel  { }

U.S. Pilot pleads guilty in Calgary to smuggling loaded handgun in carry-on   {  }

2 boats under DFO investigation after whale chased   { }

Lake Superior research ship snags sunken century-old barge   { }

Cisco to slash 6,000 jobs   { }

‘As seen on TV’ company accused of scamming customers in lawsuit   { }

SeaWorld stung by whale captivity backlash, stock takes nosedive   {  }



“Local” / “Ottawa”

Man rescued from Rideau Canal after crashing SUV   { }

Ottawa Public Health wants more e-cigarette research, regulations   { }

Bestiality, child pornography charges laid against Gatineau couple   { }


“New Brunswick”

New Moncton high school not ready for students   { }

Fredericton police locate accused drug store robber   { }

Car flies through trees in Rothesay neighbourhood   { }

#NB Liberals are promising to tax richest NBers more & recind business tax break to bring in $63M more in revenue   { }

Chance Harbour woman finds N.S. girl who sent message in a bottle   { }

FIFA fans frustrated by parking system in Moncton   { }



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