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Wednesday, August 13, 2014 – CBC News Headlines –

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Wednesday, 13 August, 2014.  -( 24°C / 75°F & ‘Mostly Cloudy’ @ 1:00 pm where I’m at )-

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“Lead Stories”

Céline Dion halts career to care for husband René Angélil   { The singer has been under a lot of stress herself since her husband had a cancerous tumor surgically removed last December. }

Ottawa researcher pleads guilty in pathogen smuggling case   {  }

Air Canada Jazz Flight AC8953 flight makes emergency landing in Ottawa   { }

Passengers on Air Transat 2001 flight shed light on PTSD    { }

Italian reporter, Palestinian translator die in Gaza blast   { }

Number of dead  in Ukraine conflict doubles to over 2,000   { In a related story there’s a headline: “60 people a day dying in Ukraine violence” }

Why blacks in the U.S. believe they’re targeted by police   {  }




Young hooded seal makes visit to Montreal waters   { }

HitchBot nears the end of its cross-Canada journey   { }



“Most Viewed”

Nick and Lisa Masee still missing 20 years after mysterious disappearance   { }

Virginia Hillis, Gwendolyn Deegan, 2 dual citizens, sue Ottawa for allowing new U.S. FATCA tax rules   { “American-born dual citizens … cite charter rights”  “Two women in Ontario are suing the federal government for complying with a new U.S. law that forces banks to turn over financial information of Canadian citizens to IRS upon request.” Both women moved from the U.S. to Canada as children and have lived in Canada for decades. ‘They argue the recently enacted Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act violates their rights as Canadians under to Charter of Rights and Freedoms. }

Toddler near London found safe after intense OPP search   { }

Samsung Galaxy Alpha metal-frame phone unveiled   { }




Near-record rainfall swamps Michigan   { There is a photo with this article that shows several vehicles abandoned at the side of a flooded highway, some of them with only the very top of their roofs above water. }

‘The future of money’: Toronto gets 6 new bitcoin machines   { }

Radar software may fix weather forecast issues caused by wind farms   { }

‘Soft landing’ expected for housing market, CMHC says   { }

-Analysis- From Vietnam to Gaza, the fearful history of tunnel warfare: Joe Schlessinger   { }

“He was always warm, even in his darkest moments’: Robin Williams’s family speaks   { }

Iraq’s Nouri al-Maliki warns of more turmoil if replaced   { }

5 climbers die on Western Europe’s tallest mountain   { That would be Mount Blanc in France }

Police shoot armed man amid protests over teen’s death   { }

Justin Bieber to take plea deal in Florida street racing case   { }

Kellogg to make suppliers report carbon emissions   { }

-Must Watch- Trapped turtle freed   { }

-Must Watch- Flood waters surge through hospital   { “A massive wave of water bursts through the cafeteria at Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney, Nebraska” }



“Local” / “Ottawa”

Pedestrians seriously hurt after 2 downtown Ottawa crashes   { }

Heavy rainfall douses Ottawa’s warm summer weather   { }



“Technology & Science”

Stanford professor 1st woman to win ‘Nobel Prize of mathematics’   { }

‘Electro-mats’ used to deter wildlife away from Banff train tracks   { }

First Nation aims to evict Imperial Metals over Mount Polley tailings spill   { }



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