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Monday, August 4th, 2014. CBC News Headlines

Monday, August 4th, 2014

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{ Again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories or watch the video -if there is video- go to CBC dot CA/news. —Thanks. ———djo——— }



Whistler man wants Sea-to-Sky to become a musical highway   { There are musical notes painted in the driving lanes of highway shown }




Europe marks 100 years since start of World War I   { There are several stories related to World War One }

Palestinian officials accuse Israel of of breaking ceasefire

Toledo lifts water ban after tests find no toxins

Death toll tops 390 after large earthquake in south China



“Other lead stories: “

What happened after the Arab Spring? An update on 6 big uprisings

Planes can be hacked via inflight WiFi, researcher says   { & there are two related stories stating that Ottawa and the U.S. have lifted restrictions on use of electronic devices aboard passenger flights, starting with last November. Sounds like the bad guys want to keep people off center and scared to death. }

American Idol contestant Michael Johns dead at 35   { The Australian Singer was on American Idol in 2008 and voted off in the 8th round. He released an album in 2009. Cause of death was not released. }



“Most Viewed”

Rescue of cat with head stuck in bird feeder being sabotaged   { An orange and white cat -mostly orange, white belly and forelegs- named Butterscotch, has been running around somewhere in Manitoba for a week with a bird feeder stuck on its head. The cat can see out of one eye and runs away from helpful people who are trying to save it. Rescuers complain that a man in the neighbourhood claps his hands and shines lights to scare the cat away when the rescuers come close. }

California mudslides: Thousands stranded after mountain roads blocked

Canada’s last airworthy Lancaster to leave for U.K. tour.   { Lancaster Bombers were used in World War Two- I got them confused with B-17’s – but no, they’re different. }



“Local / New Brunswick”  { If you want local news from a different locality, go to the web site and make like you’re in whatever locality you want to read about. }

Biologists descent on Grand Lake for BioBlitz   { They want to count slime moulds , snails, frogs, fish and other species. }

Job security a dark cloud over Filipino gathering   { The Filipino Association of N.B. had a gathering of more than 200 Flipinos from across the Maritimes, but their celebrations were marred by concerns about the temporary foreign worker program.  — Some employers have abused the system and held foreign workers in virtual slavery. But the kind of abuse that most people are really angry about is when many employers, some of them big time employers of fast food chains, hire foreign workers on a temporary basis and claim there are no full time jobs for Canadians. Smaller employers say they can’t get Canadians to do the jobs these temporary foreign workers are happy to do. It looks like one faction inside the federal government wants to throw the baby out with the bathwater, more or less. }

Tropical storm Bertha could bring heavy rain to Nova Scotia.  { The southern part of Nova Scotia connects with New Brunswick, I didn’t know that until recently, I thought all of Nova Scotia was two islands close to the mainland. }




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