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Changes, and hopefully, Improvements—

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014. (Is today Mick Jagger’s Birthday?)

Front Page of Independent Canadian News Blog

This is a cropped screen shot of the finished project.

—We stayed up all last night, soaking our feet and listening to Coast to Coast a.m. — and knocking ourselves out to improve the looks and ‘feel’ of a News Blog begun in 2009.

—I think it came out well, but then we were thinking (and you know, thinking can be dangerous) that all our back pages and postings etc were on a WordPress Server somewhere, and if the fit hits the shan with a cosmic event or Solar Flare inspired EMP, or something equally heartbreaking, we’re dead in the water. (( Jim had a website hosted by Crosswinds, a Canadian company with servers in New York City… And that web site evaporated on 2001/09/11… Eek?)) So we decided to try to put together another WordPress Blog, Self-Hosted on a server we pay for, where we can periodically download everything and try to keep it safely tucked away inside a Faraday cage somewhere friendly.  You’re looking at it. And I’m using the (above) Screen Shot to see how the Theme we’re looking at likes graphics, and what sizes and how well they display and whether or not this Theme gives you the whole story or just a teaser.

—We’re about to publish this first article and see what we’ve got here.

———thank you for your patience——

————— the Editor