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Tuesday, August 12, 2014 – CBC News Headlines

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Tuesday, 12 August, 2014.  -( 20°C / 68°F & ‘Mostly Cloudy’ @ 9:30 pm where I’m at )-

{ This is Jim W here today. Doug is having problems with his own computer today. }

{ Again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories or watch the video -if & when there is video- go to CBC dot CA/news. —Thanks. ———jimw——— }



“Lead Stories”

Robin Williams committed suicide by hanging: official  { }

-New- Lauren Bacall, screen legend, dead at 89   { }

US sends another 130 military personnel to Iraq   { }

Pot Lobbyist Marc Emery back in Canada after U.S. jail time   { }

Al Sharpton condemns shooting of ‘gentle giant’ black man   { }

Canada offers experimental Ebola vaccine to West Africa   { Related Story’s Headline below }

B.C. Mountie pleads guilty to fabricating evidence in paternity case   { }




Tiger selfies curtailed in New York as new law goes into effect   { }

Rare panda triplets born in China   { }

Turkish scientists to study 2-headed dolphin calf   { }

Romance up in the air for love at first flight’s Katie Moreau   { }



“Most Viewed”

Robin Williams death puts Mrs. Doubtfire 2 in jeopardy   { }

Statistics Canada retracts July jobs report because of ‘error’   { }

Canadians spend more on taxes than food, shelter: Fraser Institute   { Did I see Jim A mention yesterday that the explanation for how to arrive at the amount that Canada Revenue believes you owe the Canadian government in income tax reads like a Monty Python Routine? He’s right, it really looks like they double charge both spouses for being ridiculous enough to get married and think they can afford to work, eat, breath and keep a roof over their heads. }

Drone sighting by Jazz pilot leads to Transport Canada probe   { }

Air quality advisory issued for Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley   { }

Coun. Doug Ford gets defamation notice from Toronto police chief    { }




Ebola experimental drugs and vaccines in early days of testing   { Why does it not surprise me that they are shipping untested drugs to Africa? }

Police, citing threats, refuse to ID officer who fatally shot black teen in Missouri   { }

Bombardier moves 3 new new subway cars through Thunder Bay picket line   { }

NDP satellite offices broke House rules, Commons board concludes   { Sounds like a case of slight of hand- “If we can confuse the public into looking at the New Democratic Party suspiciously, maybe they won’t see what we’re trying to pull over their eyes.” }

Obama calls Harper to discuss Iraq crisis   {  }

Facebook’s ‘mandatory’ Messenger app prompts torrent of terrible iTunes reviews   { A facebook friend from the U.S. posted a disgusted reaction to effbook’s mandatory app, “They can force everybody to accept an app that resets all their privacy settings, but they can’t allow the parents of a 15 year old suicide victim access to the girl’s account so they can see if there were any clues as to why she killed herself?” }

Lightning strike scorches playpen with baby in it  { }

Toronto’s ‘Condo King’ says 50% of condos are foreign-owned   { This time next year- will they be claiming that 50% of those condos are owned by space aliens? }

Candy Crush maker’s stock plummets after bitter-tasting report   { }

Physicists celebrate Shrödinger’s 127th birthday with cat video   { So, until most people in the world know who Shrödinger was, is he both alive and dead at the same time inside his box? }

7 charged in illegal big-game meat-trafficking operation   { }

Hacker used Canadian internet provider to rack up online currency, experts say   { A friend told me that an experienced hacker can use any internet provider anywhere to further his or her dirty work. I am reminded of the case in which an 84 year-old married couple were nearly shocked to death when a swat team broke into their home and bedroom because they had evidence that child pornography had originated from their internet account. The elderly couple did not have their security high enough to keep a creep from parking within a block of their home and using their unprotected wifi connection. }

Readers split on U.S. involvement in Iraq conflict   {  }



“Local” / “Ottawa”

Arrest made in Panama homicide of Ottawa’s Ed Moynan   { I don’t know about Panama, but any arrest made in some Central American countries would ring in my ears like a case of the watch captain telling his officers- “Go arrest somebody who looks guilty, shoot him in the back for trying to escape and we’ll call this case solved.” }

Robin Williams death a reminder of mental illness’s scope   { }

Yak farmer from Lanark County in court over trespassing herd   { Trespassing Yaks, you don’t see that every day- }

Jo Oliver says reducing taxes a priority in 2015   { Must be an election year coming, ya think? “Promise them anything but give them-” oh never mind. }



{ I couldn’t find the New Brunswick local news – maybe when Doug returns to his morning posting routine here-  I should post this while it’s still Tuesday (( Hurry back Doug- we need you- )) ———jimw——— }


Monday, August 11, 2014 – CBC News Headlines –

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Monday, 11 August, 2014.  -(14°C / 57°F & ‘Mostly Cloudy’ @ 8:45 am where I’m at )-

{ This is Jim here this morning. Doug is having to deal with his boss’ Windows 7 machine, which is experiencing dust clogged system fans and other scarey stuff }

{ Again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories or watch the video -if there is video- go to CBC dot CA/news. —Thanks. ———jim——— }



“Lead Stories”

U.S. begins arming Kurdish forces to battle ISIS in Iraq   { }

Vigil for Missouri teen shot by police ends in looting   { There’s a related story below. }

Ukraine rocket attack on prison allows over 100 to escape   { }

NASCAR’s Tony Stewart hits, kills sprint car driver   { }

Israel-Hamas 3-day ceasefire appears to be holding in Gaza   { }

-New- Foreign-aid charities join forces to challenge Revenue Canada audits, rules   { To tell you the truth, after I fell in love with a Canadian and came up here and jumped through hoops to become a permanent resident and then a dual U.S.-Canadian citizen- the formulae they use to compute taxes look an awful lot to me like they double charge both spouses whether they file separately or together- and reading their formula pages in the income tax booklet is like watching a Monty Python routine. }

-Analysis- ‘We’ve lost enough lives’: Are Americans isolationists or just war-weary?   { ‘Isolationist’ George Washington had a vision near the end of his life and warned everybody in politics at the time to avoid the heck out of getting mixed up in foreign matters. Looks like he had the right idea- }

-Photos- Biggest, brightest supermoon of 2014 rose Sunday   { I took a couple photos of last night’s moon, flash went off on one, and the moon was still so bright it still lit up the sky, on another, after I made sure the flash was off, No matter how steady the camera was, it still came out just a little bit blurry. }




City fire hydrants earn $24 million in parking tickets since 2008   { “Earn”? This is about Toronto, Ontario. There is a photo with this article that shows a fire hydrant 20 feet back from the road, in the middle of a very wide sidewalk, where people parking their cars probably couldn’t see it. Sounds like entrapment to me. & I don’t like the cheeky tone of the article either. Like they’re making fun of anybody who isn’t hyper vigilant enough to comb the area to see the hydrant, heck, & if there are a lot of people on the sidewalk, there is no way the driver would see that. }

Two dozen riders stranded on top of roller-coaster rescued by crane   { I saw this on television news last night- couldn’t tell then how long the passengers would have to wait to be rescued. }



“Most Viewed”

Jihadist Khaled Sharrouf tweets photo of son holding soldier’s severed head   { In another headline in a different section of this page, they identify the Jihadist tweeting the photo as an Australian }

Emma Paulsen, B.C. dog walker, charged in deaths of 6 dogs   {  }

The longest day in Toronto Blue Jays history   { The Blue Jays tied in the 9th inning and played with that 5 – 5 tie until the 19th inning when a Blue Jays batter, who had gone 0 for 7, got a hit and drove in the winning run. Both teams had run out of pitchers,  one reliever pitched 6 innings. }




-Photos- Kids of Canadiens goalie share rare photos from Maurice Richard era   { }

-Analysis- America’s child migrant crisis, a made-in-the-U.S. problem   { U.S. readers: get the link up at the top of the article & follow it to dive into this one. I’m from the ‘states’ and I’m baffled by the intensity of the people arguing against making sure that kids are protected under the law. }

Why Democrats are hammering social issues in U.S. campaigns   { I distinctly remember Ralph Nader running under the Green Party banner in the 2000 (Y2K) election (the first of two that were stolen by the Bush family to put G.W. in the white house-and keep him there fro two terms) with bumper stickers depicting two headed animals- all red, white and blue- donkey head facing left, elephant head facing right. I think Ralph labeled them “Republicrats” & (ex-) Governor Jesse Ventura said in an interview the other night on Coast to Coast am ( <— Link ) that he couldn’t tell the difference between Obama and G. W. Bush as far as what they did while in office, not what they promised to do before they got there. }

‘We did not abandon our son,’ Australia couple says of Down syndrome baby   { }

Silicon Valley North: Vancouver tech surges as U.S. immigration reform idles   { }

Keystone climate impacts could be 4 times higher than estimate, study says   { }

The Fault in Our Stars actors win big at 2014 Teen Choice Awards   { }

Witness to Missouri police shooting speaks   { The witness is a friend of the 18 year old who was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri }

Frank Maloney, former boxing promoter, having sex change   { I almost left this one out, thinking jeeze, this person deserves privacy- but then I thought about the one person who needs to know that others are struggling with- and coming to terms with- issues like ‘knowing’ you were born into the wrong sex- who just might read this and find some relief. My mother babysat a girl my sister’s age who- as a four year old- used to tell me she remembered when she was a boy. Her date to one of their class reunions was a woman. I was there because my sister’s husband, after coming all the way (250 miles) down to Connecticut to go to the reunion -developed terminal cold feet when the sheer number of people around that area freaked him out. Plus I had a lot of friends in my sister’s class. The girl I used to talk to while coloring in coloring books was wearing something that looked like a cross between a pants suit and a tuxedo. I thought nothing of it until she came over, recognized me and introduced me to her girlfriend. I was thinking, wow, she’s got guts. And I didn’t catch any weird disorders from being near her, didn’t find myself compelled to start thinking about guys as possible dates or love interests or anything- }



“Local” / “New Brunswick”

Super moon boosts tidal bore on Petitcodiac   { A photo shows two guys surfing on the rising tide- }

Const. Doug Larche’s widow thankful for tribute at N.B. marathon.   { I don’t know- do you think it’s disrespectful for the headline writer to shorten “Constable” to “Const.”? -They added a period and saved themselves 3 letters. Other headlines are longer- so it wasn’t a space consideration }



{ There were other articles that have been around since Friday. I did not repeat them. }

{ Wow, Doug does a lot of work to get this done. I was thinking I should let him do the comments when he gets home- There are a lot of things that he seems to be better informed about and more passionate about than I am. ———jim——— }

Sunday, August 10, 2014 – CBC News Headlines –

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Sunday, 10 August, 2014.  -( 77°F / 25°C & Clear @ 12:00 pm in Ithaca, NY, USA )-

{ Again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories or watch the video -if there is video- go to CBC dot CA/news. —Thanks. ———djo——— }


“Lead Stories”

Palestinians accept Egypt proposal for 72-hour ceasefire   { }

-Developing- ISIS killed 500 Yazidis, some buried alive: Iraq   {Honest journalists believe that main stream and propagandists are trying to set us up for a war: U.S. vs Syria }

-Developing- Ukraine: No ceasefire possible until separatists surrender   { I still don’t know who the real bad guys are here, Conspiracy Watch people believe we’re being conditioned for something, painting Vladimir Putin as the bad guy when he might not be. }

-Developing- Patient in Brampton, Ontario tests negative for Ebola virus   { How many days will they be putting up headlines about Ebola? Even if there is no real news here? }

Iran plane crashes after takeoff, killing 39   { Is somebody trying to scare everybody out of flying? }

-New- Japan tropical storm forces more than 1 million to flee homes   { I probably should bite my tongue and not say anything about the Conspiracy buffs who believe that bad guys are controlling the weather. }




Deepak Chopra tries to set Guiness meditation world record in Toronto   { This article calls Deepak Chopra a ‘spiritual guru’. He wants to lead thousands in an on-line meditation to break the world’s record for largest synchronized online meditation. & while Deepak Chopra makes a lot of sense and has a lot of good advice for people -like, “Don’t buy any food in a package that has somebody’s name on it.”- He comes from a culture that would not allow him to call himself a “Guru”. There are incredibly high standards anyone would have to meet to obtain that distinction. }



“Most Viewed”

Iraq conflict: U.S. hits more ISIS targets as Yazidi ‘mass graves’ reported   { }

Power restored after 4.3 magnitude earthquake hits central Alberta   { }

Prison inmates take federal government to court over pay cuts   { }

Red Deer man turns to Kijiji to sell fighter jet   { }




Tony Stewart pulls out of race after killing driver   { }

Cyberbullying has ‘hugely disproportionate impact on women and girls’   { }

B.C. approves controlled release of Polley Lake water in mine tailings pond breach   { }

How TMZ’s Harvey Levin changed the rules of celebrity   { TMZ has ‘masculinized’ gossip? TMZ has a 40% male audience. Because they word their headlines to appeal to men? }

Dozens of Australian firefighters to help battle B.C. wildfires   { Another headline says Australia will send 80 firefighters to help battle the wildfires. }

-Photos- Uganda gay pride parade   { What we’ve been hearing from Africa lately is that more and more states over there are criminalizing homosexuality and/or making the penalties for practicing homosexuality worse. }

Roger Ferderer, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga set for Rogers Cup final   { }

Mount Polley mine; Ex-engineers warned tailings pond ‘getting huge’   { }

HealthMap software flagged Ebola 9 days before outbreak announced   { -Yeah, this headline should help you sleep soundly- }

Slumber-starved astronauts pop pills to fall asleep   { Is this a thinly veiled advertisement for big Pharma? }

Premature births may be linked to stress, new Alberta study suggests   { A researcher at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta says that the cause of premature births could be linked back to stress in past generations. They’re trying to explain to themselves why Alberta has the highest pre-term birth rate in Canada }

‘Stop hurting authors’, 900 writers sign letter against Amazon   { ‘Hundreds of authors, including Stephen King, have signed a letter telling Amazon to stick to the corporate backroom as it negotiates for cheaper e-books and leave them out of its dispute with a U.S. publisher.’ }

J.K. Rowling reaches out to Texas girl who lost family in murder rampage   { The 15 year old sole survivor of a rampage that left her parents and 4 siblings dead, quoted Albus Dumbledore at a memorial service and J.K.R. sent the girl a personal letter & a package and all parties who asked ‘what was in the package?’ have been told -that’s none of your business- I think I respect J.K. Rowling a little more because of this. }



“Local” / “New Brunswick”

Saint John marathon honours slain Mountie Doug Larche   { }

Moncton shooting murder plea brings some relief to police   { }

Saint John home robbed in overnight break-in   { }




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Psychic Warnings ?

Saturday, August 9th, 2014
—Doug copied this from his friend’s blog and uploaded it to his Radio Free Earth News blog-


Friday, August 8, 2014.

Somebody whose ‘psychic impressions’ / ‘messages’ I can’t dismiss has received a much stronger than usual impression that ‘something major’ is about to transpire on August 23rd.

Something similar to 9-11-2001, but on a much larger scale.

She saw herself sitting on our sofa, crying her eyes out in compete shock and horror – watching or listening to news reports

London, England – New York City – Ottawa, Canada – & possibly other major western cities had all been ‘hit’ by something, she couldn’t tell whether it was a ‘Natural’ or ‘man-made’ disaster, but no communication at all could come out of these cities.

She said we were okay where we are, but lots of our relatives were in the danger zones and we had no idea whether they were alive or dead.

She said, in her scrambled state, all she could do was hug our dog and wonder whether we should try to go get take out Chinese or Chicken in a bucket.

I didn’t have time to ask her whether part of the problem was that we had lost power and services (electricity? internet? telephone?) or not.

Um, she could be off by a year or more. This could be happening in a parallel dimension- there could be absolutely nothing we can do to avoid this-

Or we can ‘Pray our bums off’ for Angelic / Spiritual Help to avoid this. & Prayers won’t hurt any-



Saturday, August 9, 2014 – CBC News Headlines –

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Saturday, 09 August, 2014.  -( 70°F / 21°C & Clear @ 10:45 am in Ithaca, NY, USA )-

{ Again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories or watch the video -if there is video- go to CBC dot CA/news. —Thanks. ———djo——— }


Lead Stories

-Developing- Ontario man has Ebola-like symptoms on returning from Nigeria

-Developing- 3 bodies found in rubble after strike on Gaza mosque

-Developing- Milos Raonic ousted in Rogers Cup quarter-finals

-Developing- Us bombards ISIS targets, drops aid to Yazidis in N. Iraq

-Breaking- Obama not giving ‘particular timetable’ on strikes on ISIS

How much government accommodation can you expect because of religion or a disability?

Franklin search: Jim Balsillie, warship all part of largest effort yet to find lost ships




10 wacky backyard inventions from China

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gets a “creepy” new makeover    { Oddly enough, ‘creepy’ is a word I heard myself saying quite a bit in the past week, and I wondered why I suddenly picked that word to describe a multitude of things. }

Thousands of people are watching a fish play Pokemon right now   { Now, this is creepy. }



“Most Viewed”

Stephen Carter, former Redford adviser, believes Albertans ‘won’t be fooled again’

{ Plus several other stories listed above in ‘lead stories’ section }




Ambulance delay slammed after B.C. Skidegate band First Nation councillor dies of heart attack

GAZA conflict: Rockets, airstrikes after Gaza war truce collapses

Supermoon Sunday will be biggest moon of 2014   { And I know several people who are looking forward to giving their new telescopes a workout this weekend. }

James Brady death ruled a homicide, 33 years after Washington shooting   { James Brady died this last Monday at the age of 73. His family said he died from a series of health issues. I can’t tell from this article whether the medical examiner believes the health issues resulted from the gunshot wound to the head 33 years ago- or was there something new involved that has been ruled a homicide? John Hinkley Jr, the shooter who tried to assassinate President Ron Reagan a few short months into Reagan’s presidency, has been described as a victim of MK-Ultra mind-washing / mind-control conditioning, and was found not guilty by reason of insanity back in 1981. -Maybe prosecutors back then were afraid he might blab something on the witness stand that would point the finger back to the brain washing?- Also, Ron Reagan’s eventual Alzheimer’s Disease has been described as a result of his being exposed to mycoplasma released in illegal C.I.A. ‘experiments’ in the 70’s in the U.S.A. One reporter said the mycoplasma is an opportunistic bacteria that will attack a person’s most vulnerable organs. And Reagan might never have been infected if he hadn’t been shot in this attack. Alleged C.I.A.  mycoplasma releases occurred in several places around the U.S.A., including very public spaces such as Times Square in New York City, and, the one case that reporters found particularly appalling, was supposed to have happened when agents supposedly released mycoplasma into the air conditioning / ventilation system of a Texas middle school. }

Indonesian girl swept away in 2004 tsunami found alive   { The girl, now 15 years old, was swept away as a 4 year old, and with her brother, hung on to a floating board for quite some time. The then 4 year old girl remembers talking to her brother and then remembers nothing until after she realized that she’d been rescued, but believed her brother was still floating around on the board somewhere. One elderly member of the family who acted as the girl’s foster family, the foster grand mother, has been taken into the home of the girl’s biological family. }

Hundreds of Iraqi women reportedly held captive by ISIS militants

Hawaii largely dodges impact of storm Iselle while awaiting Hurricane Julio   { It was reported on Coast to Coast am before tropical storm Iselle hit, that there were massive power outages all over the first island in the Hawaiian chain to be ‘targeted’ by the storm. }

Canadian dollar tumbles with huge miss in jobs data expectations    { This ‘tumble’ wasn’t that huge, the ‘looney’ dropped to a value of 91.15 cents in terms of the U$ dollar. Economist expected 20,000 new jobs to be created and only counted 200. }

Unemployment dips to 7%, most new jobs are part time   { I haven’t trusted unemployment numbers reported by mainstream media since I learned that these numbers have been ‘fudged’ by the reporting agencies within the government all along. If they report that 7% are unemployed, they mean 7% of the workforce is collecting unemployment. Those who cannot find employment and probably gave up trying are never reported, and if real numbers were reported, the figure would be more like 25%- worse than the so-called ‘Great Depression’. Conspiracy buffs have been calling this economic situation that we are still experiencing now, ‘The Great Deception’, or ‘a part of the Great Deception.’ }

Facebook Mentions celebrity app gets wide release

Mick Jagger urges Scots to vote ‘no’ to independence   { If you were a citizen of Scotland, would you pay any attention to voting advice from Mick Jagger? }

Into the Storm: Film Review

Charlotte Le Bon’s culinary trip in The Hundred-Foot Journey

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Film Review

Readers at odds over Sask. family farm flap

Thin Gap model prompts ‘skinny-shaming’ debate

‘Push for pizza’ app delivers pizza with one click



“Local” / “New Brunswick”

Justin Bourque pleads guilty to murdering 3 Moncton Mounties   { There is something about this case that didn’t feel right to me from the beginning. The ‘disturbed teenager’ posts hate messages against police officers on facebook, wanders around his neighborhood in broad daylight with several loaded firearms, shoots 5 police officers, killing 3, then calmly walks up to police with his hands up and says it’s over,  and now just calmly sits there while he’s being charged?  

Joceleyne Roy-Vienneau named New Brunswick lieutenant-governor   { She is the francophone vice-president of the Université de Moncton’s Shippagan campus. And she was picked by Prime Minister Stephen Harper? }

Apparent Stanley Cup ring discovered by 7-year-old at Tide Head

Marsh Creek tests show 99% drop in fecal bacteria count



{ I might be back in a couple hours to comment and colorize these entries. ———djo——— }

Friday, August 8, 2014 – CBC News Headlines-

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Friday, 08 August, 2014.  -( 72°F / 22°C & ‘Partly Cloudy’ @ 2:15 pm in Ithaca, NY, USA )-

{ Again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories or watch the video -if there is video- go to CBC dot CA/news. —Thanks. ———djo——— }



“Lead Stories”

-Must Watch- Grumpy Cat frowns upon NYC

-Live- U.S. military action against ISIS in Iraq ‘limited in scope’ White House says

-Analysis- Ebola outbreak: it’s not the virus but Africa that’s changed

-New- Remains of Canadian MH17 victim Andrei Anghel identified

-Video- ‘Be rolling with your video camera’: CBC’s Derek Stoffel on Gaza reporting




Thousands of people are watching a fish play Pokemon right now

Toddler apprehended by Secret Service at White House

Cessna plane lands on Quebec highway after engine trouble

Artist criticized for mounting iPads on tortoises



“Most Viewed”

Costco crash: Ruth Burger, driver of car, charged with criminal negligence

Tim Bosma killing: Christina Noudga to be released on $100K bail

Jann Arden boycotts radio station for shortening songs

Mount Polley mine spill: Ministe says residents may get lucky break

Gaza rocket launched during CBC interview

Alzheimer’s patients often go ‘back in time’ doctor says




200 jobs created in July, unemployment dips to 7%

How Justin Trudeau’s memoir is a political ‘rite of passage’

First storm in Hawaii one-two punch brings heavy rains

Tailings pond spill: What happens to effluent over time

‘Brain-like’ chip with programmable neurons made by IBM

‘If you see it, they’ll make more’: Eli Glasner on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

-must watch- Underwater wedding

-At issue- Your mid-summer political questions answered

Magna expects banner year on strengthening auto sales

China to jail British-U.S. couple in corporate corruption case

B.C.’s Tekmira gets FDA approval to fast track Ebola drug

17% of condo owners in Toronto, Vancouver bought for investment

Sunrise propane class-action lawsuit granted $23M settlement

5 tips for watching the 2014 Perseid meteor shower

Russians required to give personal ID for public Wifi access

‘I don’t think it well ever entirely be clened up’: What tailings ponds become over time

CBSA allowed religious travellers to avoid female guards

Chief Ron Giesbrecht won’t resign after $1M payday controversy



“Local” / “New Brunswick”

Alward election ads mau need tweaking after Redford’s downfall

Attempted murder charge laid in Saint John trailer park shooting

Air Canada union takes cut of flight attendants to court

Justin Bourque trial date expected to be set today



{ & I will finishing editing later-  ———djo——— } { Doug got tied up at work and never could finish with comments – jda -}

CBC Headline News – Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Thursday, August 7th, 2014.  -( 59°F / 15°C & ‘Partly Cloudy’ @ 8:15 am in Ithaca, NY, USA )-

{ Again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories or watch the video -if there is video- go to CBC dot CA/news. —Thanks. ———djo——— }



Lead Stories

-Updated- Russia bans food imports from Canada

What’s behind Lake Erie’s algae explosion

-Analysis- The who-you-know ethics around treating Ebola: Kelly Crowe

Ditch the teaspoon when dosing meds to kids, doctors advise parents after errors




Ex-Apple employee Sam Sung auctions off business card for charity

Saskatoon business makes Canada’s largest baseball hat

Cigarette butts can provide green energy, study claims

‘People need to check their facts,’ Don Cherry says of house auction mix-up   { Don Cherry is an extremely well known and quite opinionated man who announces and analyses a lot of hockey games and wears wild and crazy clothing while doing that. }



Most Viewed

Harper government’s legal setbacks suggest strategy of confrontation   { / Harper government steers for a deliberate collision with the courts  — The issue here is ‘Does Stephen Harper and his hand picked team of attack dogs and yes men believe they have a right to force their agenda on Canada via an end run around the Canadian Constitution and the Rights and Privileges of Canadian Citizens?’ (( <— My words, after listening to a few of my favourite Canadians complaining about their Prime Minister. )) A judge struck down a section of a ‘tough on crime’ bill that may have been an attempt to shift the cost of services to victims from government coffers to those convicted of crimes. If the courts were 100% above board and everybody convicted of a crime was actually guilty, I would not have a problem here. Way too many convictions have been overturned by DNA evidence and findings that ‘Expert Witnesses’ were a whole lot less than 100% honest or a whole lot less than 100% correct in the conclusions they had jumped to. One Canadian doctor’s erroneous diagnosis of abuse or neglect in cases of sudden infant deaths had their court system re-investigating hundreds of cases a couple years ago. And Canadians are a lot more honest and ‘nice’ than most other citizens of this world. }

Oscar Pistorius lied repeatedly, prosecutor says in closing argument  /  Oscar Pistorius ‘one of the worst witnesses ever encountered’   { Would it be unethical for a news gathering individual to admit that I don’t trust prosecutors? }

Are sanctions on Russia beginning to bite?   { As reported yesterday, we have reason to believe that we’re only getting half of this story. When a Libertarian reports that he believes that Vladimir Putin has the ethical high ground and is defending his country against a campaign of lies and deceitful propaganda- I’m beginning to wonder what the bleep is going on here. I’m not going to commit to either side being right, myself- I’ll just report what I can. }

Justin Trudeau’s 2011 mosque visit draws fire from Steven Blaney

Elya Munro describes fearful night after being lost playing hide-and-seek   { The nine year old coached her 11-year-old cousin to ‘stay positive’ after they’d been scratched by raspberry bushes and bitten by mosquitos and the 11-year-old seemed to be more scared than the 9-year old (( I had a sense of dread reading the story yesterday. Yes, prayers help.)) }

Roma Pusuma family living in Totonto sanctuary caught in legal bind   { A family of Roma (we used to call them ‘Gypsies’) have been living in a church and claiming sanctuary there for the past 32 months, seeking asylum after they were ordered deported. In what smells to me like a trick by legal authorities, they have been subpoenaed to testify in court at the trial of their former lawyer, who has been accused of misconduct. They are afraid to leave the church. (( Why doesn’t somebody argue to have them appear in court via video? or is this a case of ‘we’re the law, we make the rules, we don’t like you, tough luck-‘? )) }

Dog poisoned in Britania Park dies, inspiring owner’s warning   { A cute as they come shih tzu ate something it found on the ground in an Ottawa park and died the next morning of apparent poisoning. A Vet said, “It’s very important to watch what dogs eat.” }



Local” / “New Brunswick

Codiac RCMP to receive Governor General’s commendation   { Codiac Region RCMP are the ‘Mounties’ who lost 3 of their fellow officers to a ‘rampage’ by a ‘disturbed teen-ager’ a month or two ago. }

Fredericton saves aging York Arena with promise of $3M

Wastewater treatment company seeks to dump 30M litres in N.B.

Jean Léonard Teganya, alleged war criminal, arrested near Canada-U.S. border   { The man ‘-is accused of violating human rights under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act for his role in the Rwanda genocide.’ U.S. border patrol caught him in Houlton, Maine which shares a border with Richmond Corner, N.B. -which is close to Woodstock, N.B. }




-Updated-  NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden gets 3-year Russian residence permit

Top 2 Khmer Rouge leaders convicted of war crimes 

Liberia declares Ebola emergency amid ’90 days of fear and suffering’

-Updated-  Mediators race against clock to extend Gaza truce

B.C. mine-waste spill could mean $1M fine for Imperial Metals

-Video-  Canadian couple detained in China ‘being well-treated,’ says son

Alberta premier calls on RCMP to investigate predecessor Alison Redford

-Video- Sand Sculptures honour music   { Portugal has one of the largest Sand Sculpture Festivals in the world, with some ‘works’ over 35 feet tall }

-Video- China quake: 88-year-old woman rescued   { She was found alive after 2 days of being trapped in rubble }

Hollywood’s slow summer eats into Cineplex profit

Chrysler on comeback trail, but doubts linger about Fiat merger   { Share holders of Fiat, the majority owner of Chrysler, voted overwhelmingly in favor of merging the two companies, moving corporate HQ to London [England?] and listing its shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Italian law allows dissenting share holders the right to cash out- Which would mean the corporation might have to shell out more than 500 million Euros- which would scuttle the merger. }

Walgreen stock hammered after it drops tax inversion plan   { Walgreen is in trouble with investors for not sleezing their Headquarters out of the U.S.A. in favor of a country that would allow it to keep more of its profits and/or get away with not paying U.S. taxes on as much as they can get away with. What do you suppose would happen if households all declared themselves to be corporations and moved their financial headquarters to tax shelters overseas? }

First Nations Transparency Act holdouts given 120 days to post financial data  { ‘The federal government says First Nations bands have until the end of November to comply with new transparency rules that came into effect last week or risk losing government funding.’ The government wants Chiefs and tribal councils to let everyone know where their money comes from, where it goes and how much of it comes to them and who gets how much of that. {{ Again, if you believe Walter Burien of   Almost no federal, state, or municipal government in the U.S. or any of its allies have told the truth about its finances since the end of World War II. Taxes are less than one third of most government’s income and that’s all they the income they admit to. Governments could stop collecting taxes right now and deliver more and better services, but they will not voluntarily do that. }} Canadian Government officials keep hammering on the Tribal Chief out west who received an $800,000.00 bonus for his part in a land sale. I remember hearing about former Prime Ministers and other government officials caught with their hands in cookie jars more to the tune of Millions of dollars. Turn the bloody microscope on the accusers. }



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Saskatchewan Government Orders SaskPower to remove Smart Meters = Fire Hazard

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014
{ I’m copying and pasting this from Jim- & it certainly has been a strange day for News ———Doug—— }

July 30, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014. -(24˚C / 75˚F @ 5:40 pm Where I’m at.)-

((( Sounds like a busy night for Coast to Coast am News Watchers.)))

Scrolling headlines in the ‘Crawl’ on the CBC News Channel here has a couple interesting items. One is the blurb about the Province Of Saskatchwan’s  Government Ordering their power company to end its Smart Meter Programme.  The first couple times I saw the message it said “Sask Power to remove Smart Meters over Fire Hazard”. Somebody changed the Message to read, “Saskatchewan Gov’t Orders SaskPower to End Smart Meter Program”

Another Message of Note: “Excessive drinking of Soda Impairs Teenagers’ Brains”

& ‘Let’s die at least defending our land,’ says Ontario’s First Nations Chief’

‘Gas company sues tiny village for $1.5M – 5 times its annual budget’  ((I have to link this one)) —> Town of 168 People in Quebec <— Because the village passed a by-law establishing a no-drill zone near its potable water sources. (Radio-Canada)

Couple gets threatening letter for flying gay pride flag.

{Also = not direct quotes:

The G20 handling of riots by Toronto Police – Plus the Toronto Police handling of the Mayor Rob Ford Alleged Crack Cocaine smoking Video – led to the Toronto Police Board Not appointing Chief Of Police Bill Blair to a third term.  }


((((( I could not find all of the above stories on my local page here. )))))



This is from a Friend on Facebook:

“Steam Injection Fracking Caused Major Alberta Bitumen Leak | The Tyee
Review finds fractures spread like cracks on a frozen lake, resulting in uncontrolled seepage.”
From Linked Page:
A new independent technical review on the cause of a large and costly 2013 bitumen leak in northern Alberta found a form of hydraulic fracturing that injects steam into the ground to be the main culprit.
Should I include the headline, “Devoted octopus mom holds her eggs for 4.5 years”?
-Let’s hope the good stuff (above) isn’t just a weird leak of positive news from a parallel dimension.

Manipulating Economic Collapse – 101 (((?)))

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

—Here’s another goody from “Independent Canadian News”. I should warn you, The reporter tells everybody never to take anything he says as coming from the mouth of God, delivered to us by angels who can’t make mistakes, check out everything anybody says and test it every way you can think of before you decide whether to embrace it or not….

—Oh, yeah, that writer is me, ———Doug——



Ekonomics, Mind Control, Manipulation and Bright Futures Anyway?

Saturday, 26 July, 2014. -( 23°C / 73°F   Feels Like 25°C / 77°F @ Noon in Ithaca, NY, USA, Earth….)

While we were working on the Theme changes here the other night, the guests on C2C-a.m. were grumbling about the state of the world’s Ekonomics.

One guy was grumbling along the lines of, ‘We don’t want to open our doors so Mexican Economic Refugees can move in, get food stamps and sit around the hills of California, smoking marijuana.’ (And probably drooling over what they’re thinking about when our daughters walk by in their very short shorts and curve-hugging teenaged fashions?).

Do Americans really think like that these days?

For the second half of the show, good old George was interviewing an ex banker. The second guy wasn’t quite as bad as the first,  but he shared the vision or belief that evil, manipulating, wanna-be rulers of the world have been planning to undermine the Economies of the world and force everybody back into slavery and do anything they can to make life in the near future no fun at all.

There are constant reminders that build on the information, or theory, that dark brooding, evil, manipulating string pullers who think of themselves as puppeteers- are leading the unwashed masses anywhere they want to with their clever words and fear based propaganda. If that’s not enough- we’ve got the dark ops types getting all sorts of help from evil Nazi Scientists brought into the USA immediately after WWII (operation paper clip) -while the Russians were spiriting their evil nazi masterminds into behind the scenes sandboxes where they could learn how to use all the best nazi mind control techniques for their own ends.

So, to almost quote Maxwell Smart (the Don Adams version, from teevee way back when). “But 99, we have to torture, rape, kidnap and murder people.” To which Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 asks, “Why is that, Max?” To which question Maxwell Smart looks comically shocked, and answers, “Because We’re the Good Guys!”

———Okay, so Uranus is Retrograde and even us old, dyed in the wool, Conspiracy nuts are taking a step back and looking at things a little more deeply than usual and wondering if our self righteous, Holy, Rebellious Streaks are justified- I spent all day yesterday wondering how to write this up. I spent this morning puzzling over how important it is to recognize that, yes, there are evil manipulating mudder fuppers out there who really would love to manipulate everybody on the planet into slavery, or better yet, replace the necessary human laborers with robots who never balk at carrying out a difficult task, don’t breath the elitists’ air, or drink ‘their’ water… And yes, the demonic code of ethics applies here, they have to leak the news of their twisted plots and plans out, somehow- but they can do that by giving the information about their evil plans to crazy old men who nobody will take seriously… and yeah, maybe the bad guys are shifting into high gear to implement their evil schemes at a higher pace than before…

— But we were also looking at old posts and old pages and wondering if we should delete anything, and re-reading the ‘True Conspiracy’ posts were fun and made as much sense now as they did then…

***The U.S. War for Independence was fought over the fact that the Bank of England was demanding that the colonists pay their taxes in Bank Of England notes as much as anything else. “Taxation Without Representation” is easier to explain than to sit down and explain that those Bank of England bank notes were very hard to get a hold of in the colonies and therefore cost a whole lot more than their face value in England. Expecting the colonists, who had their own currency and were doing okay with it, to spend more than they had to buy pieces of paper that were bloody worthless over here and then smile and hand them back to the same banksters who sold them the Holy English fiat currency was like what happened in the old company towns before the bloody strikes and lucky laws that made Unions possible. The company owned the house you lived in and the only store you could buy your food and other ‘luxuries’ in, and they charged you more than they paid you to live in their apartment house slums and eat their rancid old food. “Ya move sixteen tons and what d’you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. Saint Peter don’tcha call me, cuz I can’t come, I owe my soul to the company store…”*** It’s like a Monty Python Routine, You pay somebody pennies a week and tell them they owe you them the rent in gold and diamonds. ***

But we got around that, didn’t we? We got a friendly president named Teddy Roosevelt to push through some Union-Friendly legislation and the world did not fall apart. No, the bankster types regrouped and began a whisper campaign to spread rumours about Union bosses being corrupt, and made sure they corrupted those Union bosses and drove the deep down fear into every dues paying union member that their hard earned wages were converted into union dues and went into the union bosses pockets so they could sit on their butts while you worked and sneak around and sweat talk your wife and daughter into a little on the side and…

Anyway- the puppeteers whispered their propaganda into your ears and made you think that all unions were evil and slowly, gradually, they had enough people believing their bull chips to raise a hue and cry and convince those hard working folks that they did not want the people that protect their wages and their conditions of work and all that, around any more.

*** “Banking Institutions are more dangerous than standing armies.” —Thomas Jefferson ***

The founding fathers managed to keep Corporations and Banksters out of the picture for two hundred years, which is probably quite a feat. Originally, corporations could only be formed and allowed to exist for a specific purpose for a specified length of time. When the time was up, the corporation’s assets were turned over to the highly ethical governments who would see that it was invested in a better standard of living for everybody, not just themselves, right? (Are you choking yet? I probably should have warned you not to eat anything with crumbs while you’re reading this.)

And then, in the 1930′s or thereabouts, Franklin D Roosevelt allowed himself to be convinced that the U.S. of A needed to go with the evil Bank of England’s model and form the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is not a Branch of the Federal Government. It is a private club made up of banksters who sit around and dream up wonderful new ways to fleece the hardworking people of this great country out of more and more money. And money isn’t money anymore, it’s credit. It’s a pipe dream, it’s a promisary note. There are strong rumours that JFK was shot in the head in a public place as a warning to any other would-be statesmen who thought they could go up against the Federal Reserve and all the other evil dark manipulating monsters on the planet. JFK wanted to put the US back on the gold standard. He wanted to at least go onto the silver standard. Silver Certificates. These were U.S. Currency that were actually backed by physical bars of silver somewhere safe. But the banksters wanted to institute economic slavery and help the real bad guys reduce the population of the planet to something more manageable, more easily manipulated, poisoned with GMO mind altering substances that dulled their brains and made them more easy to hypnotize and control.

Werner Von Braun was a one of the paper clipped nazis who came over to our side and helped the U.S. build rockets and stuff (( while other Nazi scientists and mind benders like Dr Josef Mengele taught the C.I.A. how to brutalize, torture, torment and rape children to break their minds and turn them into highly controllable spies, sex slaves, disposable doers of dirty deeds… This is the MK-Ultra stuff we’ve been hearing about, and according to one of the few survivors (The officials have a policy of terminating their subjects before they reach the age of thirty, because then too many of them begin to remember things they were conditioned into forgetting.) Some Politician you were taught to believe were cute and cuddly and wouldn’t hurt a flea— were part of this.  )) Werner Von Braun told friends that he had information that what would happen after 1946 or so was: the evil dark manipulating puppeteers would have everybody believe that there were Russian Communists hiding under their beds, ready to rape their kids, kill and eat them. And when the Russian Commies weren’t a bad enough evil empire of credible boogy men any more, the next big threat would be “Rogue Nations” (( refined into: “Terrorists”, or haven’t you noticed that “Terrorist Plots” have replaced “Communist Plots” as the red hearing bugaboo of choice lately? )) And when the population at large no longer jumped in terror and snapped to attention and handed over all their freedoms and rights at the mere thought that terrorists were sneaking around, trying to kill and eat their children, the next ‘False Flag’ fiasco would happen when things that looked like flying saucers from other planets filled the skies and reigned death rays and mega destructive things like that down on the good people of this earth. I know several people who are not brain dead weirdoes who believe that energy beam weapons liquified the metal in the twin towers on THAT DAY in September of 2001.

So, yes, evil manipulating cork socking mudder fuppers are sneaking around looking like friendly neighborhood banksters, plotting to destroy every little bit of your peace of mind, and convince you that you can’t afford the food they’re hoarding and yes, they own the armies and yes, they want you to riot because they get off on murdering the people they’ve manipulated into a state of fear.

But wait a minute. Too many of us are awake now. We realize that the social pyramid is an illusion. Too many people who have been told they have to support the elitists at the top of the non-existent, illusory pyramid have spanked the dust out of their jeans and walked away. In about thirty seconds the fools who believe they are the top of the pyramid are going to realize that there is nobody holding them up any more and they’re going to crash. Hard. Try not to be under them when they hit the pavement.


Oh, wait a minute, what was I thinking indicated that we have a bright future ahead of us?



Go look at or listen to Immediacy Data Report from “Half Past Human” <— Click on that link and find out that maybe I’m not half as crazy as I’m beginning to sound to myself?


After Arthur = “Eek!”

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Saturday, 26 July, 2014 -( 20˚C & Overcast @ 9:33 am = Somewhere NorthEast of Boston 😉 )-

& Yes, I looked it up-  Today is Mick Jagger’s Birthday, He was born in 1943. Before me even- Somebody on Maine Radio Station 98.9 WCLZ introduced a song by saying, “This Next singer is a great grandfather,” and played “Beast of Burden”.

& Now down to business:

This is copied and pasted from JW2013’s “Our Fredericton Experience” Blog:


After Arthur: Eeeek!

Monday, 07 July, 2014.

trees and pole hanging on wires

Closer shot of trees and pole hanging on Electric Wires.

Large Tree hanging on Electric Wires

Our Post-Tropical Storm left a mess here… I went out looking for an open Tim Hortons at 7 am. Nothing open on the north side. South side, the Timmy’s on Regent street had a very long line of cars, stretching almost all the way up the hill to the Irving station. The Timmy’s on Prospect Street (the one with the temporary trailer for a drive through-) had signs up everywhere “No Power!” and employees shouting, “We’re not open, we have no power” to three or four vehicles per minute who did not read the signs. I didn’t think of trying the Tim Hortons on Smythe Street, inside the fence at the Fair Grounds (I think that’s the Fair Grounds).

I turned around drove back to Regent Street and got in line for the Regent Street Timmy’s (a long time before I could see the happy end  of that line). Some traffic lights were working. Some were not. I did not block intersections, especially when I saw cars coming toward Regent Street.

After half an hour in line, with many people behind me, line stretching farther than when I joined it, stopped at a red light. Two cars swooped in ahead of me from the west. A grey Honda and a black Malibu. I took down their license numbers. If I had the telekinetic power to explode their heads on the spot there would have been dead drivers and a lot of blood everywhere. Thank goodness I don’t have that kind of power. It took over an hour from when I first got in line until I got to the Tim Hortons. Both of those cars that had jumped in line in front of me turned left against the “no left turn sign”. I saw people standing in line as I was getting my coffee and breakfast sandwiches there. When I turned right on the no left turn street, I noticed that the line of people on the sidewalk waiting to get inside and stand in line until they were waited on went down to the corner and back South on Regent Street. I couldn’t see how far it stretched, but I was glad I did not park and think I would have an easier time going inside.

When I got home and sipped my coffee and ate my breakfast with “the love of my life” I thought, hey, if I was just a little bit crazier I might have kept the piece of paper with their license plate numbers handy and some time in the future popped all four tires, or worse.

The more I thought about that, the more I remembered a friend telling us, “Don’t think about getting even with somebody who goes out of their way to do something nasty, that will only poison your outlook on life and keep you miserable, Pray to transmute that negative energy into something positive. Ask for help with this-” (Us mere humans can’t transmute that kind of frustration and anger by ourselves, we need Heavenly help.)

So I’m hoping that anybody who would cut in front of people who have been in a line for half an hour or longer will think twice and not do that in the future. If not, they just might meet up with some angry son of a gun who doesn’t believe in trying to be a good, decent human being, who just might have had  a really bad day or two, who might jump out of his or her car in a blind rage and cripple them for life.

A lot of the Prayers that went out from me on Sunday started out with “Help! I don’t need this anger-”

~~~~~I shouldn’t sign this, should I?

& No, he didn’t sign it, did he? Let’s see how much editing we need to do here…