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Saturday, August 2nd, 2014. CBC News Headlines

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

Friday, August 2, 2014. -(74°F / 23°C & Clear @ 10:00 am in Ithaca )-

Here are this morning’s headlines from CBC News. :  <— Link { These are not links, if you want to read the stories and/or see any video that might accompany the stories, go to the website }



“Off Beat”


Bikini-wearing mom calls out body shaming bullies   { A 33-year-old mother of 5 went sunbathing [ doesn’t say where ] for the first time in 13 years when 2 men and 1 woman, pointed, laughed, and pretended to kick her. She posted a photo of herself on facebook. (( For perspective, she was not what I would have called ‘obese’ – I’ve seen much more ‘flab’ on young women wearing ‘middy’ blouses in a local mall.)) ((( & I’m not positive whether this happened in Canada or in the U.S. -But- We need a non lethal ray gun that will freeze bullies in the act of looking grotesque and making complete ‘arses’ of themselves.))) }

Not cool for cats: Buffalo area island dwellers say scram to abandoned felines  { Tonawanda Island in the Niagara River (an 85 acre island) – a marina owner complained that the cats were making a mess of the land ‘and even got into boats’ at his marina – ‘hundreds of abandoned cats’. A woman is ‘trapping the cats & having them spayed or neutered by vets, returning the adults to the island and putting the kittens up for adoption. }

Love at first flight: ‘Katie from Nova Scotia’ sought by Irish Romeo

School fires blogger over post about homophones, citing ‘gay agenda’     { “Timothy Torkidson was recently let go from his position as a social media specialist at the Nomen Global Language Center in Provo, Utah after writing an educational blog post called “Help with Homophones”.” (( Homophones, in case you forgot your grammar, are words that sound alike but mean different things, like flew and flu, red and read, see and sea, mail and male… )) He was fired by a school administrator for allegedly promoting “some kind of gay agenda”. }



“Most viewed”


Reputed gang leader Ducarme Joseph fatally shot in Montreal

Missing N.B. man found dead in Alberta, closing 19-year-old case

Tory MP Eve Adams quits after bitter nomination race, cites health   { This has been followed by Canadian News outlets for some time. Eve Adams was accused of using inside influence to win a nomination from the Conservative Party of Canada. Part of the controversy behind her nomination and election stemmed from the involvement of her fiance, a former Conservative Party executive director, who, if I remember right, resigned over that controversy. I think she got the nomination and won the seat. Her ‘riding’ ( district ) was newly created in the Oakville-North Burlington area, west of Toronto, or part of the Toronto area, depending on who you listen to.  Ms Adams claims she is resigning for health reasons after falling in a slippery doorway in Ottawa. The creation of her  riding ( U.S. people would call it a district ) was at least mildly controversial with opposition politicians claiming it was created after careful research to assure the Conservative Party another representative in Parliament. There is a related story entitled, “Conservative nominations raise odds of early 2015 election” I’ll let you go to the CBC web site if you want to dig deeper into this one. }

How Marc Emery turned to marijuana activism   { One link to an interview involving Marc Emery says, “How he went from ‘Boy Wonder’ to become Canada’s “Prince of Pot”. He became an activist in 1968 and worked to help elect Pierre Trudeau to the Prime Minister’s Position (I almost wrote “Prime Ministership”) and he’s spent the past five years in U.S. Prison for trying to get marijuana use legalized. ( I believe he wants to see it legalized in both the U.S. and Canada.) He changed political party affiliations a couple times, Ran as a Libertarian Party candidate for a seat from London, Ontario. And he ran for a seat in British Columbia in 2001 as the Marijuana Party of B.C.’s president and candidate. He also helped form the Freedom Party of Ontario. ((( And I’ve spent way too much time researching this one. ))) }

Israel-Hamas conflict: Paul Hunter’s 7 days in Gaza

Burlington Skyway closed all weekend as engineers assess damage   { My friend in New Brunswick sent me photos of the crash after I posted yesterday that I couldn’t tell where the accident happened, it happened on the bridge (?) or at least in the elevated section of the highway, not on the ground, not someone slamming into a bridge support. }

Huge waves detected in Arctic waters for 1st time

‘Doug Ford is lying,’ Toronto police chief says, threatening lawsuit   { Doug Ford is the Mayor of Toronto’s brother and an elected member of the Toronto City Council. Rob Ford is Toronto’s Mayor. }



 Whitewashed face of Cleveland Baseball team mascot on a blue shirt



Peter MacKay skipping Canadian Bar Association’s annual conference   { Peter MacKay is the ‘Minister of Justice’ who has gotten in trouble for calling his ex-girlfriend a dog (after she left the Conservative Party to join the Liberals) and, more recently, some people were upset about the wording he used when he sent Holiday messages to Federal Employees (Mothers on Mothers Day and Fathers on Fathers Day). Those who were upset thought he was telling them that Fathers were more important than Mothers, that mothers were good at changing diapers and washing dishes and fathers had the responsibility of seeing that their children were properly educated and brought up right to assume a decent, productive role to contribute to the future of their country and this world. }

When Canada went to war: The story behind our involvement in WWI

China factory blast kills 68 at car parts facility

‘I could have killed him,’ Bill Clinton says of Osama bin Laden in 2001 recording   { In a recording made ‘less than 36 hours before al-Qaeda hijackers would board four airliners for attacks on the World Trade Center  and Pentagon.’ Bill Clinton said he passed on an opportunity to take Osama bin Laden “out” because the attack would have destroyed a small town called Kandahar in Afghanistan and probably killed 300 innocent civilians. [ I better bite my tongue on this one. Pilot friends tell me those hijackers could not have possibly flown those jets with such precision and there is a LOT of evidence that the hijacking was a “slight of hand” cover story meant to lead us away from the real cause of the buildings’ collapse, but have it blamed on ‘terrorists’ so evil men with a manipulative agenda could get people to voluntarily surrender their legal rights & …. ] <—> Don’t get me started. }

Ordinary Russians back Putin, Kremlin’s view of Malaysia Airlines MH17 tragedy

Why Texas Gov. Rick Perry may run again for president

Soccer goal death of Ontario teen adds to calls for tip-proof nets

More time driving increases obesity risk, study suggests

Put down that pop, junior — it could affect your memory

B.C. teachers’ strike: CBC readers slam government $40 a day per child offer

First Nations Transparency Act may do more harm than good: Hayden King

Legendary Ojibwa sniper unsung hero of WWI  { Ojibwa [ “O- jibway” ] is the name of a First Nations Tribe. WWI is that horrible mess created in 1914 that some claim led us down the road of ruin to where we are today… }

Controversial ‘Caucasians’ shirt becomes a hit on native reserves   { See photo of shirt copied and pasted from CBC article }

Pope Francis’s happiness tips resonate with CBC readers   { “Rid yourself of negative things quickly” and achieve “a healthy sense of leisure”. Looks like followers of CBC news on Twitter tweeted in favor of this message. }

Toronto teen gets over ex-boyfriend by photoshopping Beyoncé into their photos

Reggae, eh? Canadian band Magic! breaks No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100

Batman creator’s comic book collection up for auction online

World’s largest crow shark fossil surfaces in Manitoba

Amazon tribe’s 1st contact with modern civilization revealed in video

Tesla stock soars after Elon Musk pledges 100,000 cars a year

Mortgage apathy, Twitter stock soars & ‘Minuum’ taps into a trend: BUSINESS WEEK WRAP

Wind Mobile keen for investor with deep pockets

Cereal sales get soggy as breakfast tastes evolve   { I was happy to see that one huge manufacturer / packager of cereal went away from G.M.O. ingredients recently. I did see that, didn’t I? }

Polar bear wins tug of war with Nunavut man over beluga   { Nobody in their right mind would argue with a polar bear unless they were safely inside some kind of bunker or hovering 20 feet above the animal with a machine gun or grenade launcher. — A First Nations fisherman hooked a beluga whale and a swimming polar bear came along and grabbed the small whale and swam off with it. There is video. My Flash Player crashed so I don’t have to watch this. }

Ottawa looks to ‘protect taxpayer money’ after chief’s $1M pay   { If politicians want to ‘protect taxpayer money’ they should admit that they have been stealing from taxpayers all along, that they could stop collecting taxes and deliver more and better services than they currently claim are supported solely by taxpayer money. Read CAFR1 dot Com  <—- Link. }




“New Brunswick / Local”  (( In my research this morning I discovered that more than one page had local news from different Provinces / sections of the country. Maybe I get this feed because I clicked on “New Brunswick” from a menu of areas, provinces and districts and not because of a cookie that might still be active in this browser since I was visiting up there with this laptop in tow. ))


2 dogs dead after horrifying off-leash attack in Fredericton

Blueberry growers feel squeezed after N.S. company gets land

N.B. auto insurance rates higher than accident prone N.L.



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