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Tuesday, August 12, 2014 – CBC News Headlines

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Tuesday, 12 August, 2014.  -( 20°C / 68°F & ‘Mostly Cloudy’ @ 9:30 pm where I’m at )-

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“Lead Stories”

Robin Williams committed suicide by hanging: official  { }

-New- Lauren Bacall, screen legend, dead at 89   { }

US sends another 130 military personnel to Iraq   { }

Pot Lobbyist Marc Emery back in Canada after U.S. jail time   { }

Al Sharpton condemns shooting of ‘gentle giant’ black man   { }

Canada offers experimental Ebola vaccine to West Africa   { Related Story’s Headline below }

B.C. Mountie pleads guilty to fabricating evidence in paternity case   { }




Tiger selfies curtailed in New York as new law goes into effect   { }

Rare panda triplets born in China   { }

Turkish scientists to study 2-headed dolphin calf   { }

Romance up in the air for love at first flight’s Katie Moreau   { }



“Most Viewed”

Robin Williams death puts Mrs. Doubtfire 2 in jeopardy   { }

Statistics Canada retracts July jobs report because of ‘error’   { }

Canadians spend more on taxes than food, shelter: Fraser Institute   { Did I see Jim A mention yesterday that the explanation for how to arrive at the amount that Canada Revenue believes you owe the Canadian government in income tax reads like a Monty Python Routine? He’s right, it really looks like they double charge both spouses for being ridiculous enough to get married and think they can afford to work, eat, breath and keep a roof over their heads. }

Drone sighting by Jazz pilot leads to Transport Canada probe   { }

Air quality advisory issued for Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley   { }

Coun. Doug Ford gets defamation notice from Toronto police chief    { }




Ebola experimental drugs and vaccines in early days of testing   { Why does it not surprise me that they are shipping untested drugs to Africa? }

Police, citing threats, refuse to ID officer who fatally shot black teen in Missouri   { }

Bombardier moves 3 new new subway cars through Thunder Bay picket line   { }

NDP satellite offices broke House rules, Commons board concludes   { Sounds like a case of slight of hand- “If we can confuse the public into looking at the New Democratic Party suspiciously, maybe they won’t see what we’re trying to pull over their eyes.” }

Obama calls Harper to discuss Iraq crisis   {  }

Facebook’s ‘mandatory’ Messenger app prompts torrent of terrible iTunes reviews   { A facebook friend from the U.S. posted a disgusted reaction to effbook’s mandatory app, “They can force everybody to accept an app that resets all their privacy settings, but they can’t allow the parents of a 15 year old suicide victim access to the girl’s account so they can see if there were any clues as to why she killed herself?” }

Lightning strike scorches playpen with baby in it  { }

Toronto’s ‘Condo King’ says 50% of condos are foreign-owned   { This time next year- will they be claiming that 50% of those condos are owned by space aliens? }

Candy Crush maker’s stock plummets after bitter-tasting report   { }

Physicists celebrate Shrödinger’s 127th birthday with cat video   { So, until most people in the world know who Shrödinger was, is he both alive and dead at the same time inside his box? }

7 charged in illegal big-game meat-trafficking operation   { }

Hacker used Canadian internet provider to rack up online currency, experts say   { A friend told me that an experienced hacker can use any internet provider anywhere to further his or her dirty work. I am reminded of the case in which an 84 year-old married couple were nearly shocked to death when a swat team broke into their home and bedroom because they had evidence that child pornography had originated from their internet account. The elderly couple did not have their security high enough to keep a creep from parking within a block of their home and using their unprotected wifi connection. }

Readers split on U.S. involvement in Iraq conflict   {  }



“Local” / “Ottawa”

Arrest made in Panama homicide of Ottawa’s Ed Moynan   { I don’t know about Panama, but any arrest made in some Central American countries would ring in my ears like a case of the watch captain telling his officers- “Go arrest somebody who looks guilty, shoot him in the back for trying to escape and we’ll call this case solved.” }

Robin Williams death a reminder of mental illness’s scope   { }

Yak farmer from Lanark County in court over trespassing herd   { Trespassing Yaks, you don’t see that every day- }

Jo Oliver says reducing taxes a priority in 2015   { Must be an election year coming, ya think? “Promise them anything but give them-” oh never mind. }



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More Bad News? Robin Williams Left Us-

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014. Some ridiculous hour of the early morning.

I just heard that Robin Williams has left this plane of existence-  We will miss you, Mork-

– I hope this doesn’t set the tone for everything I add to this endeavor.-


———Jim d’Aerendel