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Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

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Qatar Airways Flight QR23 passenger arrested over alleged hoax bomb threat   { A man was arrested on suspicion of making a hoax bomb threat, following a warning to the pilot of a possible device on the aircraft. }

Son of Canadians accused of stealing China secrets to be questioned   { A Canadian husband and wife who live in Dandong, China are being invesigated for suspected theft of military and intelligence information. Their son sent email to CBC news saying that he had received a call from the State Security Bureau asking him to come in for questioning.  There is a related story, “Chinese cyberattack hits Canada’s National Research Council” I remember this older story hitting the airwaves not long before we started trying to post these daily headlines here.  (( not knowing any real details at the moment, this one feels like the Chinese might have charged random Canadian citizens with spying in retaliation for Canadians charging them with ‘cyber spying’/cyber attacks. Just a feeling at the moment. )) }

Newfoundland mom upset Wal-Mart withheld ‘inappropriate’ baby photos   { A mother in central Newfoundland says she was surprised and upset when a Wal-Mart employee informed her that she couldn’t collect her photos because they were flagged as ‘inappropriate’ by a processing technician.  In the full story, one photo that was withheld shows a shirtless baby with pants or pajamas covering its bum, sitting on a floor holding what might be a beer bottle  in front of her (can’t read the label). Two related stories are posted here, “Minimum Wage Wars: Wal-Mart Canada” & “Wal-Mart employee fired after reporting dog in hot truck“. (( Wal-Mart Canada seems to be a little more careful about doing things that generate bad publicity than Wal-Mart in the USA. Canadians hear the rumours that Wal-Mart supervisors and Managers order employees to punch off the clock and get back to work and tell me, ‘Maybe that’s just one or two supervisors in one or two stores in the states, they couldn’t be like that up here-‘ but then Wal-Mart Canada just lost a huge lawsuit and have been ordered to pay quite a bit for closing down a store in Quebec after its employees voted to become unionized. )) (( &  Canadians might be more vigilant in defending their privacy rights than most U.S. citizens )) }

Firefighter’s family links suicide to PTSD, files for workers’ compensation   { The firefighter was never officially diagnosed with PTSD. This happened in Edmonton, Alberta,where  an Alberta law was passed in 2012 that says first responders diagnosed with PTSD do not have to prove that the condition was job related to get workers’ compensation. His family members believe that an incident he responded to in which ‘a little guy drowned’ at a public swimming pool was a turning point and may have led directly to his suicide. The article also mentions the ‘John Wayne syndrome- those who help people won’t ask for help when they need it themselves.’ }




Big Bang Theory stars to get big bucks, $1M an episode for 3 years: reports

Pregnant squirrel trashes Montreal home and gives birth in sewing basket   { Sounds like a future Hollywood movie / Box Office Smash to me. }

Selfie, dubstep, bromance: Scrabble dictionary to get 5,000 new words

$500 charge for negative reviews doled out by New York hotel   { The hotel in Hudson, NY- has a policy of charging guests who post a negative review online after staying there a $500.00 fine (U$) A link to the hotel’s web site is posted inside this article. }



“Most Viewed”

Burlington flood: 2 months worth of rain falls within hours

Girls, 9 and 10, missing from Aird Lake cottage overnight   { They were playing hide and seek. Aird Lake is in Eastern Ontario. — Still missing at noon Eastern Time, after about 16 hours. }

Mount Polley Mine tailings pond breach called environmental disaster   { The accompanying photo looks like a breach in a levee around a HUGE pond with discoloured water and a moonscape inside the pond area. This is in British Columbia, and there is a complete ban on water consumption, swimming or cooking with water from taken here. Google Maps doesn’t know where this is, they want me to click on their suggestions for something in Utah, or a ‘Visit British Columbia’ link. }

Mount Polley Mine tailings pond breach: helicopter flyover

Velella velella turn Tofino, B.C. shore into a sea of blue   { Velella velella are ‘jelly fish like’ creatures- looks like thousands of them washed up on beaches in Tofino, B.C. }



“Other” { <— my distinction }

Temporary Israel-Hamas truce allows for Gaza blockade talks

1 killed and 17 injured in South African Earth Quake   { The magnitude 5.3 quake was centered in Orkney, 170 kilometers southwest of Johannesburg. The man who died was killed when the wall of a disused mining building fell on him. }

730,000 have left Ukraine for Russia to escape fighting, UN says   { And Last night on Coast to Coast am, guest  John Hogue, an expert on Nostradamus and who has a very good record of predicting future events himself , said he believes the Ukrainians might have shot down the Malaysian passenger jet (by accident) but he doesn’t believe the news we’re getting from that area is factual. He said the fighting that disrupted the experts investigation was instigated by Ukrainians. }

Want to join rebel armies in foreign wars? In Canada, there’s little stopping you  { I haven’t read the full story, but- On first impressions = This headline bothers me a bit, after September 11, 2001, I heard a lot of Canadians complaining that, “Blame Canada-” was becoming a phrase they were mocking by repeating it in a sarcastic tone of voice. U.S. citizens and officials have a habit of pointing fingers at ‘outsiders’ rather than trying to own up to or even fix any problems themselves. }



“Local / New Brunswick”  { If you want local news from a different locality, go to the web site and make like you’re in whatever locality you want to read about. }

Millville fire service restored after arson destroyed station

Roch Voisine headlines 2014 Order of New Brunswick class   { Roch Voisine is an Edmunston, N.B. born music star, he wrote the 2014 Canadian Olympic team anthem, Living out my dreams. The Order of New Brunswick inductees ‘represent the best of our province’ says the provincial Premier, David Alward. This year’s inductees include doctors, lawyers, community activists and volunteers. }

Horse racing industry criticizes lack of provincial help  

Tropical storm Bertha to mostly miss Atlantic Canada



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