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Earthquakes – 25 Sept., 2014:

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Thursday, 25 September, 2014-

Earthquake map sep 25, 2014

“Seismic Monitor 22:00 hours Atlantic Time, 25 September, 2014”

The above map is a screen capture from

I believe that yesterday, the 24th, there was a 6.0 quake in Chile, South America- On the pretty blue map of the world above, according to interactive mouse over tech- there was a 5.1 off the coast of Central Chile, and a 6.2 ‘next-door’ to that one, in Jujoy Province, Argentina.

News this morning: on a crawl on CBC news programs there was a notice that there had been a 6.3 quake near the Solomon Islands. This may have been modified down to a 6.0- More recently, there’s been a 6.0  quake near Anchorange, Alaska-

& There’s a 5.1 quake on the purple line east of Argentina ‘in the South Sandwich Islands Region’.

-Update- There was also a 5.1 quake in Pakistan.